ABC #13 - MSPaintz


Ok! Here are the entries for the 13th avatar battle challenge!

Special thanks to everyone who is providing prizes: goleafsgoaz, SFMC, woof, rook, and Evil Morrigan

Thanks also to the judges.

Most importantly, thanks to all the artists who submitted entries. I’ll unveil the artists next to each avatar once all the judging is complete.

The standard rules:

#1: No one discusses the avs until ALL FIVE judges have passed judgement. This is to prevent people from giving away who the artists are. This is not limited to the artists. Even if you did not submit an av, please refrain from commenting until after the judges have voted. The judges do not know who has submitted an av, and I don’t want you giving away to them that you DIDN’T submit an av by starting to comment on them.

#2: Judges: you are to pick your favorite 3 in each category based on whatever criteria you want. You will then order them from 1 to 3. Your #1 pick gets 3 points, your #2 pick gets 2 points, and your #3 pick gets 1 point. The points will be tallied, and a winner for each category declared.

**#3:**Judges can feel free to discuss among themselves any aspects of the avatars they like. They may confer with each other before voting, but do not have to. Feel free to discuss what you like or dislike about any of the avatars --1 Restriction, tho! Judges may not speculate as to who the artists are, as your speculations may affect the other judges.

The judges are:
Master Chibi

#4: After the judges vote, the points will be tallied and I will reveal the artists behind the avatars. Discussion is then open for anyone and anything about the avatars.



1st Place:
1 figurine – Chun Li (from goleafsgoaz)
1 Digital sketch (from SFMC)
2nd Place
1 Digital sketch (from woof)
1 Digital sketch (from rook)
3rd Place:
1 Month of SRK Premium Membership (from Evil Morrigan)

1st Place:
1 figurine – Mai (from goleafsgoaz)
1 Digital sketch (from SFMC)
2nd Place:
1 Digital sketch (from woof)
1 Month of SRK Premium Membership (from givequicheachance)
3rd Place:
1 Month of SRK Premium Membership (from Evil Morrigan)

#6: ENTRIES (As usual, if a title was not specified by the artist, I made one up.)






“D Charge U + Kick = DESTROYING”


“Etch-a-Sketch SRK”






“I Hate Paint”

Tat guy

“It’s Hairy, Even”


“Kirby SRK”


“Lady Justice”


“Paint Savior”


“Run N’ Gun”

The Chief

“Ryu Kills Ken”






“Sundae Bloody Sundae”


“The Ultimate Battle”



Bowling Pin


“Bamboo Shuffle”


“Block Damage”


“Character Select - Jill”


“Cyborg Ninja”




“Fuck MSPaint”

Tat guy

“Invader Chun-li and Guile - ‘I’m Gonna Sing the Boom Song!’”


“MSPaint iz Beta!”


“Space Eye”


“U Wantz Pain?!”


“Vincent Vega - Before Dick Cheney”


So get voting, judges!


  1. Some of these are fucking hilarious.

  2. With a few of these it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo obvious who made what.

  3. Still great entries :rofl:.


You might be surprised by a couple.

Also we had a few disqualified avatars this time around.

Here they are, with a reason for why they were disqualified:


Artist submitted multiple still avatars

Artist submitted multiple animated avatars

Artist wrote his name on it

Exceeds frame limit

Exceeds frame limit

Uses outside images



**Still **

1st -Gouki

I’ve been debating back and forth between this and Paint Savior and on any given day, I could see liking one over the other. Today however, I’m going to go with Gouki. I like the overall finished product and the effort made to add a background. In terms of just something to look at, I found myself liking this one over the others. I think this one and PS stood out far more than most of the other entries.

2nd - Paint Savior

It probably helps that I’m a big VS fan but even with that aside, I liked the effort put into coloring here and I think one of the best parts about this was how easy it was to identify the character by looking at it. I would say the thing that kept me from putting this first was the extreme closeup. I’d have preferred a background of some kind, more to see how you’d have gone about it, given that you’d done such a good job on coloring her to begin with. As I said above, I could have easily swapped this with Gouki and put it first, to me they were the best entries by far.

3rd - Run ‘N’ Gun

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, b, a, select, start. It took a second glance to see what this was but I instantly liked it. The details were great, from the enemies to the giant panel gun built into the cliff to the smaller things like the winged letter weapon upgrade sitting on the ground and the other upgrade still in the air. Extra points for even matching the red and blue color scheme on the pants, small as it was, I noticed.

Honorable mention - Sundae bloody sundae, Welkom and Slayer.


1st - Invader Chun Li and Guile

Can’t quite put my finger on it but I just found this to be hilarious every single time I look at it.

2nd - Dan

Looks really nice, I’m guessing you did the Gouki avatar as well?

3rd - Block Damage

Again, funny for obvious reasons.

Honorable mention - Space Eye, Character Select Jill.

Overall, I think the entries were pretty good. Some funny stuff, some well done, nice looking stuff. There was a good mix of both. Look forward to seeing who wins this. Good luck to everyone.


Wow…nice job guys :lovin:


Numero Uno goes to “Gouki”. He is one of my favorite characters, and the whole piece just looks chizzeled. Gouki also looks like he’s trimmed off a few pounds!

Dos with the most would have to be “Paint Savior”. The expression is well done, as and the scroll really add technical merit.

For Tres, let’s go with “Welkom” for it’s colors and beauty. A tough decision, third place was.


1st place has to go to “Character Select - Jill”. The level of detail, not to mention artistic talent, are really really awesome.

2nd place has to go to “Dan”. Love Dan, respect the amount of work that must have gone into that one!

3rd, but not a turd, is “Invader Chun-li and Guile - ‘I’m Gonna Sing the Boom Song!’” Oh, it makes me think about pissing off my wife.

Well, there you have it… Some really tough choices, and I’m sorry to have left any out.

Honorable mentions definitley for:

“Etch-a-Sketch SRK”
“Run N’ Gun”
“Bamboo Shuffle”
"U Wantz Pain?!"
and “Vincent Vega - Before Dick Cheney”





I’m pretty sure people are going to be looking at me weird for picking the ones that I did, but whatever~



Really can’t find a fault on this one, everything just works perfectly really. Love the shading, and the background compliments the piece very well.


So simple, so effective, so good. Love it.


It was really, really, really, really, really fucking hard to decide between this and Welkom, like to the point where I had to take a break from thinking about it. Both are excellent avatars (I loved the composition in Welkom) but this wins out just a bit because I love the background detail in this (Vega in mid dance especially, haha).



God this makes me laugh so hard. Her shoulders and breasts are entirely composed of four circles. God it looks so fucked up, Chun’s face is killing me. Whoever did this, I have to make a request when this is all said and done :rofl:.


Koy. Love it. Classy as hell. Pink as hell. Great job.


Looks fantastic, subtle use of animation, but Jill’s character designs sucks. Hard. Does EVERYONE you draw have to look like that Megaman bitch?

In all honesty, this turned rather well.



this is my favorite ABC :lol:


holy shit…:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: jesus mspaint is fucken crazy


Haha some of those are pretty funny, and a couple are hilarious! Good job, guys.


Gouki - 9
Paint Savior - 4
Sundae Bloody Sundae - 2
Run N’ Gun - 1
Ryu Kills Ken - 1
Welkom - 1

Invader Chun-li and Guile: “I’m Gonna Sing the Boom Song!” - 7
Dan - 6
Character Select: Jill - 4
Block Damage - 1

Waitin’ on DaDesiCanadian and GuMz.

Good judging so far. Lol that “Boom Song” is winning.


HAHA a lot of good entries.

Vincent Vega one is funny as hell lol.


Have you see Chun Li’s juggs/shoulders?

Yummy :lovin: !


That etcha-sketch av is truth.


ok finally



wow im just speechless on this it is just wow very awesome
Sundae Bloody Sundae

ICE CREAM haha and it looks really good nice style
Lady Justice

it loos really nice to me i like how it flows together everything is good just a lil more touch ups here and there



this is hella clean the animation is nice and it just wins to me

Character Select - Jill

this is awesome to me cuz like it looks like a real selection screen very very well done

Invader Chun-li and Guile - 'I’m Gonna Sing the Boom Song!

nice haha chun and guile FTW



Dan animated is wow…just wow.

Jill animated av is MS Paint? Looks like sprites were used.


I wonder what time it is now in canadian time.



“Character Select - Jill”

^very veiwtiful.


I was bummed to be disqualified, but I had no chance against Dan. Dan should win every prize in the animated bracket for greatest MSPaint EVER :rofl: