Abel beating Zangief's Ultra

I heard about this before, I don’t remember where I saw it mentioned and I don’t know if there’s a video, but here it is for those who haven’t seen it before:


EDIT: I forgot to mention it’s just with a regular Tornado Throw, no Super, no EX anything.

It’s been mentioned a lot. Abel’s TT is throw invincible while his ex TT is hit invincible. His super also has these weird properties depending on which punch used.

Have done this a few times. One of the best feelings when playing against Gief.

Is Zangief’s Super, depending on the button used, unthrowable? Last night i tossed a Gief out of his Ultra, and then when he went for his Super in panic, even with normal TT i got tossed…

It could have been because i been too slow/fucked up the motion too, but its hard finding what Super properties the other characters have since i dont usually see it listed in plain sight.

if u do regular TT against any of Gief’s throws (SPD, EX, SUPER, ULTRA), Abel will win. Its a nice trick, but if he guesses right he’ll jus jump straight up and land and then do the throw…Its pretty high risk/ok reward, cause Abel will always lose in terms of amount of damage that is dealt…I believe this is also in the Abel Move attribute/strategy thread…

yeah for reals, i was playing a gief last night, I got him on my own wakeup with a TT. for the rest of the match he was either neutral jumping on my wakeup then spd or doing the lariat. i ALWAYS guessed wrong. bastard.

TT is only throw immune in the start up frames (may be even less than that I’m not really sure) so if you throw to soon or too late you can still be tossed. Like with the ultra on wake up you have to have entered TT before the ultra comes out for it to work.

But I have thrown him out of the super too.

Alright cool, as i thought i just fucked up. Thanks for verification.


Watch from 3:38. Super and Ultra beat by TT

Dont pay atention to the level of play, is an old capture :smiley: Was one ofour first games XD

P.S: Sorry for my bad English.

Your English is better then a lot of the native speaking people on these boards. No need to apologize.

Seeing Zangief get shafted like that warms my heart. The first time I did that in a match, I think I may have heard trumpets behind me. Seriously though, this is invaluable vs. shitty online Gief trash, even if it’s a pretty big risk. How many online Zangief players can resist the ultra when you’re standing point blank with him on wakeup? I played a G2 Gief today who visibly went through every move he had, both EX and normal, while I tornado threw him probably 6 times.

But yeah, vs. a Zangief main who does his homework, this will just get you neutral jump SPD/ultra/stun headbutted. Shame, really.

i actually tried to use nothing but TT yesterday vs a Zangief :D,

i lost the fight but i got a whole lot of TTs, it even beat some pokes which was weird , but whatever.

can you do the motion while Gief is in the Ultra animation or should it but before Gief goes in animation?

you need to do it before. anything later than that, you’ll eat the ultra.

i managed to do this in an arcade (i vvvv rarely can play in them) and won the match with it i saw gief jump and kinda freaked and thats the move that came out. not bad since atm im exclusively a pad fighter (and the machines buttons were falling off which was extremely distracting)

dam. Thats pretty f*cken sweet.