ABC's "V" remake returns to tv TONIGHT. (sneaky, ABC...sneaky)


45 minutes and counting…


wuts sneaky about it?


Unlike when the remake began, I didn’t see or hear any advertising for the return until I checked out a little Lost tonight to see if it has been going anywhere, and got a little countdown timer for V at the bottom of the screen.

O.O…so…uh…suddenly, I don’t wanna tap Anna any more…


They’ve been advertising the hell out of its return for weeks haha. Show is really bad, though. I tuned out about halfway through the episode.


Only adverted for it on abc, right? Ever since the terminator series died, they haven’t had anything to make me want to tune in, so…well, missed it. I guess abc stopped doing radio adverts for their shows as well since the premier of V last year, or I woulda heard something.


its all over hulu…i havent watched much actual tv…but def seen tons of ads online.


I guess youtube ad time cost too much…


Terminator was on Fox though, right? I still miss that version of Sarah Connor…she was a million times hotter than the Linda Hamilton version.

…more on topic, I don’t care about what happened at the end…Anna’s still a gorgeous piece of alien ass. That visual with her in the see-thru robe near the end = :wow: See-thru clothing is another major weakness for me…it’s almost as hot as a good upskirt view for me. That kind of visual is just too strong.

Well, I glad the local affiliate allowed us to see the damn show this time. Folks in Nashville, TN couldn’t see the new “V” when it came out since the local station decided a 1-hour show with Jeff Fuckin Fisher talking about the Titans was more important.