ABC #15 Poll

First of all, thanks to everyone who participated in the Urien ABC, great entries. For the next one, quiche and I decided to run a poll and let you all decide which character will be used in ABC #15.

Voting will run until this Saturday, May 5th at Noon EST.

Prizes and the usual details will be posted once a character has been selected.

For now, if you have any suggestions or requests for a character to be included in future ABC polls, PM me and we can see about putting them in.



no Poison?

I voted mai, but why is her name italicized in the poll?

… because that’s who you voted for.

Cammy gets no love cuz Mai’s got the bubz.


too much you can get from Dan.

Yeah you can get a lot of mileage from Dan and milk ideas from Mai. Plus with Mai, the animated entries will probably significantly increase. lol

Captain Commando would be nice too since you don’t really get to see that many ppl rockin Captain Commando avatars. Terry would be fun because he’s a hobo and he has that busta wolf thing going for him (although it could get old fast).

…Cammy just sucks :razzy: :lol:

Btw I’m not judging in the next one, I want to enter~


oh shit!

Alright chumps lets do this…leeerroy errr, Cammy!

Terry would be Busta wolfs over and over. . .


How about some GG chars next time?

I’d like to see a CapCom ABC.

I thought there was already a Terry ABC!? I keep having these faint memories of an avatar set in Metal Gear Solid format featuring Otocon talking to Snake. I forgot how it went but it was something like…
Otocon: I got more information on… hey are you okay?
Snake: Yeah, why?

…then out of nowhere Terry ransacks Snakes face acrross the communication screen “Busta Woof!!!”.

I lol just thinking about it.

Will do. Any specific character you’d like to see?

That was an av that PsychoSquall made for OrangeCat, but it was never entered in an ABC.


Dont care, really.
Just wana see some GG love.
Also, i really want to judge.

i dont think ive ever drawn mai before


Voted for Terry, I am still judging in the next one unless Quiche says otherwise.

I dunno if I like the idea of a specfic person. I’d rather see a theme that is not character specific.

After the contest I thought of a perfect Urien AV. I might make one just to see how it turns out.