Abbreviation meanings


in FK Hasan Shu what does the FK stand for and in SC.FP what does the SC stand for?
(chun li in street fighter 4 combos)


Fierce Kick.
Standing Close, Fierce Punch.


FK most likely means fierce kick hazan shu. Some people dont like using the actual names for normals so you sometimes get weird stuff like that. SC.FP most likely means close standing fierce punch.




check out this link to get an idea of what the buttons are called.


Really wish everyone could agree on what attacks are called.

hard kick, fierce kick and roundhouse all refer to the same thing and then when people start throwing in abbreviations like SA for cammys spiral arrow, sometimes I have no idea what people are talking about.


Why should people stop using RH/HK?(FK is a bit wierd, I’ve almost never seen it) So long as one notation only has one meaning, then you know when they mean and it’s not even close to an issue. Things like spiral arrow and summersult can be a bit worse, but really it’s CAPCOM’s fault for calling the moves different things in different games.

I do get annoyed by people aren’t careful about things like saying c.fp when they could be talking about close or crouching, or aren’t careful to distinguish between jump C and jump cancel in BB, or the fact that the community has latched onto FADC for both uppercut EX cancel > juggle, and fireball . level 2 focus > blah, or that if there’s a standard notation for differentiating between cancels and juggles/links I’m not aware of it.

But SA for Spiral Arrow? That’s the obvious abbreviation for one of the characters special moves, when people are writing out combos, you shouldn’t expect them to write out full names, so unless we move to a number system (like 236K for Spiral Arrow) which is completely confusing for anybody who hasn’t been doing it for at least a couple of months, it’s just not going to change.


The punches are jab/strong/fierce, and the kicks are short/forward/roundhouse. There is no “fierce kick”. Using the abbreviations for light/medium/hard is simpler and less ambiguous. Someone could mistake FK to mean “Forward Kick”, which is MK.

I’m not sure if you’re asking about it, but the notation for a cancel is xx, and the notation for a link is a comma.
c.lp xx c.lp xx c.lp = 3 chained jabs
c.lp, c.lp, c.lp = 3 linked jabs

cr and c can refer to crouching, it’s just a matter of preference. Both of them have been in use for over a decade. fs = far standing, cs = close standing.

Some people still use SA to refer to “Saving Attack”. Usually you can determine the meaning from the context though.


Yeah, uh, I never actually saw someone using “FK” as fierce kick. If anything, I’d say it stands for forward kick, because I only ever saw Roundhouse (RH) or Hard Kick (HK), never FK.

Oh well guess we learn something new every day.


Actually, I think you’re right, I’ve never seen anyone use the term fierce kick, they likely meant forward kick.

I’m aware of that, and I’ve seen people use it like that, but lots of people use just use > or , for both links and cancels. I know that notation’s in the wiki, but it’s not something that’s even close to universal. I can get over the lack of it in SFIV, which I know well enough to figure those things out, but it can be very annoying when I’m trying to pick up a new game.

I’m sorry, but c.hp is ambigious. It just is. And I rarely see cs.

True. It’s rarer these days, but it does get used.


Well I suppose it depends on what games you play and how long you’ve been playing them.

On that note, using both CS and FS modifiers is redundant, because FS is the default.


I’m a fan of ‘cr.’ to denote crouching as opposed to ‘c.’ just because of that confusion with ‘close standing’.

The jab, strong, fierce, etc. notations have always been kinda clunky. People tend to use them out of tradition. They are the imperial measurement to light, medium, hard’s more universal metric. :razz:

What really gets my dander up is people using “towards” or “away” in place of forward/back, showing up in combos as abbreviated stuff like* t.FP*, natch. No doubt f. and b. are confusingly intermixed in the* same *combo listing, along with ad hoc bouncing back and forth between roundhouse Imperial and hard kick Metric. :annoy: