ABC #16 Poll

First of all, thanks to everyone who participated in all of the previous ABC’s. Just like we did with ABC #15, we’re going to put it to a vote. This time, we’ve included characters, a theme and even a game based choice.

Voting will run until this Saturday, June 2nd at 12:17 PM PST.

Prizes and the usual details will be posted once a winner has been selected.

The options are as follows, please vote using the poll above this post.

Character based


Game based

Final Fight
(Would include Rolento, Hugo, Cody, Guy, Poison, Sodom, Etc. )

Theme based

Black and White
(Any character or theme, entire avatar can use only black and white, no other colors)

A couple details …

[*]If you have any suggestions or requests for a character to be included in future ABC polls, PM me and we can see about putting them in.

[*]If you are interested in judging ABC #16, please contact me.


Hey, aren’t you Golefolaz (sp?), I bet you are… aren’t you…

I voted for Vanessa :sad: but my heart voted for Dan… dood.

final fight YES!!!

Yes, that’s me.

And don’t be sad, I’m sure Dan will appear in ABC again soon.

I would love to see what some folks could do with just black and white.

yeah i wanna see some black and white

Adon?!?! aw, man, my fav Alpha char.

How about a poll that makes NON-Prem avatars… =)

Black and White FTW!!!

Wow that’s a random assortment. . . .

Seriously Adon though. . .come on. …

Jaguar kick for fucking real


Yamazaki ABC 17. . . .only you can make it happen

hmm ill try black n white see how that goes.


I voted servebot, I bet we’d get some funny entries :lol:

I fully support Black & White (it was my idea, after all!)



No love for teh one armed, one eyed, bubz having Guilty Gear chick?

Casting a vote for the Vampire

Hell yes vanessa!

non prem avs can actually be made in ABC’s its just that the prem size gives more room to work.ergo,nearly all prem avs…although i remember seeing non prem in an abc …i can’t remember which :confused:

B&W ftw. I make avs best in black and white.

Black and White just leaves me room for inspiration I think. Don’t get me wrong the Mai avs were great but, just like the character itself, pretty one-dimensional.

Final Fight FTW!