ABC #16 Black and White

It’s time for ABC #16, voting has closed and the winner has been decided!

The winner is … Black and White or more specifically, Capcom in Black and White. This will allow for use of any of the Capcom titles, from Street Fighter and Final Fight to Megaman or Ghosts 'n Goblins. Any Capcom title is fair game, please do not feel limited to the titles I just listed. For a list of Capcom titles, click here.

This ABC will be slightly different from others in that the following rules apply …

[*]All entries should be completely grayscale

[*]No colors allowed

[*]No saturations allowed

Please PM entries to me.

Anyone who wants to compete just has to PM an avatar to me by Midnight EST on Thursday, 06/21/2007. The voting will begin on the following morning. This timeframe gives you just about two and a half weeks to come up with your av(s). Once I get all of the entries, I will post them and the judges will post their choices for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each category (still and animated). As always, scores will be tallied, and the winners will receive prizes.



1st Place:

1 month of premium (from paper tiger)

2nd Place:

Prize pending

3rd Place:

Prize pending


1st Place:

1 month of premium (from paper tiger)

2nd Place:

Prize pending

3rd Place:

Prize pending

I will be happy to add prizes in if anyone wants to contribute. If you would like to sponsor ABC #16 PM ME.


1: It must be a new avatar. Do not PM me an avatar that people have already seen, or you will be disqualified. This means that you are not allowed to show the avatar around before the battle starts in a week. They should all be unveiled simultaneously at the start of the comp. (Because there was a problem with kensavenge at one time, I guess I have to clarify?) Only submit your own work. That means an avatar that YOU MADE!

2: No artists are allowed to reveal to anyone which avatar is theirs. Any artists caught leaking such information will be disqualified. Of course, some styles are recognizable, so some judge recognition is inevitable. You may bounce ideas off of someone, but please do not make the avatar public until I unveil them.

3: No one is allowed to wear an avatar that has been submitted in the competition until AFTER the voting is completed.

4: One avatar per category per artist, please. This means you can each enter one still avatar, and one animated avatar. Minor animation may be accepted in a still avatar, but it’s completely at my discretion.

5: The avatar must be within premium-size requirements. That means the maximum size is 160 x 100 and under 50 kb. Feel free to make anything smaller than the max if you like.

6: No pornography or innapropriate material. You guys know this…(Swearing is A-Ok!)

7: You can submit as many times as you like. That means if you submit an avatar on Saturday, and then change your mind and decide to submit a different one on Monday, go right ahead. You can make revisions, changes, or just enter a completely different avatar. I’ll use whatever one you send me last. Just make sure you have your final submission in to me before the deadline.


Judging will be the same as in the past. If you would like to judge, PM ME

Capcom in Black and White, see the rules posted at the top of this post for clarification or PM if you have a specific question.

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Should see some nice results with this. I’ve got an idea or two forming…

Wait what… capcom only?

Yeah, paper tiger and I decided that “Black & White” was probably too broad. This will give the avs a little more focus.


Just to make it clear…original Capcom characters only?
Like say Wolverine isn’t allowed because even though he appears in several Capcom titles he isn’t an original Capcom character?

yes, though the avatars don’t have to be character-based.


Capcom in Black and White only. Dang, I just had this great idea with Michael Jackson in it.

If I don’t see a Ryu/Ken rivarly tribute av. . . .I’ll have lost faith in man-kind. . . .yes that was an early idea of mine. . . .no I’m not doing it. . . .please don’t DQ me. . . .

C’mon black and white Akuma/Ryu standoff!

i was gonna use Miles Davis. fo realz. oh yea, 6-22-07?! wtf?


Seriously, you killed my idea too.


This is going to take way too much forethought since there is so much to work with.On top of the recent lashback at everything(or at least it feels that way)…plus no saturations (nooooooooo…my 40 frame aaaav)

I’m sitting this one out guys. :frowning:

Count me in.

And I too have lost out on my idea. Oh well, I guess I’ll save the FFTactics for another time.

I probably should have started back last time considering none of you used Hokutomaru or Andy. That would have been a somewhat easier placing.

Anyway, count me in as well, especially since we have so much time.

P.S. Thanks for narrowing it down.

P.P.S. This will show how much of a noob I am, but what does “no saturation” mean?

What the hell, only capcom? Way to kill an original theme. Count me out

This is what i voted for, not this.

And it’s probably too late to go back now that everyone stated their original idea :confused:

Regardless, I’ll still come up with something.

Talked it over with quiche. We’re just going to go ahead and cancel this ABC. Sorry to those who had entered already.

Ya bunch of whining ingrates.