Abel broken?

I keep hearing more and more people call Abel “broken” now. Due to his crazy mix-up game and solid OS’s. Personally I think the term broken is used more than a hooker’s snatch these days. Seems like anything good now in fighting games is considered broken to somebody. What is your guys take on it?

Scrubs, IMO.

If they say that again you reply how about Rose u2? I ain’t saying Abel is broken cuz he isn’t but there are other stuff in this game that in comparison make Abel “brokenness” absolute.

lol @ how all this discussion doesn’t happen until after Abel finishes 2nd and 3rd at a major
Abel has always been good… always been high tier… always been “broken”

Yea Gootecks yelling “OMG Capcom this character is broken!” on the WCW stream probably influenced a lot of this. Whether he was serious or not.

WHAT??? of course abel is broken. all his standing punches hit twice… BROKEN i tell you, BROKEN.


Built in armour breaker, son.

Capcom did Abel players a favor with the public stoning they gave him in AE. With all the widely known nerfs, people should have a harder time calling him “broken”.

They still will, though.

Meh… who cares?

Shitty players think everyone is broken.

I’ve heard players complain that Abel has no weakness! people say dumb stuff when they’re drowning in their own salt…

Nah, abel is good, but he’s got his flaws like everybody else.

I’m not satisfied until I can FADC into 9mm. I need a projectile and a DP.


Then im the most dehydrated man on SRK when it comes to Abel.

lol abel-vega isn’t that bad… they both can abuse each other. vega does it to Abel in the standup game, Abel does it to Vega with his okizeme. Vega has a crazy strong throw game too so that is always something you can really use vs Abel

some day me and joz will record another set and post it up

Well I know, but I hate losing because I guessed wrong after a step kick. And Abel is the best in this game at killing you because you decided to block rather than mash something. You’ll agree with me when I say that its much easier for Abel to get in and win in 30+ seconds, than it is for Vega to keep Abel out for 70+ seconds. It doesn’t help that Joz has had plenty of experience vs Abel as well

… wait… how did this get dismissed?


He is super-duper broken. His command throw beats every throw, even giefs ultra, wtf?

he’s got 1050 health… that extra 50 HP can make the difference! BROKEN!!!

But Abel is French, he can’t be broken.

Okay. We’ll admit it. Abel’s broken. We don’t think when we’re playing Abel. We just stick our foot up, do some shit, and hope it works. If it works, we, “predicted,” your shit. If we lose, it’s because we just got unlucky. Our, “OSes,” are just fistraping the stick. Are you satisfied yet?