Abel General Discussion Thread

So I’m making this topic because we’re lacking a thread here in the Abel forums for posts such as this:

Talk about anything and everything Abel here. Want to talk about general Abel stuff or chat with the other Abel players? Post here if it doesn’t fit into any of the current stickies. I created this thread for the Abel players of SRK as a general chit-chat thread for posts which aren’t focused on theory-crafting and progressing Abel knowledge in SSFIVAE.

For reference, here at the other threads for reference —

Abel Beginner Thread – for Abel newbies who need a starting point to learning the mix-up master.

The Complete Abel Guide – a guide to Abel specifics, matchup data and strategies. Read this after you read the beginner thread.

Abel Match Videos – A thread for to watch and assimilate Abel gameplay and strategies used by Abel players.

Abel FAQs and Hitbox Videos – raw data on Abel. A must read.

you’re right
we are missing a general discussion thread!

We had some funny moments!
The Abel Mirror Match is Bananas! :looney:

sooo general chit chat eH???

so i’ll start with a question for the fellow abel players.

anybody else tend to fall into autopiloting often with abel???

I don’t know why, but I found that I start autopiloting for no reason quite often. Maybe because I can get away with a lot as mixup character? i don’t know. Just wondering if anybody else feelin this lol.

Like I have been playing ryu a LOT recently to train myself to not autopilot lololol. You JUST can’t win with that character by autopiloting, there has to be a reason for everything you do~~~…well you can win, but not autopiloting with ryu is just fACkin fun. Like if you wreck a guy with abel, well you have read him, mixed him up, and you just abeled the fuk out of him. You wreck a guy with ryu, you OWN him, you make him look like a scrub no matter how good he is: like all you do with ryu is slowly pick away at the guy’s gameplan until he freezes… now if i can implement that kind of gameplay/plan into abel’s already gdlk mixup games…I shall level up…i hope.

i autopilot pretty often with Abel’s vortex but i think i’m starting to break my mold now

usually it takes a DP to my face to snap me out of autopilot mode

Ryu is probably the character I autopilot most against. After a knockdown it’s…
–>roll, block DP and punish
–> roll, TT
–>roll, JmK crossover…

…it’s nearly always the same.

lololol unfortunately it seems like 90% of ryus online don’t think at all. They Just do stuff~~

Just do stuff? you wanna talk bout just dooin stuffs?
What the hell am I supposed to do against Seth

against this powdery asshole all logic reason and sense goes out the fuckin window
I find myself mashing ultra after tandum engish or after step kick in hopes of catching something random
what sickens me is that it works sometimes, not because of good reads but because Seth is RANDOM

Lololol seth def feels random as fawwwuuikk. But it is nowhere near as bad as you put it. You just got to learn the matchup. No matter how random a person gets, there is always a pattern and its your job, as an abel, to expose the fuvk out of it and make the guy rethink his life. Lol admittedly vsing seth has a lot of unconventional things to think about. Like jumoing in after an opponent’s blockstring is very unintuitive, but you have to do that vs seth sometimes to force him to not abuse tandem~~

Regardless as hard as seth is, its doable with practice…plus seth needs to guess/read/random it out 5-7 times to win. Abel needs 2-3 lol

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Just some things i’ve been thinking about and working on:

A good way to practice step kick link is to do the loop. As yall probably know, cod fadc can combo into step kick as well. I just put infinite meter on and do step kick, cl.hp xx cod FADC step kick, cl.hp COD fadc etc. It is a strange motion to get to and a little more concentration required than doing the regular link, which is why aside from practicing the link over and over, it also makes it more difficult so that when it comes to doing just the regular link, it is less stressful and thus easier. My current record is 21 hits, or basically 7 reps of the combo.

Another useful thing to practice with step kick I feel is essential, is practicing with random block and random counter hit. Start slow and don’t worry about making the link combo, just make sure that you react as fast as you can (which probably won’t be up to speed at the start) to whether it is blocked, hit, or counter-hit. just make sure that you DON’T GUESS as it will become twitch habit to just guess. To me, if it’s blocked, i wait and do it again. On regular hit, cl.hp combo, and on counter-hit, cr.lp, cl.mp cod combo. Also during the counter hit, try not to look at the side for it. In a real match, you won’t be watching that, you’ll be watching your opponent so of course you should train yourself to react to it with peripheral vision.

A few things i’ve been testing as well:

CH cr.mp combos into cr.mp for a pretty easy counter-hit confirm into rekka combos. Not many good players familiar with the matchup mash crouch tech against abel but can be a useful scrub buster and occasional tool.

I must be the only one that loves CH overhead cl.hk into step kick. This is probably my favorite scrub buster as it beats crouch techers and downbackers alike. You won’t get the CH combo against a regular overhead hit of course, but it is a good frame trap setup for it.

A cheesy trick i like to do that i’ve caught a lot of people with is stepkick, cl.hp xx hp cod FADC into cl.hp xx lk wheelkick reset into lp TT. It’s not mathematically speaking a great mixup, just the fact that it is seldom seen and thus nobody expects it and catch a lot of people off guard.

Anyways, just my thoughts, derp

Fun wayz to utilize training mode :tup:

Shiro back to using Abel!!!

Shiro looking hella rusty right now, hopefully he sticks with Abel for the long run, but i doubt it since Makoto is a better character in almost every way

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he predictin buffs for ver2013 lol

so hows everyone loving the new srk layout lol

I want to strangle the person that did this. That is all.

i hate to bad mouth it on account it must’ve taken the guys a long time to put this together
but i’m really having a hard time adjusting and I can’t say I agree the site needed an update, I think most of us were happy the way it was before.

ouch, the abel guide took a few blows from this update :frowning:

dont like the new layout but whatever

its slightly bearable with the userstyles hack… but the whole thing is still pretty messed up…

as a side note, i havent played SF in over a month <div><br></div><div>DotA 2 is way too addictive lol fucking love that game</div>