Abel, I think i know where hes from

Maybe yall already know but I dunno just wondering.
I like to find the origin of a character or why they decided to put so n so in a game. Like a while back I made a thread about Hugo being drunk and thats why he fights so clumsy and somebody confirmed my thought with a huge article about Andre the Giant drinking all the time.:cool:

So…I think they may have got the idea of Abel from the UFC fighter Fedore Emeliakano from Russia but he fight in areas like FRANCE and different parts of Europe. I mean he kind of looks like him too with the hair line and all. Fedore is quite beastly too if u ever seen any of his matches hes so well rounded. His stand up game is real similar to Abels barage of punches that usually end in a grab much like Fedores style.

If yall can look into it more I’d appreciate it.



You don’t say? That thread is closed. What will happen to this one? Hmm…