ABC #12 - Showtime


Ok! Here are the entries for the 12th avatar battle challenge!

Special thanks to everyone who is providing prizes: monkee77, SFMC, woof, and Yeah Dood 120%.

Thanks also to the judges: DaDesiCanadian, GuMz, jae hoon, Master Chibi, monkee77, and Mr_Punkus.

Most importantly, thanks to all the artists who submitted entries. I’ll unveil the artists next to each avatar once all the judging is complete.

The standard rules:

#1: No one discusses the avs until ALL SIX judges have passed judgement. This is to prevent people from giving away who the artists are. This is not limited to the artists. Even if you did not submit an av, please refrain from commenting until after the judges have voted. The judges do not know who has submitted an av, and I don’t want you giving away to them that you DIDN’T submit an av by starting to comment on them.

#2: Judges: you are to pick your favorite 3 in each category based on whatever criteria you want. You will then order them from 1 to 3. Your #1 pick gets 3 points, your #2 pick gets 2 points, and your #3 pick gets 1 point. The points will be tallied, and a winner for each category declared.

**#3:**Judges can feel free to discuss among themselves any aspects of the avatars they like. They may confer with each other before voting, but do not have to. Feel free to discuss what you like or dislike about any of the avatars --1 Restriction, tho! Judges may not speculate as to who the artists are, as your speculations may affect the other judges.

The judges are:
jae hoon
Master Chibi

#4: After the judges vote, the points will be tallied and I will reveal the artists behind the avatars. Discussion is then open for anyone and anything about the avatars.



1st place Animated & Still
*Digital Sketch (donated by SFMC)
Copy of DFPRADIO show where winners are announced (donated by monkee77)
*Capcom Booth Companion Figurine (donated by monkee77)

2nd Place Animated & Still:
*Digital Sketch (donated by woof)

3rd Place Animated:
*Cap gun & caps and maybe a Sheriff’s badge (donated by Yeah Dood 120%)

3rd Place Animated & Still:
*DVD Movie: Over The Top (donated by Yeah Dood 120%)

*All participants and judges will get a shout out on DFPRADIO

#6: ENTRIES (As usual, if a title was not specified by the artist, I made one up.)




“Black Hole”


“Custom Tan - ‘That Tan is Broken!’”


“Deadly Grope”





Shim Sang Joon



“R. Mika”


“Shadow Blade”


“Sho-Roba-Ken: Rising Donkey Punch”

Yeah Dood 120%

“Sonic the Leghog”


“SRK Elizabeth”

Worthless Scrub

“SRK Paaanch!”


“SRK Tits”





“Classic SRK Style”




“Shin Shoryudick!”


“Sho Sho!”


“Spinning T & A”


“SRK Cheeks”


“Street Fighter II: Titty Fighting Shin-Shoryutits - ‘She got paid. Style is impetuous. Bounce is impregnable.’”


“The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.”


“The Beauty and the Faust”


Get voting, judges! Meanwhile, I’m off to play Twilight Princess for the first time.



Btw, I’m still trying to figure out what “A.B.A.” has to do with “Shoryuken.” WIll the artist who made it please reply to my PM? In the event that it has n othing to do with “shoryuken” it will be penalized.

Despite what I said about Tiger Uppercuts, I’m going to allow “Shadow Blade” without any trouble, since I forgot to put that in the first post of the thread, and not everybody read the entire thread.

And I’m going to go out on a limb and assume the “ass” in “Black Hole” is Ken’s.

The rest of the entries all fill the theme fine.



hmm…some really good entries…this mite b hard 2 judge…


Meh, I’m not that thrilled about many of the entries. We coulda done better, guys.





Either way they gotta be judged and i see a some superb entries!


Some of this stuff just didn’t match the theme. It’s like if you put the word “srk” in it, it’s supposed to be all good or something.


I agree.

Get rid of Toasty please.



Lol, “Toasty” stays.

So when are you guys gonna start doing the actual judging?



You guys are making me sad. Where da judging at?



I thought qutie a few of the entries were well made. Personally speaking, there are a few that will definately place in top 3, although in which order is uncertain. Regarding the discussion of the relative merits and faults of each av for judging, shall we “do it the open”, or via PM? Don’t want anyone to feel their work is being publically shit on. What does the rest of the judigng commitee think?


In the ten previous ABC’s, the judges picked their 3 favorites in each category (3 favorite animateds, 3 favorite stills) and then listed them in ranked order.

That’s all that’s officially required. If you like, however, you may comment on the avs you chose, as well as any other avs in the contest. Feel free to criticize, that’s half the game here. Most people don’t mind free critique, especially if it’s honest. But by all means don’t wait for the other judges. If you guys convened as a panel and made your decisions as a group this would take days just to get everyone’s schedule to mesh. Just pick your personal top 3 from each category and post them, (and if you like why you chose them and why you didn’t choose others)

Look at the previous ABC’s if you still have questions as to how it’s done.

ABC #11 - Retro
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ABC #9 - Time
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ABC #5 - Street Fighter
ABC #4 - Darkstalkers
ABC #3 - Sprite Commercials
ABC #2 - Booty/Boobies, Sprites, & SRK
ABC #1 - Trial & Error



i kinda get “a.b.a” now…there is ass…but no shoryuken/ srk reference…

i lol @ “toasty” but, yeah, the only kind of a srk reference is the term “no homo”.

anyway, judge you fucking judges!!!11 power bombs a random azn woman on a desk


Personnally I coudln’t come up with something good to fit the theme =(. I’m not complaining though, I think I’m just rusty.

And where’s the votes? … should I become a judge? >_>


where’s your av from? looks familiar…


:wink: You could have taken that “SRK Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar” (a play on “Sports Illustrated”) featuring Elena that I had to scrap since I didn’t have time to make it. :bluu: Man, that was a killer idea.

:tup: Good luck to everyone that entered… dood.


Still no judging? What’s going on here, people?

So far 3 of the judges have checked in, but have yet to actually, you know, judge. Why did you people ask to be judges anyway?



Juuuuuuuudge already, the suspense is killing me! Well not really but still goes back to watching JUDGE MATHIS… hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge… dood.


Wow, believe it or not, I’m suddenly relieved that no judges have come in yet.

Somehow I managed to miss one of the entries. It was PM’ed to me days ago and I uploaded it to my photobucket with the rest, but somehow I missed it when posting.

Anyway, no judges have judged yet, so no harm done…right?

It’s in there with the others now. Judges, just make sure you look over the entries now to make sure you’re not missing it if you already started making your selections before this post was made.



where’s the judges at?