Abel harder to use than Guile?

Does anybody use Guile as a main or secondary to Abel?

Did you find getting a handle on Abel was/is harder?

I main Guile, have been playing him since release (dabbled with Ryu and Gouken)and playing him exclusively the last 3 months.

I decided to go with Abel as a secondary because he’s not a shoto and he’s not a charge charater. His moveset, playstyle, character design and ultra (something Guile can’t connect after juggle) are all sick!

But I’m having the hardest time getting out of pressure situations.

If someone pressures me, I dont’ know what to do or how to counter or take advantege of an opening. When I see the openings, I don’t know what to apply to that situation. I’ve been reading all the sticky threads and great info, but can’t seem to really apply any of it yet.

If I get caught in the corner, I can’t get out.

Jump ins constantly beat me and the only weapon I have is c.mk, anything else? Based on the threads, c.hp isn’t so useful (Guile’s c.hp is insanely good!).

I’m lacking experience with Abel, I know that; what advice can the more experienced Abel players give? I know about the stickies and have read almost the entire ‘moveset and attributes’ thread, and reading the match up thread.

I know there’s no shortcuts, but say, in your playstyle - what goals do you set for yourselves in a match, or in training mode? What’s your mindset? What are you trying to achieve?

I try to apply how I learned Guile to Abel but I find it to be comparing apples to oranges. Most of my technique with Guile involves pre-charging, something that I can’t apply to Abel.

f+mk, how long did it take you to get it down solid? (meaning you can actually combo after it)

Is c.lp to f+mk a 1 link combo?

I know that f+mk to anything else is a 1 link combo.

And his TT, why does Abel have to be right next to his opponent to get the grab?That’s ridiculous. The grab animation clearly shows him being able to grab the other guy with his hand, yet a character like Gief will be able to grab him out of c.hk at its max distance.

How are ways that you set up his TT?

I hope not to get flamed and instead you guys extend a helping hand. Thanks and much appreciated.

I’ve never used Guile, or a charge character for that matter.

Hm… Abel does have somewhat of a tough time to beat out pressure situations ( Myself included ) What I suggest is if their jumping in on your wakeup, trying to start a poke string, or cross you up and you have bar … Use EX TT.

It beats out pokes, and sometimes special moves ( Such as SRKs, etc )
The one thing you should be weary of though, is that it loses to regular grabs if timed incorrectly, so be careful of that.

EX Marseilles roll may be a decent option as well, but remember … Rolls are not invincible, not even EX.

CR.MK is a very good anti air, along with CR.FP, but you really have to anticipate the jump in if you don’t want to trade.

I feel like the CR.FP trades a lot more than the CR.MK, but you just have to experiment, and see what works for you best.

I believe F+MK into a ST.FP is a one frame link, but I could be mistaken.

If you’re going for a F+MK dash in, try to mix it up with a CR.LP into ST.MP or FP, into the CoD.

That’s where he does wonders, with the mixup, high low game.

Abel doesn’t have to be RIGHT next to the opponent to grab with a TT.

You may be using the incorrect TT, they all have different ranges, and different damage.

Remember, jab has the longest range I believe, so try that, without getting in TOO close.

A good method to set up for a TT is to F+MK into one, a jump in ( Empty, or not )

A poke string ( CR.LP x2 or whatever variation you like ), a tick into one, etc.

It’s really something you just need to experiment with.

Unfortunately, i’m just heading off to work now, but i’ll try to post again, or edit when I get back.

Until then, i’m sure the other posters here will give you some good advice in the meantime.

if you are getting poked in the corner, use your ex roll to escape

if you are having a hard time with people jumping on you and you don’t have the timing down on c.mk yet, try rolling away when they jump at you. it’s not a counter, but it avoids you eating a combo so its better than nothing until your c.mk timing improves

edit: also the range on the jab TT is quite far, maybe you’re using the wrong TT?

Thanks fellas.

On the TT, I mainly use the jab button.

I tried them out in training mode, and noticed that jab TT comes out a little slower than the other two.

correct me if I’m wrong:

jab TT: hit involnerability

strong TT: throw involnerability

fiece TT: projectile involnerability

EX: beats hit, throw and projectiles?

Why the different properties?

Meaning, if I’m right next to opponent X and I do a jab TT, he can throw me out of it? or if he does a FB on wakeup and I do a jab TT, he beats my throw?

Oh, and I read a lof of you post this: ‘throw command’

Does that mean lk+lp (regular throw), or do you guys mean his TT?

TT, all three versions are invulnerable to throws and they all have the same startup(5 frames), jab TT does have the longest range but also the longest recovery(51 frames) of the regular 3. EX TT is hit invincible but will lose to throws and has the longest recovery(54 frames). If you’re getting thrown out of your TTs you’re either whiffing or doing the EX version. Command throw = TT. The punch dependent properties are belong to the Super on startup.

God dammit! Abel is so much fun!!!

Yesterday I couldn’t get passed trial 2, today I knocked out trial 2 and 3, working on 4. The roll after c.hp gets me all the time, but I’m nailing the combo and that’s what’s important. A little more muscle memory and it’ll be there.

I hear that trial 5 is hard as hell, I’ll see when I get there.

I gave up after 2 hours and continued playing championship matches… Though I’m at it right now, trying to get the icons and last title 8D

GL bud!

Oh, better go make yourself a sandwich;

It’s going to be a while.

Amen to that… I cannot pass that mother trucka. I struggle with f.MK xx s.Fierce though. That thing is ridiculously hard to link.

I finally did it yesterday! I literally jumped up out of my chair and did a little victorydance while humming the Final Fantasy 7 Victory song.

I’m such a nerd, lmao.

Hah, how many tries did it end up taking you?

The first session I tried doing it, took me 2 hours. I got so frustrated I decided to quit… Later on, I tried it again with my new fightstick, and it took me like an hour and a half to 2 hours to get it.

I figured out some tricks to it as well…

:qcf:(hold:r: until you do EX focus) :mp:
tap and hold:r:
tap :r:

Basically, you want to hold :r: after the CoD, and tap and hold :r: after pressing your focus attack keys (you’ll dash because you were holding :r: before you did the focus attack). Then hit :mk: (while still holding :r:). Now, tap :r: to do the dash, and finish it by tapping your :hp: key.

If you’re still confused, try this and you’ll probably get what I mean:
While walking forward, do a focus attack. During the focus attack, quickly tap forward ONCE, and you’ll do the FADC without actually double tapping forward.

Might be known to most of you, or it might not… I never read about this, so I decided to just throw it in here.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

o wow, that makes the FADC after CoD a lot easier. thanks.

A nice crossover combo is middle kick in air, crouching middle punch, change of directionx3. Easy to do and a shitload of damage.

that should be one of your BnBs but dont use it alot cause its prtty easy to block and you will get majorly punished unless you focus cancel the CoD

I do it too, but with the c.mk.

Something I like to do is just do the first hit of CoD, and do a lp TT after. Throws them off :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to FADC the CoD, and I get it like half the time which leaves me with a lot of options. It’s an extremely good setup for the ultra, but I guess most of you already knew that… :stuck_out_tongue:

The only real problem I still have is using the f+mk consistently… So far I’ve rarely bothered to use it because there’s other stuff I can do which is just easier.

Anyone else got more tips on how to utilize f+mk?

In the corner:

[0 EX] Cr.lp, Cr.mp xx Light/Medium kick roll out. Can follow up with an immediate jump back to avoid throws.

[2 EX] Cr.lp, St.mp xx Lp.CoD xx EX Cancel backwards (to avoid reversal mashing and punish or roll), or forwards and TT.

eh… wouldnt you not do the CoD if they blocked your jumpkick and your c.mp?

I know I wouldnt, super unsafe

or did I not understand?


I can’t seem to combo it after a jab or short. Is it possible?

I was thinking something like:

c.lk, c.lp, s.lp, f+mk, s.hp (1st hit), mp.CoD (1st hit), FADC, c.hp, ultra (or falling sky).

I rarely pull off f+mk>any combo, but when I do it’s so sweet. The problem is that when I do a combo involving f+mk, I don’t mix anything before it (like the above combo I want to do).

Abel is a lot of fun to play as.

It’s not possible. F.mk doesn’t combo it has a 7 frame startup and afaik only 4 frame or less has comboability if I’m wrong don’t yell at me.