AaronS's (Solon's) Online Brawl Tournament 1

Hello guys.

If anyone is interested I’m hosting an online tournament on Friday, the 11th, at 7:00 EST.


I’m gonna use the All is Brawl chat rooms to coordinate matches, so you’ll need to get an account there if you’re gonna play, but it’s not hard. Solon refered if you do it :wink:

I hope to see a lot of SRKers there .

I’ll try, but that’s not really a convenient time for me. What kind of rules will you be running?

Sorry about the timing :confused:

All the rules are on the All is Brawl page.

It’s 3 stock, 8 min, no items or smashballs, neutral stages only.

I really with there could be more stages, but counterpicks are really hard to do online so each player just picks their favorite neutral and the game decides.

Character selection is double blind for the same reason.

Is it just best of 1? Best 2 of 3?