Abel Combos on a stick!

(sorry for my english, im german :frowning: )
Hey folks!

Well I got my Stick today and I’ve been messing around with it alot actually.
Its pretty cool and fun tbh, but also very frustrating, since it feels like all the time which i used to get better on a pad, were useless. :confused:

I have a lot trouble going on with Abel combos… I can do them well on a pad, but I’m feeling like I just cant get 'em down on the stick.

So, how long did it take for you to get them down well on the stick? And, how long did it take for you to get better on a stick instead of the pad?
I’m just interested, because I dont know if i just should sell the stick again and “stick” to the pad… :slight_smile:

Hope you guys can share some experience!!

greez, wowa.

anything involving dashes were a pain in the ass on stick at first, but you eventually get used to it.

got my stick middle of July… and i was going around crackin skulls with abel at the arcade some time late august…

It depends how much you practice… abel’s execution for his combos and his mix ups are way heavier than al ot of stuff from most other characters: FACT.

it’ll take a month or two to Really Get Used to it!