Abel Combos and Glitches

Mind adding a list of links?

c.lk links into close s.mp

Hey has anyone noticed the strange damage scaling that goes on with abels ultra?

well after 3 hits damage scaling takes effect.

woops forgot to explain it

So say you do C.HP link Ultra. The C.HP is 100% dmg and the whole Ultra is 80% dmg. This is normal as Ultras and Focus Attacks are considered to be two moves. But…

J.HP > C.HP > Ultra. The J.HP is 100% dmg so is the C.HP but for Ultra the first hit is scaled at 70%(which is normal) the next couple hits are scaled at 80%(Strange) then the last hit and the throw are scaled at 70% again. Just seemed strange to me that it scales differently if its the third move of the combo. Go check it out in training mode if you can.

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just tested these with abel on ryu…full ultra

fa3, dash cancel, cr.fp, ultra = 560 (cr.fp is scaled at 80%, ultra is scaled at 60%)

fa3, dash cancel, ultra = 528 (ultra is scaled at 70%)

cross up j.mk, cr.mp xx rekka xx fadc, cr.fp, ultra = 521 (Ultra is scaled at 50%)

look like scaling starts on hte first hit after sa, rather than the 3rd hit.

cr.mp xx mp rekka, high, high = 207

cross up j.mk, cr.mp, xx rekka xx fadc, cr.fp xx short roll, mp star fall = 335

FA3, dc, cr.fp xx short roll, mp star fall = 333

j.mk, cr.fp xx short roll, mp star fall = 300

j.rh, cr.fp xx short roll, mp star fall = 340

weird, FA3 only does 140 damage, as opposed to the listed 200 in the book. fa1/2 are 60/80 respectively.

why not do fp falling sky? more damage and iw ould like to know the points on that please :smiley:

this is why i shouldn’t check this shit at 2am in the moring. i was reading the stun data for the FA’s…so my combo math thread earlier is completely incorrect lol. I’ll try some more BnB’s when i get home from work. Any special requests?

just curious on how much dmg this does. f+mk dash cr.lp, st.mp rekka fadc cr.fp ultra

i never new rekkas fadc cr hp wouls b so strict in timin

i just cant get that combo down. after the fadc i cant connet cr hp most of the time. any advice?

Yeah its pretty tight timing. Shiro does it like clockwork lol. Ditto on the advice.

f.mk, cr.fp isn’t that strict, once you get use to it it’s there all the time. kinda like learning to paint the fence, but 2 reps intead of 14-15 haha.

Whops I thought I read st.hp instead of cr.hp. To reiterate:

f + mk, dash, st.hp xx qcf + lp, fadc, etc.

Connecting st.hp after f + mk is crazy hard.

yes, and you need to do this twice in hte last Hard Challenge…i had to rage quit that trail before destroyed my tv.

its’ f.mk, dash, st.fp xx mp rekka xx fadc, f.mk, dash, st.fp.

to be honest guys. practice your timing. u actually found it easy to do and didnt realize it was hard until i started getting people asking for advice. the only advice here is practice. its all timing and there are no tricks to it.

what im wondering is how did u master that combo in the arcades? lol

it seemed very easy to learn. eh i guess its because i came from a yun background? and he is execution based.? other than that i dont know i just did em :stuck_out_tongue:

My mistake on this. I can’t seem to replicate it, though I could’ve sworn I was hitting a friend with it the other night. Then again, I was pretty far back from the TV and couldn’t see the combo count :stuck_out_tongue:

Like Busta said, most of the stuff is a timing issue. I’m stuck on pad since my stick was one of the preorders that MadCatz didn’t produce in time >.< . I was still able to do everything with the exception of the final combo in Hard mode. Most of the stuff just requires you to wait a little bit longer than usual. As for his f+mk stuff, try and wait until after Abel ducks. Anyone that plays a character with a crouch dash in Tekken might have an easier time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not getting this stuff 100% but even on a pad I’m getting a decent %

Just some nonsense to put out, after lv3 Focus Attack, f+mk xx dash, close s.hp xx qcf+mp,f+p,p does the most damage. It does only 1pt more than lv3 FA, dash, c.hp xx dp+hp

Anyone else EX Focusing off of Abel’s close s.mp and close s.hp? It might not end up being useful down the road, but I’m getting some Tornado Throw ticks and CH focus attacks as a result for now.

Also, never Focus Attack into EX Tornado Throw. Fierce Tornado Throw does more damage :sweat:

Abel is like the son I never had, complete with a haircut that I disapprove of