A3: XAV Adon Strats Here

I did a search before this and I couldn’t find any strats for him. I’ve played him for a long time, but really had to depend a lot on winging it. If anybody cares and has strats to share remember, “Sharing is Caring”

I only use A ism so if you can share VC’s I will be a happy person.
For starters his normals are pretty damn good. Many have almost as much range and priority as Sagat in CvS2. My favorites are.

s. strong: it’s a fast move and it goes out mediocre range. Mostly, I use it to fill up space in front of me occasionally. It’s one of the only normals I am willing to just throw out for no reason.

s. Fierce: This one has huge range, and is really fast. The thing is it hits really high but can only trade as an anti air or against big characters like Sodom or Birdie. Still is’ a good one to use occasionally.

c. jab: I use this like Rose’s c. strong. Very good move to take up space on the short ones like Karin.

c. strong: It trades at close range like mad crazy and it’s the only decend bufferable croucher other than that Meh.

c. fierce An odly effective move. It acts a hell fo lot like Blanka’s but slightly closer range seeing as how Adon isn’t a green monkey.

s. short: s. short does for Adon what Jesus did for christianity. Use it as the pressure technique from hell. It’s out as fast out as a jab, but does block stun of a forward, hits low and can be cancelled into a jaguar kick. The beauty thing is, if they block a short, the buffered s. jaguar kick crosses over. And since it has almost no recovery do it again for a painful crossover game.

s. roundhouse another god like technique, mixed with the crossover from hell you can play a dangerous mind game. Huge range, knockdown potential and deadly damage make this his long range move to use. The lag is a serious problem so don’t throw it out like an s. strong.

** c. forward ** I use this one like s. strong.Good, not great, range, oddly long block recovery and high priority. The down side, does little damage and has no bufferability.

** c. roundhouse** The only move he has against Gen so I need to post it. Goes about the same distance as Guiles second c. roundhouse (good). Does great damage, fast. No priority (it is a roundhouse) and very, VERY slow recovery.

One thing I learned with him is only jump to anti air. His ATS is terrible but his ATA is amazing if you know the moves to pull. His only good ATS is the j. strong, and thats only because it actually aims downwards.

If i get a response I will post my personal strats on later. In the meantime “Sharing is caring”

This got to be a typo mistake. Gen is not even top tier!!
Since when Gen is suddently becoming such a celebrity? In my area, people don’t even play SFA3 anymore, and if I do find a lucky opponent, I only see top tiers.
I rather heard about Akuma or Dhalsim than Gen. BTW, I think Dhalsim is an Adon killer. It is worse than Dhalsim vs Blanka.

Adon isn’t too bad, I think he is prolly clumped with bottom second tier/upper third tier crowd.

Gen is good, powerful pokes, DP that can be used to fake you out, if you land a jab with him 50%+ life gone.
I remember hearing about a player in japan that got Daigo down to the last round, his A-Gen vs Daigos V-AKuma I think or was it one of the other top japanese players? hmmm

Anyway Gen is good, so is Guy, I have played against good guy and Gen players, Gen is just very strong thanks to his pokes and huuuge combos. And Guy can just kill you guerilla style, thanks to his mobility and if one jab hits he combos for 50%-80% dmg he can play hit and run better than vega.

And when you do a search for adon try “*adon” because people put V-Adon and stuff on the beginning of the names.

X-Adon is a scrub killer. Air Jaguar Kick isn’t seen coming and they play against you like it’s a whole new game. How it works in top play I don’t know… there really isn’t any top play in Omaha.

Thank you for the obvious :slight_smile:
What I meant was that usually you don’t fight against Gen players. People tend to go for top tiers cause they just want to win and show off. Hence I was more expecting people to write posts about their games vs top tiers… not against some non top tier characters. I mean… what next? Birdy and Cammy?

PS: My main character is Gen. I play for fun Cody Z-ISM and Adon X-ISM.

Yall should msg RaybladeX. He’s got the best Adon in the US on SFA3 barring none.


I did NOT say Gen was top tier
I did NOT say everybody uses Gen
I did NOT say everybody fights against Gen

The reason I said “It is the only move he has against Gen” Is because IT IS THE ONLY MOVE HE HAS AGAINST GEN. Try any other move and 90% of the time I guarantee you will get stuffed. X-ism Adon, by the way, plays unlike himself, so strats for X-ism would be very different than strats for the other 2.

st. strong beats akuma hop kick.

x adon is great.

adon is probably my favorite character, id like to hear more info about how hes played competitively. i never got to play A3 with serious players.