Abel AE Safe Jumps Still Valid



Does anyone know if the safe jumps presented in this video are still valid for 2012. I’ve been trying to get the first two down (COD and FS), but have not had much luck with them. If they are still valid…any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


yes they are still valid. which one you have trouble with?

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Honestly, I’ve only practiced the safe jump for COD and the fwd throw and am unable to get the timing down (at least i think that’s my issue). I noticed that the user starts the process from f-mk and doesn’t just go for COD or cr.HP into FS. Does that have anything to do with it? Again thanks for your help.


that has nothing to do with the timing.

be more specific regarding your problem. how did you actually practice the safe jumps? which part did you fail to achieve? etc

the post cod is easy to mess up because the timing is not done by whiffing moves but more towards “wait / walk a bit n jump”, n post cod 3f safe jump is an empty safe jump, if you pressed a button, youll eat the reversal 3f/shoryu. its still good to do it and combine with a delayed cr.mp os throw tech (just one example).

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I practice by selecting Abel as the dummy in training mode and recording his movement. Using Guile or someone else w/ a 4f reversal I try to tag Abel on wake up and unfortunately I am always successful in hitting Abel out of the air. From my limited knowledge about frames, it would seem that Abel’s kick is coming out to soon but when I try to delay it any further, the kick never comes out and essentially i perform an empty jump. I’ve been successful with safe jumps in the past with Balrog and Cody but I guess the timing may be a bit strict with Abel?

I guess if you could provide insight into the best way to determine where I am going wrong with the timing. For example with the post FS safe jump…how can I know if I am whiffing the normal too late or too soon vs pressing MK to late or too soon. Hope that makes sense…thanks man.


I’m having a hard time finding the 3 frame safe empty jumps, could some one post them here for me?