ABC 16 - Triumph or Die!


Thanks to all the artists who submitted entries. Thanks also to the judges and everyone who might donate prizes.

I’ll unveil the artists next to each avatar once all the judging is complete.

The standard rules:

#1: No one discusses the avs until ALL SEVEN judges have passed judgement. This is to prevent people from giving away who the artists are. This is not limited to the artists. Even if you did not submit an av, please refrain from commenting until after the judges have voted. The judges do not know who has submitted an av, and I don’t want you giving away to them that you DIDN’T submit an av by starting to comment on them.

#2: Judges: you are to pick your favorite 3 in each category based on whatever criteria you want. You will then order them from 1 to 3. Your #1 pick gets 3 points, your #2 pick gets 2 points, and your #3 pick gets 1 point. The points will be tallied, and a winner for each category declared.

**#3:**Judges can feel free to discuss among themselves any aspects of the avatars they like. They may confer with each other before voting, but do not have to. Feel free to discuss what you like or dislike about any of the avatars --1 Restriction, tho! Judges may not speculate as to who the artists are, as your speculations may affect the other judges.

The judges are:
Bowling Pin
jae hoon
Master Chibi

#4: After the judges vote, the points will be tallied and I will reveal the artists behind the avatars. Discussion is then open for anyone and anything about the avatars.


Not 100% sure. We’ll see what the sponsors say after seeing this selection. It’s not as tiny as I’d feared, but not huge either. WARNA BROTHER, Worthless, Rooks4: please weigh in what you would like to submit as prizes.

But hey, this is for fun anyway, right?

#6: ENTRIES (As usual, if a title was not specified by the artist, I made one up.)


“Breaking Bison Off”


“C. Viper”


“Chun Li & Friends”


“Console Exclusives Suck”


“Dat Boi Ruf”


“El Fuerte”


“Fight Sprite Scene”


“Glowing Ryu”

Tat Guy


Accel Core



“Ryu Fresco”

Shim Sang Joon

“Unemployment Line”


“Viper and Chun”





“Akuma SFIV”


“Easy Rufus”


“Fly as Fu**”


“Iron Chef Lucha Libre”

Shim Sang Joon

“SF4 Draft”




“Vewlix Hadoukens”


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Get voting, judges!


  1. “Breaking Bison Off”

Was the “upshot” cheap, sure but it works. Cammy would certainly have in incentive to break Bison off in a non sexual way this time.

  1. “Console Exclusives Suck”

Lols at Wii Owners, you will get nothing and you will like it. :rofl::looney:

  1. “Ochio’s”

By far the best and most original one of the stills. I would certainly like to have some whole grain Ochio’s. While it doesn’t look the best, it certainly is the more creative of the ones entered.

  1. “Vewlix Hadoukens”

Really the animated are really weak here, this pretty much gets third by default.

  1. “Easy Rufus”

Obvious ripoff of Easy Rider but there is nothing wrong with that.

  1. “SFIV or KOFXII?”

Really the best of the lackluster bunch of animated. Dan always adds a nice flavor to things and him punching Ryo is lols in many many ways.

Really from the few ABCs I have judged the animated are by far the worst I have seen. This has to be due to SF 4, but why say you will enter knowing SF 4 is coming out then not enter it because of SF4. :looney: I really am disapointed in the turnout in this ABC.


Whoops. I missed an entry that was sent to me yesterday, so I added it in. Jae, if you want to change your votes to reflect “Guile” in stills, go ahead.



I’m glad the ABC’s got so many entries this time around. I am a little disappointed at the quality of some of them, but it’s still nice to see people took some time and effort. I like originality, creativity and simplicity, so here’s my picks.


3.) “Akuma SFIV”

Ehh, nicely done, looks clean. Nothing much else to say.

2.) “Easy Rufus”

This is one of the entries that I would actually wear as an avatar, if I didn’t hate Rufus so much.

1.) “Vewlix Hadoukens”

Thinking out of the box…and into the joystick casing. Well done.


Yeah, they mostly sucked. Either sprites, or sprites with some filters.

3.) “Breaking Bison Off”

I was going to post something about how nice and simple it is, and that complexity doesn’t really necessarily need to be there to win, but fuck it; it’s a Cammy ass shot.

2.) “Ochio’s”

This made me laugh. The artist took some time to think of a funny idea, and implemented it. It doesn’t look the greatest, but it shows some creative thinking.

1.) “Unemployment Line”

No competition here. This would be a great entry even in a good field. The idea is hilarious, and plays on the SRK community shenanigans, where there was a thread every other hour asking where the 3S chars were in SF4.


More judges plz.



I’m sorry I didn’t enter, quiche.


I’m at work right now so I’ll get to judging when I get home.



Sorry for the late entry. Work actually had me doing stuff today. What’s up with that?!! :mad:


It seems that a lot of people looked at that tutorial that was put up a little while ago for making the filter avs.

I like the fresco look, and it fits well with the style of SF4, imo.

Made me laugh. Awesome concept. :tup:

Gotta love it. You can’t leave the Wii out of the equation. I think Mario would be broken!


There are 7 entries which is only 1 less than what was put up last year, so I will stick with my initial promises for awards.

I like the simplicity, and with all of the new members on the site, it may actually be practical. Beautiful in its simplicity.

Just chillin on the open road. Live the life, Rufus. One of the 3 that actually had animation. Very smooth as well.

Love this the best, and agree with the sentiment! Like the design and the cross over worked nicely. Good job on integrating the two characters. :tup: :tup:


This is going so slowly.


EDIT: spoke too soon. good shit WARNA



if I actually entered I mite have won.



^Way to vote that you’d definitely enter and then not.

Let me see if there’s an infraction for that…




No contest. Original, funny, and doesn’t feature one SFIV character to boot, go figure.

I like the composition of this piece over the rest. Nice, easy on the eyes, and rainbowlishious.

Whatever that means.


This made me laugh pretty damn hard, and it just worked better in that regard for being chosen then the rest of the work that was entered. Always wondered what she looked with her hair down.


So win. Why didn’t anyone else pick this one? Sure, it’s seems like a cut and paste deal, but it works so well that it’s brilliant. Absolutely love it.

Nice, clean, sexy, nothing more to it.

I love subtle uses of animation like this. It always won me over the avatars with stories / text / what have you, and this is very nicely done to boot, wonder how much of it is original.

Sorry my critiques aren’t more thought out, I’m feeling like garbage right now.



^The way you wrote your descriptions I assume that the top ones are #1 and the bottom is #3 (you didn’t label)



ugh, sorry, shows you how out of it i am

yes, you’re right


BTW before anyone throws a fit, the rule against quoting images is waived for the purposes of judging. It’s my bandwidth being raped anyway.




sorry again



Animated avs:


Clean. Works nicely with the red color.


Slow ride?


Nice flow.


Not a lot of explaining to be said here. Most were mediocre, but whatev.


Ass and titties (missing).


Lovin the wordplay, lol.


Q will never be out a job. HAHA!

Thoughts: Mediocre entries this time around. Though this is the first ABC I’ve participated in, we, as IMMers, can do better graphically.

We await your return, warrior.

Oh wait.


My bad for not getting my voting in last night - a newborn baby will throw your plans into the crapper at any given moment :slight_smile: I enjoyed most of the submissions - some of them were kinda lame but a lot of them made me laugh.

I think there’s really only two good entries in the animated department in terms of quality, but the #3 just had me cracking up due to my own personal interests.

  1. “Iron Chef Lucha Libre”

I love this show :stuck_out_tongue: Im voting it #3 more for the lack of other entries that I liked… the text is hard to read but I like the TV border and it made me laugh, so it gets #3 over the others.

  1. “SFIV or KOFXIII?”

In my opinion this one is much nicer than all of the other entries other than #1. I like the quality even tho some of it isn’t as sharp as I’d like. I’m actually not that familiar with KOF but I think it was funny that Dan is pretty much “representing SF4” and beating some Ryo ass. His pose at the end was a nice touch, and made me laugh.

  1. “Akuma SFIV”

It’s simple. It’s VERY clean. It fits the SFIV theme probably the best, since this actually started prior to the release date of SFIV. I like the colors of the splatter effect / raging demon on top of the IV. Kudos :slight_smile:

3) “Ryu Fresco”

This spot was hard for me to decide, but in the end I really liked this look. Almost looks like someone took a snapshot of a canvas and sized it for prem :slight_smile: There were a handful of pretty artistic submittals, but this was my favorite.

  1. “Console Exclusives Suck”

This one almost got the #1 spot. Almost looks like a legit ad - it’s pretty clean, had nice colors, and its almost believeable considering the other shit that Nintendo has been doing :slight_smile: Fairly creative idea and I liked the overall look.

  1. “Unemployment Line”

hahah this is just too funny. Plus with as fucked up as the economy is it get’s to hit its point on a handful of levels :slight_smile: The most creative submittal IMO.

Sorry about the late judging. Yesterday was a pretty crazy day - i meant to get this in by last night but after I got home I didn’t have a chance =(


Still waiting on Bowling Pin.

Current Tally

1st - Unemployment Line - 14
2nd - Console Exclusives Suck - 7
2nd - Ochio’s - 7
4th - Breaking Bison Off - 3
5th - Ryu Fresco - 2
5th - Dat Boi Ruf - 2
7th - C. Viper - 1

1st - Easy Rufus - 9
2nd - Vewlix Hadoukens - 8
2nd - SFIV or KOFIX - 8
4th - Akuma SFIV - 7
5th - Iron Chef Lucha Libre - 4



Hmmmm as for prizes…

A year or so of premium is easy enough to do… I was thinking about going all out and doing a copy of SFIV to the winner, but since we really have 2 winners it probably wouldn’t be fair as I don’t want to do two copies (too expensive!) Let’s see what WARNA and Worthless want to donate and maybe together we can come up with a nice prize package for the 3 winners in the categories.