Abel Beginner Thread: "It takes more than brute strength..."



I am having issues plinking. I saw Abel do the forward medium kick into dash into close heavy punch. So i am having trouble plinking the forward medium kick into heavy punch. There seems to be a dash inbetween them. If anybody knows, what are the exact button inputs to make this work???


f + mk, f, hp (plinked with mp for example)

if you dont know what plinking is, there are a lot of youtube videos about it


Does j.mk -> cr.hp still work? I am having a lot of trouble with this one. I’ve gotten the cr.hp to connect a few times, but only when I throw out the mk REALLY late. Am I doing something wrong or is that how that combo’s supposed to work?


Cross up mk has only so much hit stun… and Abel’s cr.hp having as much start up as it does… it’s not a link one should focus to much on


does Abel have some kind of guaranteed lvl 3 focus setup on sagat on the corner? ive seen it multiple times now and im thinking its a setup more then a read. anyone confirm?


hey guys i started using able today and i like him…my question is how do you plink the hp after the step kick?


plink with medium punch. This might help http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acuTIlxcjz0
Glad you’re picking up “Abel”.

This forum is pretty dead, but there’s a TON of info here still. GL!


I can’t read most of the spoilers in the first post. Is there fix for this?


not very sure if abel is a character who can compete and win at a high level or not, but it probably wont end up mattering anways so I don’t know why im even taking that into consideration.


Hey guys,

I have serious trouble learning Abel… :frowning:

I mean, in training room, im pretty good with stepkick, dash, cl.hp etc.
But the real problem lies with the stepkick…

It’s just that I dont quite know how to actually incorporate the move in my gameplan…
previously only played charge characters and grapplers, so while playing footsies I always held back when poking to immediately block again.

But with Abels Stepkick I feel wide open when attempting stepkick not to mention when I mess up the correct input I get that horrendous f.st.mk which is a joke…

Any advice how to get comfortable with stepkicks?


Firstly, you have to realise that step kick carries a fair amount of risk to just “throw out”. It’s relatively slow, has a fair bit of recovery on it, and everyone knows it’s coming. Once you realise you can’t just toss it out there, it starts to become much more powerful.

I like to minimise the risk of step kick by using st.lk. It’s fast, hard to whiff punish, and has more range than step kick. The reward for hitting this button is obviously on the low side, which seems counter-intuitive to Abels game plan. But it serves an important purpose: It creates doubt.

Tagging people with this button will slowly add up until they begin playing more defensive. Even on block, it has the effect of forcing your opponent to re-evaluate their current situation. Once you have them scared to walk forward/press buttons, that’s when step kick comes in. Now that they’re sitting still your step kick game becomes much more effective.


what’s the abel vs rufus match up?
4-6? If so why?



I’d call it 4-6. Abel has a tough time dealing with dive kick pressure once Rufus gets a knock down. Rufus is also scary on wakeup when he has meter, so you have to be confident in your reads. One wrong button at neutral will get you a cr.hp to the legs or dive kicked on.

Basically, Abel has to take risks to try and get out when Rufus is up close at frame advantage. If you have no meter, you’re in trouble.

Tough fight IMO.


thanks mate


I’m always ending up on the other side after tornado throw, dash, lk roll. What am I doing wrong? I can only end up on the same side by dashing and then taking a small step backwards before the roll. Any tips on performing this setup?


You’re doing it too slow if you’re ending up on the other side. If you dash as soon as possible after the TT, then input the roll during the dash, you’ll end up on the same side.


Thanks, speeding it up helped!


is there anyway I can do cr.LP --> cr.LP+ Step Kick OS? Is it even possible? I can do cr.LP–> close LP+step kick but I would rather just OS with sweep then close LP because it doesnt lead me into anything. His OS game seems really deep from stepkick after what I’ve been reading and trying to pick stuff from.


No cause you need to hit forward to do the step kick. Most people either do OS sweep or just c.jp into step kick.


Hi, I’m long time Abel subber and I just noticed something… that I really suffer against neutral jumpers just outside of poking range, especially against Adon. I’ve lost many matches also against people who jump back in corner and cover themselves with attack. So my question is, how do you deal with these situations? I’ve been thinking using jump+hp as A2A but it seems so risky because it is expected that they are also ready to A2A when neutral jumping.