What are yuns AAs?

Um, I think st.mp, light lick upkicks, and st.cl.mk are good. Cr.mp has a disjointed hitbox and extends straight out.

Heavy upkicks if the opponent jumps in from far away (like Ryu’s st.hk AA range).

What about for close anti-air. If guy tries to elbow drop me with Fei I can close fierce him when he’s right above me, does Yun have something along these lines? cl.mk?

Mr. Kupo’s post has the best close anti-airs, st.mp and light upkicks.

st.mp you will want to use that the most (although far st.mk is your close second), and Light kick Dkicks for wakeup as long as you know the opponent’s jump isn’t safe.

If you will risk air to air neutral hp and mk are great.

How about reversals during frame traps? lk DP tends to whiff since it doesnt hit crouching

You’d want to use HK Upkicks for reversal.