Abel Forward Medium Kick, Dash into Fierce Punch

hey guys i have a problem doing this combo, i mean i main Abel i just wanna learn this combo as it is a staple in Abel’s game. Can anyone help in when i should hit the FP, i need visual aid. shall i hit when abel is dashing? or when he head returns to neutral after the dash?, shall i try to hit it when the smoke under his feet from the dash comes out? seriously i need help on this combo. plz anyone can u help me?

This is a 1 frame link, its natural for new people to have trouble with this.

But honestly, best advice is to just go to training mode and practice untill you have it, double tapping or plinking, as in press HP(HP+MP) help, but other than that it’s really all in muscle memory, you can’t really react on a visual cue to 1 frame (that’s 1/60 of a second) so actually looking for a visual cue is pretty pointless

Just practice it, thats it

what he said
turn on auto block
if he blocks the fierce punch, do it sooner. if the fierce punch comes out, do it later. repeat 1,000+ times

Timing may vary dependent on character (Sakura, Zangief, Sagat), but don’t quote me on it.

Oh, and it’s a problem hitting crouching targets with it, that’s certain.

I hate this link, I’m stuck on his 5th hard trial because of it :sad:

good tip I got from another post around here somewhere:

look at the smoke from his feet after the dash, as soon as it starts to dissipate, hit FP

Helped me get used to the timing… then after 100000x I had to learn to do it without looking at his feet :looney:

yeah i always wonder about that smoke thing, back then i used to try to do it that way but failed :rofl:

another important thing is to cancel the fmk into dash as quick as possible. plinking is good but im still struggling to be consistent with it AND to not accidentally do an EX CoD and mess up the fadc because of not having enough bars :frowning:

practice practice practiceeeeeeeeeeee

Actually, I disagree about not reacting to a visual cue. So long as your reaction time is constant and your visual cue is the right amount of time prior to completing the action, it works well. BustaBust’s tip to watch when the opponent stop moving works for me, since pushing the button once I see it is about the correct time to push it with my reaction time. Of course, relying on that has made doing it online impossible for me. :rofl:

Also, the timing does change if they are in the corner. You have to hit hp sooner in that case.

someone gotta compile all this info lol

I don’t see the big deal about links :lol: They are tough to do, but easy to figure out.

Try setup move - try follow up move. The follow up is blocked; too slow. The follow up does not come out; too fast. Repeat & fine tune.

Trust me, it takes a lot of practice to get it down, 100% pat.
Right now, i’m hitting it around 90% of the time, but still not every time.
Like a few posters have mentioned already, hit up training mode, and put the CPU on Auto block, and just keep at it.
For me… I believe I learned by the visual aid method.
I just take it as a cue when Abel stops moving after the F+MK to throw out the FP, and that’s it.
It’s a difficult thing to put into words, that’s why it’s always better to just practice yourself.
It’s always a lot harder to describe something with words, when only it’s infinitely easier to try yourself.