A4's SFA3 Kaillera Tournament! (Sign Ups and Rules)

** A4’s Street Fighter Alpha 3 Kaillera Tournament **

Tournament starts this Saturday, 25 June 2005 at 3:00 pm EST

Emulator being used: WinKawaks (get emulator @ www.cps2shock.com) or mame32k .64 (this shit doesn’t matter as long as you guys can play, same as server too if both opponents agree on moving to another server shit does not matter to me lol)
ROM: Street Fighter Alpha 3 (US 980904)

The server being used will be "GodWeapon 2"

Entries so far for SFA3:
AIM: rage02fire
Time Zone: PST

MSN: aznkhmer_boi@hotmail.com
Time: EST (I think) lol

MSN: anant@amisource.com
Time Zone: EST

AIM: xShiRoiKyox
MSN: Dragonmaster_Ghaleon@hotmail.com
YIM: KeiyaWolfstar
Time Zone: EST

Spectre General
MSN: Spectre_General@hotmail.com
Time Zone: EST

R o c k L e e
MSN: swoosh3k@hotmail.com
Time Zone: PST

AIM: Fatherbrainlbl
Time Zone: EST

SN = Snapback This
email : rushdown@gmail.com
Eastern time zone

MSN: eric_s_chan@hotmail.com
email: kilo.pixel@gmail.com
Time Zone: EST

Aim: qwazalicious
Time Zone: PST

mIRC: server: irc.gamesurge.net channel: #to-crossfire
Email: schlauchi@gmx.de
Time Zone: EST

AIM: Luckychrono777
TimeZone: EST

Note: Those above I need your contact information if I do not already have it.

What I need from everyone participating in this tournament:
Name you want in tournament
Some way to contact you (preferably through AIM/MSN/Yahoo somewhere I can reach you instantly)
Time Zone you live in

Name: Game_Tip
AIM: a4relzwutazn
Time Zone: EST

Tournament Bracket: http://www.bracketmaker.com/tlist.cfm?tid=112356


  • If contact information is not provided
  • Any ping over 100 and if there is any unreasonable amount of lag (where you cannot even move and the screen gets seriously glitchy)
  • Not showing up to your fight both you and your opponent has set down.


  • Matches need to be finish within 2 days after announced date of rounds.
  • 5 out of 9 rounds.
  • Loser must report in who won or if anyone was watching the match must report to me.
  • Double Elimination Tournament

It is optional if you want to record the matches, though I do not have any hosting space or know how to record for winkawaks/mame32k .64.

If you guys have any recommendations or problem with the stuff listed above, hit me up on SRK or on AIM: “Tickle Me Im Tam” (my new s/n on AIM, my gf made me do it so fuck you if you fucking don’t like it.)

Note: You can still register even late. Though it will be a bitch if the tournament has gone far already.

So far, I’ve decided this shit is for fun. But! I may throw in some money prizes (transfer via paypal). :slight_smile:

Good Luck to all participates and enjoy the tournament :slight_smile:

“Tickle Me Im Tam”

muwha… .muwahha… mwahhHAHAHAAHha

Nevermind, count me out.

can we play on another server, the godweapon + emulinker combination is crap an causes even more lag.

Also if we use kawaks I can’t be Rog


Using kawaks isn’t going to work for me so count me out of the tourney as well.

ok we’ll use mame whatever you guys want lol it doesn’t matter to me.

I just heard winkawaks was less lag and shit like that

Mame for me to.

My msn is anant@amisource.com, and so is my email.

Sorry count me out… I am not playing in a tourny that uses 2 emulators

if the guy says kawaks is the emulator for the tourney,
why cant people just get the emu for the tourney?

Because its not what we play on

Mame .64 or you will have a 4 man round robin tournament

Wow, you guys are being hella whiny lol ok mame .64 it is (I use that anyway)

How can you guys have a shit talking thread on here and not participate, some gay shit lol

are you seriously that partial? that’s ridiculous.

Kawaks has built in macros, and I honestly don’t feel like joining a tourny where no top player is signing up, Sorry… Not really worth my time

EDIT: Actually I feel like placing 1st, If I work in the morning on Saturday then maybe after work i’ll play a few brackets

Contact Info
Name: ax 0r
AIM: Snapback This
Time Zone: EST

well, that’s fine and all that you’re too cool for
school and all that shit, but that doesnt help anyone
out in the long run.

there could be top players in every tourney if they
would just bite the bullet and play on whatever emu
is chosen by the organizer. it’s really not that tough.

i’ve announced a tourney and got about 15 top players
to commit but once they heard it was on kawaks, about
10 of 'em dropped out. why? they could have easily had
a successful tourney with good comp had they set aside
their ridiculous bias and partial mentality.

it’s that simple. just get over the fact that there’s
different emu’s and play just to play.

Mame .64 or nothing

Most good players don’t deal well with lag, thats why most good players don’t want into these tournies. It’s not so much damaging your rep as it is the frustration of not playing to your true abilities. Anyway, I’ve been told that it’s because the new mames suck, and to be honest, I said this years ago anyway. It would be cool if everyone used the old Mame that doesn’t have lag. Slide is the one that suggested this to me, so I’ll defer to his judgement. I’ll make a KOF 98 6p thread later on today too. I can’t play on the old emu atm because I’m at work though.

Do you have a link for the old mame? I never gotted a chance to ever try it out.

The reason for me why I can’t use kawaks is cause It major lags offline on my computer and online as well. So there’s no point to use it on my comp.I understnad though it’s less lag and desynch like you said but at the end mame would be better for everyone else.

Well anyway kaillera name Slash-h204[rage02fire]

AIM rage02fire

Pacific Time

Wait wait wait… you’ve already tried this before on Kawaks, and it failed because the majority wanted Mame? And now the same situation is happening again, and you’re calling other people small minded?? :rofl:

Maybe you should try other things… and try Mame instead of Kawaks. Maybe we’re not the ones with ridiculous bias and partial mentality. And maybe you should get over the fact that there’s different emus, and you should just play.
Fucking dumbass.

And in addition to the macros, my computer can’t even fucking RUN Kawaks well. Try inquiring before being a Grade A retard.

I won’t be joining because I can’t gaurantee when I get on, and I always get beat by some stupid lag shit anyway…

Oh and that old mame Serpent is talking about, has almost no delay and is probably the best kaillera has right now…

Can you link to a dl site for this old Mame? I remember Ryu1999 told me about it, but google showed nothing.