Abel is getting slandered?



i don’t know if you guys have had the experience, but it feels like more and more people say that Abel is so much stronger to the point that they call him “an easy character”.
for example, i watched a stream last night with ryder playing some dude and the announcer said at one point; Abel is too good. everyone have to work for their mix ups, but not Abel, all he need is his roll and throw and you’re good to go.
i KNOW it’s more too it than that, I can do almost every mix up there is and I’ve came up with my own mindf**ks, but I’ve gotten alot of messages lately that his mix ups is way to easy to execute, and he gets it WAY to easily compared to the other guys who mix up, and thirdly the insane damage he does from those mixups. for me, an Abel player who is super talented and goes up with someone whith no reversal, almost always stun them atleast 1 time every set.

breathless took care of almost everything that made Abel lacking, and i don’t see Abel even having a 6-4 matchup anymore when the right choice of ultra. is Abel really that good? is he top 3?

Abel isn’t an easy character, right? I’ve never felt he was, but the “problems” he supposedly has (no good normals, no good antiairs) have almost never been apparaent to me. Is Abel too strong for the chars that have a bad backdash + bad reversal?


Actually I think he said every other character needs to work for mixups, but Abel’s forward forward is a mixup all its own.

Even if Abel is top tier, he’s a good top tier character in that you need to work to unlock that potential, rather than just having an amazing, inherently, disproportionately powerful tool set, a-la Sagat circa SF4. Even if he’s the best in the game, there’s no way he’s as good as SF4 Sagat was.

SSF4 is so freaking balanced, but it also has a very large cast. At SOME point you’re going to have a character that ekes out above the others. The vast majority of matchups in this game are 6-4 or 5-5. There’s just no longer any reason to complain. Unless you’re Gen.


I think his mixups are very easy to perform compared to alot of the cast and they do a ridiculous amount of damage. However, I don’t think that makes him an easy character, it makes him a good character. If anybody is an easy character in this game it’s Balrog.


Yes. Balrog is one of those characters that may not be too powerful, but I would certainly contend that he is too easy to play. The whole point of a fighting game is to test skill and this fucker is sitting there on the roster as an automatic leg up for anyone who knows how to hold downback and press jab repeatedly when you get too close for their comfort. He has either armour break, retarded levels of invincibility or armour on almost every move, and some moves have a combination of these attributes.



Half the things those announcers say are jokes so dont take what they say to heart.

For example,


at 1m, James Chen says Seths broken…cmon.


Seth is pretty broken though. He has an spd.


he b end bos h b gud, rite?

Srs bus, though. Abel’s not broken. It sounds to me that some people just can’t deal with mix-ups. If Abel was broken, why wouldn’t you be seeing him winning more tournaments? There’s a reason it’s always Akuma, Ryu, Rufus, and Sagat. Abel can contend, but he’s no broken-SF4gat.


Abel beats a lot of characters and feels fairly strong, but this complaining is starting to get old. He has plenty of ass match ups to deal with and as someone else said he’s nothing like SF4 Sagat. He’s definitely not number 1, maybe top 5 on the tiers though.


that’s total bs, aint no way abel is THAT good to the point so many people are complaing. he’s good, and in teh right hands he can be down right scary, and you can say the same about a whole number of characters. ryu, sagat and rufus constantly place at the top. as an abel player, I can attest to the fact that you have to work your ass off to get the ‘W’.


he doesnt dominate any top tier chars so idk how hes too good…


To repeat what’s already been said in the thread… In the right hands Abel is a monster but he takes a lot of work to be effective with. He’s not a brain dead auto pilot character like some other characters cough Balrog cough Ryu


I made the mistake of stopping playing as Abel, and now I have to work from the ground up to be good with him again. It sucks, and I’ve played against some Abels that just make my jaw drop with how good he is.


I don’t think it’s that abel is too good, it’s just that he’s too popular these days.

It seems every tournament lately, it’s Yipes, or RRRRRYDERRRRRRRR or Rico or Juicebox or Hu, the audience is constantly being exposed to abel doing well. Inevitably people are going to want to try him!
With every surge of popularity is going to be haters. It’s the same thing as the community trying guile after watching daigo use him - when the flavor-of-the-month dickriders realize that they’re not going to get effortless wins and go back to their mains, the community around that character will be stronger for it with the new players.

Of course, for us that means more “HOW 2 I DO F.MK > HP COMBO HALPPPPP PLZZZZZZZ” threads… I feel conflicted about it…


I agree with what’s been said. I think he can be pretty damn scary IF you have him down pat, but it takes a lot of work to get to that point. He’s not an instant reward pickup character with easy stuff eg… brain dead reversals to mash out, godlike pokes, fb’s etc…

The other thing is like someone else said. If you look at the top tier characters out of the 8 of them Abel is tied with Sagat for 2nd to worst as far as bad matchups within the tier go.


Yeah man, abel is so hard to use. You gotta learn like so much and shit. He ain’t like those cheapass ryu/sagat that flood super top 3 at all tournament. Fucking p diddy ass characters. You can’t stop them. Bitchass boxer, I’m trying to dash TT his ass then the motherfucker be jabbing me. Coward character.

I would switch to easy mode sagat/ryu/balrog but I ain’t about to be a cheap coward. SHIT


Yugioh in the avy man? not a good look…


I don’t think Ryu is as easy as he’s made out to be, at least not anymore now that it’s much harder to trade DP into Ultra. It’s not like his jab is +4 on block like Balrog. I would say that Bison is perhaps easier than Ryu due to his new Ultra and his moves being generally safer.

I don’t see how people can think that Abel’s an easy character. Sure, he can do some pretty ridiculous things but it;s not as easy to get with in as people think it is.


Nominated for article, you told that dumbass.

Edit: I’m going to be serious, even though it’s pointless. It takes skill to be GOOD with any character in ssf4. I don’t get why people are still too dumb to get that. If you think insert whatever character is easy then play them and win with them offline. Fuck whatever excuse you have for not playing whatever character if you can’t back up what you say then shut the fuck up.

No matter what I say it’s pointless. People are going to keep making excuses for why they lose or why they think their character isn’t easy, or why some other character has it easy, instead of actually learning the game and getting good.


Abel has over-powering offense on knockdown but below-average defense.

Notice that the “easy” characters all have better defense than offense (Bison, Balrog).

People who don’t know how to defend themselves while being aggressive (MOST of EVERYONE) will not achieve success with Abel.

They just don’t know. Fuck em.


anyone who thinks abel is easy mode is living on the moon sipping moon-soda and eating moon-cheese. here on earth abel still has to work.