AB7 vids

since my thread in Gen. Gaming didn’t lift off at all, i might as well ask here.

anyone have those AB7 vids? especially where he plays a Ken, Dudley, and a Yang player? He does this combo on Ken to finish him off and be flashy:

b + mk -> strong tornado hook xx ES -> b + mp x3 -> db + fp -> stand lp xx lp tornado hook -> taunt -> b + fk -> cr. lk xx ES.

IIRC b.roundhouse, c.short xx ES isn’t for the flash. It does A LOT of damage. I guess it is one of his cooler combos. For flash I like to fierce hook into his command grab (saw it in a Sugiyama vid and I thought it was the coolest combo ever haha)

i got them if u still want it pm me