A3: Zangief


I plan on starting this as the A3-Gief Thread for my own learning and future players who take up the character and introduce themselves to the game on a higher level. I will definitely be quoting good pieces of information posted by other, more experienced A3 Zangief players from other threads (e.g., Xenozip’s vids, Sliders’ advice, etc). If anyone knows of an Official A3 Zangief Thread that I may have overlooked, please feel free to let me know so that I can have this closed. If not, I will be starting tomorrow.


Edit: Ok, 12 views and no objections. Cool, so I will start.

-I guess the first thing I’ll do is go to gamefaqs for a movelist
-check out gief’s normals as far as hitboxes and damage; do a search for some frame data for specifics
(someone mentioned the difference in SF games vs later Capcom games such as Marvel where the notations don’t deal with lp/lk, mp/mk, hp/hk, but with jab/strong/fierce for punches and short/forward/roundhouse for kicks so I’ll use that notation)
-i noticed he only has certain moves and has different motions for some moves given a-ism, x-ism, v-ism…i should take a close look at the specifics of each ism
-check out his stamina…which should be pretty high if not the highest in the game
…more later
*I’m playing on SFZ3…wonder what changes, if any, that causes?
**I found a very useful Systems Guide by James Chen so I will link that…he refers to Kao Megura’s FAQ where there is some very useful info as well so I’ll link that too
***might still use something from this http://www.neoempire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1039


(very raw, post in progress…)
*I might do a section for Zangief, then A-Gief, then X-Gief, then V-Gief…thinking about if this is a good idea or not

[The SFZ3/SFA3 Zangief Thread]


s. = standing
c. = crouching
j. = jumping
dmg = damage
fr.= frames (time it takes for a move to come out)
qc = quarter circle (down to forward or down to back)
dp = dragon punch motion (forward to down to down and forward)
[] = usually includes the respective ism(s) inside

(Joystick Notation)

Good to Know:
(in progress)
Systems Guide by James Chen

SFA3 FAQ by Kao Megura (aka Chris McDonald?)

Xenozip’s Tricks & Combo Glitches (may do something else with this, but posting it now)

*I’m doing this with A-ism Gief; I know x-ism normals are stronger (?) and v-ism normals are weaker (?), so I will note the differences in dmg if there are any when I can later…I’m on xbox right now (won’t mention version), but there is no training mode, so I will just note the range on each normal until I can do this later
























Special Moves:
*credit to Kao Megura for names, movelist, and some specs
**will add damage and short descriptions as i go along…haven’t found frame data yet, but haven’t really looked thoroughly either :confused:

:l:/:r:+:2p: (Back Drop): [X/A/V]
:l:/:r:+:2k: (Kamitsuki): [X/A/V]
:db:/:df:+:2p: (Stomach Claw): [X/A/V]
:db:/:df:+:2k: (Piledriver): [X/A/V]
:3p: (Double Lariat) : [X/A/V] Can move :l:/:r:.
:3k: (Quick Double Lariat): [X/A/V] Can move :l:/:r:.
360+:p: (Screw Piledriver): [X/A/V]
360+:k: (Flying Powerbomb): [X/A/V]
(close) 360+:k: (Atomic Suplex): [X/A/V]
:dp:+:p: (Banishing Flat): [A/V]
:r:,:df:,:d:+:p: (Banishing Flat): [X]
:r:+Fierce (Headbutt): [X/A]
:r:+Strong (Headbutt): [V]
:db:+Forward (Dynamite Kick):
:db:+Roundhouse (Russian Kick): [X/A/V]

Air Only:

(jumping :l: or :r:) :d:+Fierce (Body Press): [X/A/V]
(jumping :l: or :r:) :d:+Short/Forward (Double Knee Drop): [X/A/V]
(jumping :u:) :u:+Strong/Fierce (Kuuchuu Headbutt): [X/A/V]
Any direction BUT :u:/:d:+:2p: (Flying Piledriver): [X/A/V] Air only (?).


XA Final Atomic Buster Rotate 720 + P
A Aerial Russian Slam qcf,d,df + K



vs Match-Ups:
*ok, this is what I will do. Kumadaru has 200+ Gief vids in his Youtube collection. A lot of these show Gief vs various characters…so I will organize them that way. I may take some of the vids from below as well and put them here, since it may lead to a better organization. I may just notate which ism is being used by doing [A/V/X] next to the link w/ the player’s name…actually, after seeing a pattern, let’s assume all the players are unknown unless I note otherwise (few of these have player names, if any)
**i’m just doing his 1st page today, as I can’t just watch videos alone and improve my gief

   - Adon
   - Akuma

[media=youtube]TNasqnLDhNI[/media] [V]
[media=youtube]fBqtcFslKAo[/media] [V] Cantona
- Balrog
- Birdie
- Blanka
- Cammy
- Charlie
- Chun-Li
[media=youtube]OLshiwfQbqo[/media] [V]
- Cody
- Dan Hibiki
- Dhalsim
- Edmond Honda
- Juli
- Juni
- Gen
[media=youtube]7SitdOV9H_A[/media] [V]
[media=youtube]dyJcI5d67vc[/media] [V]
[media=youtube]WDZ3S_ljxRE[/media] [V]
[media=youtube]86uEfHjewEo[/media] [V]
[media=youtube]9gveipR8BtQ[/media] [V]
[media=youtube]-CFy3Exr3aI[/media] [V]
[media=youtube]KPqKgpMt_n8[/media] [V]
[media=youtube]EMJu36A3erM[/media] [V]
[media=youtube]9wjsLU-uBgs[/media] [V]
[media=youtube]t9cqlbxFgGY[/media] [V]
- Guy
[media=youtube]fhin_dLSvjs[/media] [V] SIN
[media=youtube]fRyLo0agAqg[/media] [X]
- Karin Kanzuki
- Ken Masters
- M. Bison
- Rainbow Mika (Mika Nanakawa)
- Rolento Schugerg
[media=youtube]jbSdp1WvbV8[/media] [V]
- Rose
- Ryu
- Sagat
- Sakura Kasugano
[media=youtube]Ediu-PA1fK8[/media] [V]
- Sodom
- Vega
[media=youtube]6pfBVqNM7dQ[/media] [V]
[media=youtube]ef9EDE3mbSw[/media] [V]
- Zangief
[media=youtube]5OBo-o_94D4[/media] [V]

(I wonder why I don’t see T. Hawk and Fei Long on Megura’s character list? I remember someone mentioning they are in a certain A3 version…)


(in progress)


http://www.geocities.jp/vegascup07/080525a.wmv same ? player from V-Gief vid below


http://youtube.com/watch?v=epqLBcytjds Vism combos by Xenozip
[media=youtube]jh-YGqd5JYM&NR=1[/media] Vism combos by ReCharredSigh
http://youtube.com/watch?v=Kv1KClhcJyw played by NEO3
http://youtube.com/watch?v=GGmWfcY25OA played by Use
http://youtube.com/watch?v=NWkOtay0ZgU played by Cantona
http://youtube.com/watch?v=iI1Mf1oO6zw played by Makoto
http://www.geocities.jp/vegascup07/080525g.wmv played by ? (can’t make out the kanji…very blurred, but not Makoto)
[media=youtube]7SitdOV9H_A[/media] unknown player, but the host of this vid, Kumadaru, has 200+ Gief matches in his collection of A3 vids :open_mouth:



Damn, I lost my MM a few weeks ago, but I will return to A3…I still really haven’t touched the surface of this golden egg of a game :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone knows me on Youtube, I will be doing vids instead of character-specific threads. Hope the vids I linked here help someone in the future. Sorry about the missing info, but, as I said, I will def post links when I begin to really jump on SFA3/SFZ3. :tup: