abel help?

hey im droppin dudley for abel fora bit, anyone help? o.0;

how about you look at the big “beginner’s guide to abel thread.”

and why are you dropping dudley? you’re like the most succesful one.

Christ man. There’s like SIX stickied threads, all with Abel information.

cuz abels cheap and dudley is not. anyway i dont undestand he basics with abel, is he rushdown character? like i execute prettty well just dont undestand his footsie game

abels cheap you do not need to learn anything with him just get in and mash buttons… hes too godlike oh dont forget about breathless its GODLIKE!!! just abuse it when you have ultra meter. scrubs cant handle the ultra.

Has to be a troll, he’s already said Abel is cheap and he has execution so why would he need help.

Liquid SRK plays a bit in tournys you bunch of jokers.

He’s not very good.

Read these threads:
http://shoryuken.com/f250/abel-f-q-now-frame-data-236205/ [read the docs linked in the spoiler tags they’re very important]

There’s three match up threads, the one for vanilla sf4 is still pretty relevant.:
http://shoryuken.com/f250/abel-strategies-match-ups-174963/ <- General
http://shoryuken.com/f250/breathless-super-abel-match-theory-thread-232185/ <- Super
http://shoryuken.com/f250/feels-different-old-abel-match-theory-thread-207656/ <- Vanilla

Some of the information in this thread is more opinion then fact but it’s a good enough starting point:

Abel isn’t cheap.
There is a reason he doesn’t win in anything more then small room tournys
He swings. If your stupid enough to get hit by a swing you deserve to be knocked into the air by an elbow then punched in the stomach for half your life.
He has abysmal footsies [where ryu’s cr mk is a 10 and ibuki’s arms and feet are a 0 then abel’s st.lk, f.mk and cr.mk are a 3] and it’s very difficult to create an opening without the other guy fucking up royally first.

Breathless isn’t broken unless they’re stupid. It’s only good for Gief, Fei Long, Balrog, Claw, Honda, Cammy and Akuma. Maybe Chun and Fuerte but whatever.
If you think that’s a long list of names; this is the char select screen: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/9-cNqyT_m-s/0.jpg

Good luck!