ABA Avy Request

Request completed (:

Simple avy of ABA, please. Only thing I ask is that my names on it, I’ll leave the rest up to whoever wants to make me one. Thanks in advance :smiley:

Picture - http://www9.plala.or.jp/tetu11111/0918_aba.jpg

ur link is broken cuz you’re missing an h in the beginning. Try this


Whoops, thanks :smiley:

Anytime. =)

ill make it for you


here you go man hope u like it


Yes! Definitely, thanks Big Beef! :D:D:D

Didn’t expect it to be done so fast.


beef remember me, did you make the you know what forget the sigs for now to make it eazy for you, just make a avatar with this sprite, with my name on it.


Hey…do you know that you can PM people? Secondly don’t go into other people’s threads reminding people of stuff that already exists in another thread that’s just rude.


He’ll snap you in half, OC. >:O