Abel Fan Artwork? + stick art request

Is there any Abel work out there besides what I’ve seen on deviantart?

If you can draw, continue reading…

I had an interesting thought in my head earlier, and I was wondering if the artists here at SRK might help me visualize it, possibly for a custom stick in the future, but more likely just a desktop.

I’d like to see in image of Abel, his chest pointing toward you and standing straight up. He should be wearing his normal SF4 attire and default colors. Next, Ken should be in the picture (normal/defaults) at a 3/4 angle, but Abel’s left hand is covering Ken’s face, in a football stiff arm-like position. Ken’s neck should be arched back a tiny bit and should be off-balance. His arms could be trying to fight with Abel or something, but the general idea is to show Abel dominating Ken with one arm.

Abel’s right hand should be holding a juicebox, which Abel should be drinking and enjoying through a bendy straw, eyes closed.