Abel Beginner Thread: "It takes more than brute strength..."



Welcome to the Beginner’s Thread. This thread is hardly complete, but I’m working on getting it all together. If you have any suggestions or inquiries, please feel free to send me a PM or just post in this thread. If I had to take a guess, I’d say this thread is about 45% done; right now my focus is on adding information–and hit-box images!–about Abel’s normals. Future ideas include a section about OSes–but I’m honestly shitless-clueless about this stuff–general match-up ideas, and even videos.

Post One, The Basics
-Strengths v. Weaknesses
-Brief Explanation of Match-Ups
-Alphabetical v. Numerical Notation
Post Two, Abel’s Moveset and Combos
-Abel’s Normals (With Hit-Box Pictures)
-Abel’s Specials
-Abel’s Bread and Butter Combos

Version Number

[details=Spoiler]v1.lol, 8/28/2010. [media=youtube]A7fZElVasl8"]Happy Birthday![/color[/media]
v1.22, 8/17/2010. Finished up neutral jumps. Probably will have to work on them more later, but the hitboxes are up. Minor grammar and coding errors fixed.
v1.21, 8/14/2010. Corrected some information about Breathless, Heartless, and nj.lk. thanks, hfz.
v1.2, 8/7/2010. Added some neutral jump attacks.
v1.12, 8/6/2010. Made some corrections about CoD. Started Table of Contents. Added section about cr.hp, lk roll, fs.
v1.1, 8/3/2010. Added crouching normals. Some HTMfaiL alterations. Grammar alterations, as well as elaboration on Abel’s AAs under, "Weaknesses."
v1.0, 8/2/2010. A thread is born. Added some HTMfaiL.[/details]


Abel is a rush down character at heart; once he gets in, Abel can begin his mix-up games and typically have his way with his opponents. This is emphasized by his f+mk (step kick) which lets him get to point blank range at +1, leading to control to that moment. With the introduction of SSFIV, Abel now has two great (rather than 1 good and one subpar, as others do) ultras; U1 is easily combo-ed into, whereas U2 is essentially a buffed Wrath of the Raging Demon. However, Abel does have his disadvantages. If zoned, Abel cannot get in and start an offense. Some characters also have a stronger footsie game than Abel, forcing him to resort to a less-than-common offense.

-Excellent mix-up game.
-Dominant at mid-range because of f+mk
-Has a command throw that beats every throw (besides Ibuki?s Radia) in the game.
-Fastest forward dash (tied with Elf) in the game and relatively quick backdash.
-Relatively high damage output.
-Above average health (1050) and stun (1050).

-Lacks a variety of pokes.
-Poor defensive options.
-Anti-air has a rather steep learning curve; Abel has to learn to use 3 or 4 anti-airs rather than 1 catch-all. Abel’s AA also tends to have a high-risk, high-reward feel.
-Able can be zoned by projectiles (not too big of a deal, as roll, EX wheel, and U1 ignore projectiles) and characters with exceptional footsies.
-Several bnb combos are 1-framers; this tends to require plinking.
-Somewhat poor wake-up options.[/color]

Abel?s Matchups, in Brief
If one looks at a tier list, they?ll notice Abel?s matchups are rather consistent across the board. No matter what character he?s playing against, Abel has one goal: To get in close. At close range, Abel is a dominant character. However, Abel has an issue against characters with good pokes and/or zoning (Akuma, Chun Li, and Dictator). These characters can keep Abel from landing his f+mk, and this leads to him being unable to begin his assault. In addition, characters with strong reversal options (Rufus, Akuma) also burden Abel because the chance of a reversal–even when he?s at close range–can stop Abel?s offense in its tracks. The only exception to these rules is Zangief. This is because Zangief benefits more at being in close range than Abel, therefore Abel must play a more conservative offense–reducing his rush down potential.

-:lp:: Light Punch, LP, Jab.
-:mp:: Medium Punch, MP, Strong.
-:hp:: Hard Punch, HP, Fierce.
-:lk:: Light Kick, LK, Short
-:mk:: Medium Kick, MK, Forward.
-:hk:: Hard Kick, HK, Roundhouse.
-:3p:: PPP, all three punches pressed at once.
-:3k:: KKK, all three kicks pressed at once.
-[COLOR=“royalblue”]QCF: Quarter-Circle Forward. :qcf:
-QCB: Quarter-Circle Backwards. :qcb:
-HCB: Half Circle Backwards. :hcb:
-cr. : Crouching; I.E, cr.hp represents a crouching hard punch. May also be represented by c.
-s. : Standing, I.E, s.hp represents a standing hard punch. Moves wrote without a prefix assume standing.
-cl. : Close, I.E, cl.hp represents a hard punch done at a very close range.
-j. : Jumping, I.E, j.hp represents a hard punch done mid-air. Neutral jumps (jumping straight up) may be represented by nj.
-> : In a combo, represents attacks chaining or linking. I.E, cr.lp > cr.lk > cr.lk > s.lk
-xx : In a combo, represents an attack canceling into another. I.E, cr.hp xx FS.
-~: Represents a plink (priority link). Long story short, HP~MP means press HP, then HP+MP immediately afterwards. Elaborated later.
-AA: Anti-Air; an attack meant to counter an opponent attempting to jump-in at you.
-BNB: Bread and Butter. An easily executed combo that is essential to a character?s gameplay.
-FS: Falling Sky, Abel?s mid-air grab. :dp::p:
-CoD: Change of Direction, Abel?s 3-hit BNB. :qcf::p:
-Wheel Kick: Abel?s jumping back-heel. :qcb::k:
-Roll: Abel?s roll. :qcf::k:
-TT: Tornado Throw, :hcb::p:
-EX: Represents a special attack executed by pressing two attack buttons rather than one; has special properties (I.E, EX CoD is :qcf::p::p: rather than :qcf::p:.)
-FADC: Focus Attack, Dash Cancel. Pressing :mp::mk: then dashing immediately in order to cancel a move; requires 2 EX bars.
-U1/U2: Ultra 1 (Soulless; :qcf::qcf::3p:) and Ultra 2 (Breathless; :qcf::qcf::3k:), respectively.
-Super: Heartless; :qcf::qcf::p:[/color]

Numerical Annotation v. Alphabetical Annotation

Obviously, this is how your keyboard is set up. Numerical annotation is more popular in ArkSys games, such as Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. Occasionally, you will see this on the SSF4 boards. These numbers always assume the character is Player 1, and the opponent is on the right side of the screen. To elaborate, I’ll use HP to explain (note: these aren’t all possible, it’s just meant to show numerical direction).

Forward Hard Punch: f.hp or 6hp
Down-Forward Hard Punch: cr.hp or 3hp
Crouching Hard Punch: cr.hp or 2hp
Down-Backwards Hard Punch: cr.hp or 1hp
Backwards Hard Punch: 4hp, not very explainable in alphabetical.

This pattern continues on; typically alphabetical is the accepted annotation on SSF4 forums, but numerical can be used to elaborate if needed.

Not all terms are included on this list, simply ones common to the Abel forums. For additional terms, read [COLOR=“royalblue”]this site of acronyms.[/color]

48 Matches, 0 Wins. Is it normal?

[COLOR=“mediumturquoise”]Abel?s Normals:
Crouching light punch: Abel extends his arm and strikes the opponent with a short, quick attack. This is a moderately useful move; it’s used commonly in starting hit-confirms and block strings. It’s decent for maintaining pressure, but having a 5 frame start-up (compared to someone’s like Ryu’s, who has a 3 frame start-up) means that several other characters can beat his c.lp.
Common links and combos utilizing c.lp:
-cr.lp, s.hp
-cr.lp, s.mp
-cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lk, st.lk
-cr.lp, s.mp, strong CoD
-cr.lp, s.hp, fierce CoD

Crouching medium punch: Similar to c.lp’s animation, Abel pulls his elbow back then punches his opponent. This attack does more damage and has farther range than c.lp, but is 2 frames slower than c.lp. Referring back to c.lp’s weakness, Abel’s c.mp comes out relatively slow (Ryu’s is 3 frames, for example). One of the best benefits of c.mp is Abel’s ability to cancel it into a strong CoD. This enables Abel to get a knockdown and commence a mix-up game. The other main benefit of cr.mp is you can use cr.lp > cr.mp to fish for counter hits. If the cr.mp is blocked, you will still stuff everything excluding invincible reversals.
Common links and combos utilizing c.mp:
-cr.mp, strong CoD
-cr.mp, fierce CoD (when cr.mp is a counter hit)
-c.lp, c.mp xx strong CoD (when cr.mp is a counter hit)
-s.hk, c.mp xx strong CoD (when s.hk hits as an overhead or a counter hit)

Crouching hard punch: A two-hit normal that is essential to Abel’s gameplay. As Abel raises his elbow, the first part connects. This hit can be special canceled–most typically into fierce CoD–and forces the opponent to stand. Abel continues raising his elbow until it is completely vertical. Just like before, this attack can special cancel. This hit launches the opponent in the air. Because of the height of this normal, Abel can use this attack as an anti-air. If this attack connects as an anti-air, Abel can cancel into a lk roll and use FS to rack up some damage. If U1 is available when this attack lands, Abel has the potential to land it (in fact, cr.hp > U1 is Abel’s most common way to land U1). This attack is also used for resets, such as cr.hp > lk roll > cr.hp (first hit only) xx > lk (rolls in front of) or mk (rolls behind of) roll. Final thing of note: Any CoD can be FADCed into a cr.hp > FS for additional damage. As you can tell, this attack has a variety of options behind it, but the one thing that limits its uses is its range. An opponent who is slightly outside of its range can simply step in and punish Abel for a whiffed c.hp.
Common links and combos utilizing c.hp:
-cr.hp (1st hit only) xx fierce CoD
-cr.hp > fierce FS
-cr.hp xx lk roll > fierce FS

Why add a roll after cr.hp when landing a FS?


First off, this combo is character specific. The primary reason behind this is that using a roll adds to Abel’s EX meter. Because of how useful Abel’s EXes and FADCes are, additional meter is always welcomed. At a later update, a list of characters who this combo works on and who this combo does not work on will be added.

-cr.hp > U1

Crouching light kick: Abeldarts his foot forward for a quick strike. This attack, like c.lp, is commonly used for block strings and hit confirms. When using this attack, a player is sacrificing damage for a slightly longer range. For this reason, you often see Abel’s blockstrings leading with cr.lp, then switching to cr.lk when the former can no longer reach the opponent. It’s also worth mentioning that , like cr.lp, cr.lk can link into several standing normals. The main issue with this is the amount of time it takes to link. For example, cr.lp > s.hp is a 3-frame link, whereas cr.lk > s.hp is a 1-frame link. The reason cr.lk is harder to link is because cr.lk has one additional recovery and active frame than cr.lp. This aside, cr.lk is still a useful tool in Abel’s arsenal for one additional reason: unlike cr.lp, cr.lk must be blocked low.
Common links and combos utilizing cr.lk:
-c.lk, s.fp xx fierce CoD (1-frame link between c.lk and s.fp)
-c.lk, c.lp, c.lp, s.mp
-c.lk, c.lp, c.lp, s.lp, s.mp (generally only works on wide characters like Zangief)
-c.lk. c.lp, s.mp (close) (generally only works on crouching characters)

Crouching medium kick: Leaning back onto his hand, Abel raises his foot and strikes upwards. This is an somewhat effective anti-air because it lowers Abel’s hit-box while striking upwards. However, if the opponent jumps behind the red-region on the picture provided, Abel will miss his attack and will be struck. It’s also worth mentioning that cr.mk is special cancelable. This allows an Abel to cancel cr.mk into a strong CoD or a roll (mk ending up behind of the opponent, lk ending up in front of). Canceling into a roll is not completely safe as the opponent has the opportunity to throw you at the end of your roll. So, rather than using c.mk for combos, try using c.mk as an anti-air.
Combos and links utilizing c.mk:
-cr.mk xx lk or mk roll
-cr.mk xx strong CoD

Crouching hard kick: Abel’s sweep. Abel spins around, then trips his opponent with an attack that must be blocked low. The primary issue about this sweep is how slow it is (and Abel has more efficient ways to score a knockdown, such as CoD). It is worth mentioning that c.hk can be special canceled into a roll (on hit) or CoD (on block, to hope to hit an overhead on CoD’s 2nd hit, but this is an extremely stupid idea). Overall, what you see is what you get. No real combo potential here.
Combos and links utilizing c.hk:
-cr.hk xx roll
-AA cr.hp (1st hit only; trade) > cr.hk
-cr.lp > cr.lp > cr.lk > s.lk (does not link, simply add additional pressure) c.hk (can be canceled into a hk roll on hit or block)

Neutral Jumping Light Punch: Abel extends his arm beneath him and performs a quick, aerial jab. I’m not sure what else to mention about this move, because it’s rather dull compared to his other anti-airs. Even though it is a jab, it actually is not any faster than the majority of Abel’s jumping normals. The majority of his jumps are 5 frames; there’s little benefit on performing nj.lp.

Neutral Jumping Medium Punch: Throwing his arm forward, Abel strikes directly in front of him. Just like nj.lp, this move doesn’t have any particularly interesting qualities. Just like nj.lp, nj.mp is a 5-frame start-up, but nj.mp has more active frames than nj.lp. Of course, mp bests lp for purposes of damage, as well.

Neutral Jumping Hard Punch: Tossing his palm forward, Abel punches in front of him. This is a relatively good air-to-air jumping normal; it has nice priority and does decent damage. This has less active frames than nj.mp, but does more damage and has the same start-up time. All of these benefits aside, it–as well as the rest of the nj.punches–is still outclassed by Abel’s nj.kicks.

Neutral Jumping Light Kick: With a swift kick forward, Abel attacks the air in front of him. There’s a few things to notice about this move. This is Abel’s quickest jumping normal, but it’s only 1 frame faster than the majority of hit jumping normals. This normal also as the largest hit-box, second only to j.mk. One use of this move is as an anti-crossup. This move’s hitbox extends a bit behind Abel, so this can stop some cross up shenanagins from El Fuerte and the like.

Neutral Jumping Medium Kick: Raising his leg at an upward angle and kicks his opponent. This has the fastest start-up time of any neutral jump attack (the only jumping normal of equal speed is Abel’s j.lp), and remains active for a decent amount of frames. Because this kick lowers Abel’s hitbox beneath the area in which he strikes (unlike most jumping, kicking normals) and the angle of his leg, this can act as a decent air-to-air attack. This can be a decent answer to a neutral jump or an Ultra than involves jumping (I.E, Dictator’s U2), but a more damaging alternative can usually be performed.

Neutral Jumping Hard Kick: Forcing his leg straight forward, Abel attempts to strike in front of him. This is probably one of Abel’s best air-to-air neutral jumps. It comes out relatively quick, but has less active frames than the rest of his kicks. However, it’s not as utilized at j.mk, j.hp, and j.hk.

Abel?s Specials:

  1. Falling Sky. :dp::p:
    EX-Able?[COLOR=“royalblue”] Yes.
    FADC? No.
    Can be combo-ed into? Yes.
    Link-able? Yes.
    Armor Breaking? No.[/color]

-Abel grabs an opponent from mid-air and throws him back to the ground. Despite common preconceptions, FS is not a reliable AA (although it has been improved in SSFIV), but EX FS is quite useful as an AA.
-When grabbed, Abel throws the opponent behind him. So, if your intentions are to keep an opponent cornered, there may be better options.
-EX-version throws an opponent in front of him. This maintains corner pressure. However, cr.hp xx EX Wheelkick does more damage while maintaining an opponent in front of Abel.
-Nearly always combos off of cr.hp > FS. However, if U1 is available, cr.hp > U1 tends to be the optimal option.

  1. Change of Direction. :qcf::p:
    EX-Able? [COLOR=“royalblue”]Yes; first hit only.
    FADC? Yes; first hit only.
    Can be combo-ed into? Yes; is a combo within it?s own right.
    Link-able? Yes.
    Armor Breaking? No.[/color]

-Abel swings down onto an opponent?s head with his first strike. Although this appears to be an overhead, it is not. CoD Jab is the quickest. CoD EX and Strong are the extra same speed. CoD Fierce is the slowest (slower than strong CoD by one frame).
-If the second hit is a punch, Abel turns around and hit?s the opponent with the back of his fist. This attack is an overhead. If an opponent blocks low on the first hit and attempts to block low on the second, Abel will connect. If the second hit is a kick, Abel will attempt to make a sweeping-like attack. This does not knock down the opponent, is not an overhead, and is slower than doing a punch. Not recommended, but this attack must be blocked low.
-If the last hit is a punch, Abel grabs the opponent and throws them behind him. This is not actually a grab, despite the animation. Just like before, this attack is an overhead. If the last hit is a kick, Abel crouched and grabs the opponent by the heels and flips them. This is slower than finishing with a punch, but requires the opponent to block low. Of occasional use.
-EX Version causes the first hit of CoD to absorb one attack. This is useful for closing the gap on an opponent trying to play footises with Abel. However, if an opponent does an attack with two quick strikes (I.E, Bison?s scissor kicks), Abel will be struck.
-First hit is commonly FADC?d into cr.hp > FS. It can alternately be comboed into cr.hp > U1.
-Easily punished on block; extending to 2nd and 3rd hits makes this attack an even easier punish.

Abridged Version of CoD’d Blocking

-1st hit of CoD may be blocked high or low.
-2nd hit, :p:, must be blocked high.
-2nd hit, :k:, must be blocked low.
-3rd hit, :p:, must be blocked high.
-3rd hit, :k:, must be blocked low.[/details]

Wheel Kick. :qcb::k:
EX-Able?[COLOR=“royalblue”] Yes.
Can be combo-ed into? Yes.
Link-able? No.
Armor Breaking? Yes.[/color]

-Abel?s armor breaker. Useful when you notice an opponent holding Focus Attack for longer than you?d like and you?d rather not attempt a throw.
-The distance Abel travels depends on the kick selected, lk being the shortest and quickest while hk goes further but takes longer.
-EX Wheel Kick is immune to fireballs; this is good for shotos who spam Fireballs.
-Can be combo-ed from a cr.hp. Typically, cr.hp > FS is a superior option, but cr.hp > EX Wheel Kick is Abel?s quickest, strongest punish. This probably doesn?t work on everyone, however.
-Do not spam this attack as an approach. This is quite punishable on block.
-Is an overhead; must be blocked high.
-This move can be rather safe if you hit the opponent with the very tip of the kick. However, some characters can still punish even that placement. Don’t consider this an amazingly safe move; it does have risks on block.

Roll :qcf::k:
EX-Able?[COLOR=“royalblue”] Yes.
Can be combo-ed into? No.
Link-able? Yes.
Armor breaking? No.[/color]

-The basis of Abel?s mix-up game. This allows Abel to roll in front, or behind, an opponent and start mind games. The distance of the roll is determined by what kick strength is selected, just like Wheel Kick.
-EX Roll is immune to attacks from the very first frame of execution, while all other rolls gain invincibility at frame 5. All rolls besides EX roll are also vunerable at Abel’s last frame. Beyond this, EX Roll and HK Roll travel the same distance.
-All rolls are vulnerable to throws. For this reason, it?s best not to spam rolls (a smart foe will just start tapping :lp::lk:). As mentioned before, rolls are not safe on all frames; you can be jabbed out of them.
-Can be used in Abel?s reset and mix-up games. An example of this is cr.hp > lk roll > cr.hp (1st hit) xx lk (ends up in front of opponent) or mk roll (ends up behind opponent) > whatever the hell else you like to do.

Tornado Throw :hcb::p:
EX-Able? [COLOR=“royalblue”]Yes.
Can be combo-ed into? No.
Link-able? Yes.
Armor breaking? Well, it?s a grab.[/color]

-Abel?s command grab. Abel grabs his opponent by their collar and swings them in a circle above his head a few times, then throws them back to the ground.
-LP, MP, and HP TT all beat throws (excluding Ibuki?s Radia). EX TT beats all attacks. So, EX TT is sort of cool to go to when you notice someone holding a FA as some poor-ass anti-wakeup bullshit.
-LP has the greatest range, MP and EX fall in the middle; HP has the worse range.
-HP and EX do the most damage, MP falls in the middle; LP does the worse damage.
-HP has the quickest recovery time, followed by MP, then LP, and EX having the worse recovery time.
-It?s a throw. Throw shit with this. I?m not sure what else you?re wanting me to say here.

Super: Heartless :qcf::qcf::p:
-Abel grabs his opponent (animation resembles a grab, but can be blocked) and runs to the other side of the screen. He then slams them against a wall and releases a small fit on their face. He finishes his super combo by grabbing the opponent, then performing a backflip–forcing the opponent to land on their head.
-Each punch has a different form of invincibility. The jab version is hit invicible, the strong version of throw invincible, and the fierce version of projectile invincible.
-Honestly, Abel has better things to do with his EX meter. The damage that Heartless provides doesn?t particularly warrant the cost of 4 bars. FADC or use an EX special instead.
-The only time using this attack is reasonable is if it confirms a kill and ends the match. Otherwise, stick to FADCes and EXes.
-If you really want to combo into this, you can cancel the first or second hit of cr.hp into Heartless. There’s a plethora of other methods to get into Heartless, but hitting Abel’s super should not be your priority.
-[media=youtube]A7fZElVasl8"][COLOR=“royalblue”]Happy Birthday![/color[/media]

Ultra 1: Soulless :qcf::qcf::3p::
-Abel pulls his hand in front of his face, then dashes towards his opponent. He then performs an upper hook. If this attack lands, Abel unleashes a flurry of attacks, then spins is opponent around a la TT, jumps up in the air, and forces the opponent back to the ground.
-This attack is immune to projectiles. As soon as a shoto releases a hado–for example–Abel can U1 to run pass the fireball (even EX, or Ryu?s U1!) and hit the shoto?s hands while they?re still extended. However, this does not make Soulless full screen. The only reason this occurs is because a shoto?s hitbox is extended forward when throwing a fireball; this puts the shoto in the range of U1.
-Although the attack is immune to projectiles, it is not immune to hits. It is also extremely punishable on block.
-This attack can easily be comboed from a cr.hp, even one used as an anti-air.

Ultra 2: Breathless :qcf::qcf::3k:, Delayable by holding :3k:, Cancelable by pressing :p:
-Abel crouches down and and shouts. You can delay Abel?s charge by keeping KKK held. If you find using Breathless is unsafe (I.E, they?re too far away to land successfully), you can press any punch button to cancel Breathless.
-Breathless is a grab. If an opponent blocks, it will connect.
-Breathless also has 1-hit of armor. So, if an opponent is spamming jabs–just like EX CoD–Abel can punish using Breathless. Also, because of this property, Breathless can be utilized as an AA (allow an opponent to jump and hit you while you keep U2 charged; release KKK once you see them land to hit them during their landing recovery frames). But, it’s worth emphasizing that is only one hit of armor. Some characters can link 2 attacks extremely quickly (such as Balrog’s cr.lp > super) and beat Breathless.
-Armor breakers (I.E, an opposing Abel?s Wheel Kick) cancel Breathless.
-Breathless can only be combo-ed into through a FA crumple or stun.[/color]


Abel?s Combos:

  1. cr.mp > strong CoD (207 damage, 225 stun)
    -cr.mk > strong CoD (cr.mk offers increased range, but sacrifices damage and speed).
    -j.mk > cr.mp or cr.mk > strong CoD (Cross-up.)

Combo Explanation


Abel?s most basic BNB. Canceling an attack into CoD is the base of all Abel?s damage. This combo provides a stepping stone for learning Abel?s other combos. It?s worth nothing that cr.mp > fierce CoD can only be done if cr.mp is a counter hit. Otherwise, fierce CoD is a frame too slow (and thus blockable).

  1. s.fp xx fierce CoD (222 damage, 225 stun)
    -cr.hp xx fierce CoD (Cancel cr.hp after the first hit–no second hit. Less range but slightly easier execution).
    -j.mk > cr.hp xx fierce CoD (Cross-up. Not sure if j.mk>s.hp? will work.)

combo explanation


More damage. This is a slightly more difficult combo, but is quintessential to Abel. It?s worth nothing that j.mk > cr.hp xx fierce CoD only works if the opponent stays grounded. If they don?t, your cr.hp whiffs and leaves you open for punishment.

  1. cr.hp > fierce FS (270 damage, 350 stun)
    j.mk > cr.hp > fierceFS (Cross-up.)
    cr.hp > lk roll > fierce FS (Rolling here builds meter; doesn?t work on every character.)
    cr.hp > U1 (Basic way to go into Abel?s Soulless.)
    cr.hp > EX Wheel Kick (Stronger punish than cr.hp > FS. Probably doesn?t work on all characters.)
    j.mk then any of these. (Cross up.)

Combo Explanation

[details=Spoiler] This is Abel?s basic punishing combo. When someone whiffs a DP, This, in conjunction with s.fp xx fierce CoD forms the base of Abel?s f+mk game.

Now, any character that cr.hp > lk roll > fierce FS whiffs, the fierce FS can be replaced by a strong FS. Typically, this isn’t suggested (there’s no reason to sacrifice 20 damage to gain a bit more meter). However, it’s worth noting who it’s possible on. Here’s a list:

[spoiler=Fierce FS v. Strong FS]Abel: :hp:
Adon: :hp:
Akuma: :mp:
Balrog: :hp: (mk roll also worked, lol.)
Blanka: :hp:
C. Viper: :hp:
Cammy: :mp:
Chun Li: :hp:
Cody: :hp:
Dan: :hp:
Dee Jay: :hp:
Dhalsim: :mp:
Dudley: :hp:
E. Honda: :hp:
El Fuerte: :mp:
Fei Long: :mp:
Gen: :hp:
Gouken: :hp:
Guile: :hp:
Guy: :mp:
Hakan: :hp:
Ibuki: :mp:
Juri: :hp:
Ken: :hp:
M. Bison: :hp:
Makato: :mp:
Rose: :mp:
Rufus: :hp:
Ryu: :hp:
Sagat: :hp:
Sakura: :mp:
Seth: :hp:
T. Hawk: :hp:
Vega: :hp:
Zangief: :hp:[/details]

Short version: Don’t go for cr.hp > lk roll > fierce FS on Akuma, Cammy, Dhalsim, El Fuerte, Fei Long, Ibuki, Guy, Makato, Rose, or Sakura. Elsewise, lk rolling to do a fierce FS is fine.[/details]

  1. f+mk > dash cancel > s.hp xx fierce CoD (280 damage, 305 stun)
    -f+mk > dash cancel > s.hp xx fierce CoD FADC cr.hp > fierce FS (The basis of all Abel play. Learn it.)
    -f+mk > dash cancel > s.hp xx fierce CoD FADC cr.hp > U1 (Damage scaling reduces the damage of Soulless, consider cr.hp > U1.)
    -f+mk > dash cancel (on block) > HP TT (Good for punishing someone who blocked the f+mk; vulnerable to neutral jumps.)
    j.mk then any of these. (Cross up.)

Combo Explanation

[details=Spoiler]This is a combo every Abel player should have down to the point it?s almost natural. Abel?s f+mk is the cornerstone of his rushdown game and allows him to close the gap from mid-range to close-range. Many newer Abel players have difficulty linking the f+mk to s.hp. This is because the link is all of one frame (1/60th of a second). In order to perfect this combo, Abel players should practice plinking this combo.

[spoiler=Plinking]Plinking is short for Priority Linking. When two attacks are hit at the same time, the stronger attack has priority. To test this, try pressing MP and LP at the same time. The attack is an MP because MP has priority over LP. We can use this to our advantage. When attempting to perform s.fp after a f+mk, one should press HP, then HP+MP immediately afterwards. Typicaly, one does this by raising their MP finger slightly higher than their HP finger, and press down at the same time. This enables the following input, as viewed in Training Mode:

How does this benefit us? Or, more importantly, why struggle on a different input style rather than just mashing HP? Well, plinking gives us two frames of input, rather than one. Therefore, this 1-frame link becomes a 2-frame link. This is because of a simple mechanic. Assume that Frame A is a frame too early, Frame B is the perfect frame, and Frame C is a frame too late. One of four things happens:

Frame A: :hp:
Frame B: empty
Frame C: empty

Your plink was done a frame too early, or you just mashed HP and hit it too early. In training mode, Abel will not perform a s.hp and be left standing there. In a real match, you?re now open to be punished. Try to plink a tad later.

Frame A: :mp::hp:
Frame B: :hp:
Frame C: empty

This time, s.hp comes out. If we simply inputted HP, we would have been off by a frame.

Frame A: empty
Frame B: :mp::hp:
Frame C: :hp:

This time, we hit HP as we should. So, the s.hp comes out, just like before.

Frame A: empty
Frame B: empty
Frace C: :mp::hp:

Your plink was done a frame too late. In training mode, the character will block this attack. In a real match, you?re now open to be punished. Try to hit your plink just a bit earlier.[/details]

A lot of shit there. There?s no magic way to help you land f+mk > s.hp. You?ll have to dedicate yourself to practicing.[/details]

  1. cr.lp > cr.lp > cr.lk > s.lk
    cr.lp > cr.lp > cr.lk > cr.lk
    cr.lp > s.hp > fierce CoD
    cr.lp > s.hp > fierce CoD FADC cr.hp FS
    cr.lp > s.hp > fierce CoD FADC cr.hp U1
    cr.lp > s.mp > strong CoD
    cr.lp > s.mp > strong CoD FADC cr.hp FS
    cr.lp > s.mp > strong CoD FADC cr.hp U1

Combo Explanation


This concept is referred to as a block string (first two combos) or a hit confirm (all preceding). The purpose of a block string is to continue pressure on an opponent and to make sure they are blocking. The purpose of a hit confirm is to throw a quick poke so you can see if your opponent is blocking or not. If the opponent blocks, your combo is not safe to continue and you can stop. If the hit lands, it?s safe to continue on attacking your opponent. To practice this, go to training mode and set the AI to block random. If the AI blocks, stop. If you don?t stop, slap yourself on the wrist or some shit. If the AI doesn?t block, continue with your combo.

  1. Crumple from FA or Stun > dash cancel/dash to > cr.hp > fierce FS
    Crumple from FA or Stun > dash cancel/dash to > cr.hp > U1
    Crumple from FA or Stun > dash cancel/dash to > U2 (only way to combo into U2)

Combo Explanation


The point of this section is to show how you can exploit a stun (which Abel can produce semi-regularly) or focus-attack crumple and produce an Ultra. As a reminder, this is the only way to combo into Abel?s Breathless.


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i’ve been using abel about a week, really like the character and have most of his bnb down, but considering switching as I’m pretty new to the game, and have limited knowledge of matchups, and it seems I’m going to be severely hindered by not knowing them in and out. i enjoy playing as abel but he just doesn’t seem conducive to being a first main


Abel’s anti-airs are good, just learn the timing and space and you won’t have trouble against jump-ins.

Projectiles are the last thing that an Abel player will have trouble with.


If you like the character, stay with him. Abel needs to know some tricks in certain matchups (I.E, a blocked Blanka Ball is a free U1). However, his purpose almost always tends to be the same: to rush that shit down. Abel isn’t a character I’d say needs extensive matchup knowledge and needs to conform to the matchup like Chun, but it certainly is beneficial to know the matchups.

Replies in bold. I’ll try to reword those to be a bit more clear. Thanks for the input.

Will be finishing up Abel’s normals today or tomorrow. I have classes, but I’ll try to get this updated.


This is a brilliant thread for someone like me who has decided to learn Abel. Thank you - I’m subscribing.


If you have any questions, let me know. It’ll give me an idea of what to include on this thread.


It would be difficult to add much more without stepping on the toes of the other stickies, but this is still a really useful thread.


I also disagree and think that Abel’s anti-airs are pretty good if not great. Who else has a high priority 160 damage AA that ends in an untechable knock down for more mix ups? Close st. fp is 4 frames and his cancelable into rolls which lead to more mix up. He also has cr. fp which juggles into falling sky for another untechable knockdown, or ultra if you have it.


Started on Abel’s normals today.

Rather than having one anti-air that can be used in most situations, Abel has to choose from two or three decent AAs (rather than one great one, such as a DP). s.HP isn’t a bad AA, as it gets a bit of cross up, but it isn’t as reliable as cr.HP, but cr.HP also has the tendancy to trade. Some like throwing out a cr.MK, but I feel that it tends to trade more than anything else. Sometimes, FS ) can be used as an AA, but it’s hardly reliable.

Don’t get me wrong. Abel doesn’t have horrible anti-air. He just doesn’t have great anti-air. The main reason cr.HP isn’t a great anti-air is because of how huge it makes Abel’s hitbox.


Ex falling sky hardly trades. Cr. hp trades a lot, but who cares you still get the juggle after.


EX Falling Sky is alright jump ins that are not cross-ups. If a character does an empty jump, EX FS (or FS–I’m guessing you’re choosing EX because it’s immune to hits, but the purpose of a cross-up is to start a combo from behind, so that’s just a waste of meter) fails. In fact, just like cr.hp, it extends your hitbox. The reason I keep emphasizing this is because of characters like Rufus who would exploit that for a dive kick.

The best situation with cr.hp trading is an opponent waking up as you recover from hit stun. I’d have to check practice mode to see how that would work–don’t have a console on hand–but I’m pretty sure trading cr.hp with a jump in would simply result in them safely landing.

I’ll change the wording to something more along the lines of Abel has to choose between three or four average-to-above average anti-airs, but I think it’s certainly worth mentioning that Abel doesn’t have an exceptional AA like a DP.


So im an Abel noob, is FS an option on wakeup to an opponent who is jumping in for a crossup or otherwise? I Havent fooled around with it yet but ive been wondering if FS (or EX FS) would beat out a Ryu doing either a j.mk or j.hk or would Abel just eat a foot to the face?


For a crossup, no. Especially if it’s late enough that your FS will trade or just whiff entirely. Well timed ex FS is a decent AA though.


You can empty jump to make Ryu’s shoryuken whiff, it doesn’t make it any less godlike. It’s all part of the AA mix up game, you have to take a risk, but the reward is really high. It extends his hit box, well I guess that sucks… or you could just not use it in the Rufus match up?

Are we talking about the same normal here? Cr. fierce punch, the one that juggles your opponent? I use it all the time, I get trades all the time, and I juggle it regardless. At worst the trade pushes you far enough away to the point where you have to settle for a sweep instead of the falling sky.

Watch at 1:20 to see what I’m talking about.


Abel’s AA game takes a lot of thought and practice, it’s not braindead, so if that’s what you’re saying I agree completely.


Gonna say completely straight up that AA with Abel isn’t my strongest point. After playing in training for a while, it seemed to me that:

-Deep jump-in attack v. c.hp=trade (high priority jump-in), no juggle or a clean AA, no juggle.
-Normal jump in attack v c.hp=trade, no juggle.

Only time I notice a juggle is if they jump in directly over your head.

But, if nothing else, I’ll admit you’ve given me more respect for EX FS as an AA. But, I’m not sure if sweeping is the best idea after a traded AA with no juggle. Maybe f+mk?