Abandoned Project... Lot for sale... Reduced Price Again!

Alright here’s the deal… I got all this stuff a little over a year ago but never got around to finishing the project. This is all going to be sold together for $110 shipped to your door.

Here is what you get:
-Hori T5 Anniversary stick with PCB removed but included
-All the original Hori buttons and joystick
-Hori T5 faceplate with art removed and ready to be customized
-2 plexi faceplate cover to protect your art (one 8 button and one 6 button)
-JLF-TP-8YT White ( Includes Harness )
-GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate
-( 5 ) OBSN-24 Red Screw-Ins
-( 7 ) OBSN-30 White Screw-Ins
-JLF-CD Shaft Cover & Plate
-LB-30N Bat Top White

Here are a few pics of everything included:

hey you wanna sell me that 6 button plexi glass… ill buy it from you.

Is that for Ps2? The PCB.

sorry… all or nothing

Also, How scratched up is the Plexi? and would you go for $140?
It seems that It needs alot of work to wire it up.

Yes it is. Thanks for looking.

Both plexis i will include are in great shape…

And $150 is as low as I’d like to go… esp since you live in SoCal and Im picking up the shipping cost.

Are you in Canada?

Nope… Florida homie…

Price has been reduced to $130 shipped!

Price has been reduced to $110 shipped to your door.

If you can fit all that into a flatrate international shipping box, I’d be interested (paying for shipping myself, obviously).

PM sent.