Abbotsford/Mission, BC Players Thread

From what I understand, the fighting game community around here is pretty much non-existant. That’s something I’d really like to change since I’m pretty fed up with playing people online. Feels like it’d be a lot easier to step up my game if I was playing with real people, you know?

So if there’s anyone in the area that would like to get together and play then that would be fantastic. There aren’t really any arcades around here except for the Castle Fun Park, which has like, MvC2, SFA3, X-Men Vs SF, X-Men: CotA, and a multicade machine with SFII HF. There’s a hobby shop downtown (Mission) I organized a tournament at once, though it kinda went terribly since I only got a a few Brawl players to show up and like, one dude that sucked at BlazBlue. Problem there is the dude charged a venue fee, so, yeah, that’s maybe not something we could do often.

There’s always my place. Got a TV, some couches, and an Xbox with SFIVAE, 3SO, BBCS, T6, OG MVC3, MK, and a few others. You know. Fighting game stuff. But I don’t really have my own place so I d’now how awkward that would be.

So, yeah, anyone nearby that wants to get together?