Abel Learning Curve?



After doing the majority of Abel’s trials, I really started to enjoy using him. That’s until I tried using him online and got completely raped lol.

MY question is: what is his learning curve like and where should I actually begin? (I know there is a combo thread, but being farely new to fighting games, when under pressure I tend to forget about combo’s). It doesn’t help that I only yesterday made the switch to using a stick, so I’m also a bit bad with my execution.

Any advice would be great. Feel free to add me on XBL aswell if you would like to help out.



man… just read the threads. start with the f.a.q


Abel has a decent learning curve, it feels like. There’s a couple of reasons behind this:

  1. Several of his bnbs are difficult to pull off, most notably f+mk, s.hp. F+mk, s.hp has a 1 frame link, which means you have one twentieth of a second to link the two hits. Granted, this can be made easier with things such as plinking, but it still has a rather hard curve to learn. Abel’s last trial has a f+mk, s.hp (F + MK ~ F ~ F > (dash forward) s.HP (1 hit) x QCF + MP x FADC (dash forward) F + MK ~ F ~ F > s.HP, specifically), so it’s worth practicing. When you’re trying to do f+mk, s.hp, if the s.hp doesn’t come out you’ve hit too early. If the s.hp comes out but the NPC blocks, you’ve done it too slow. Adjust accordingly.

  2. Rather than having one anti-air that can be used in most situations, Abel has to choose from two or three decent AAs (rather than one great one, such as a DP). s.HP isn’t a bad AA, as it gets a bit of cross up, but it isn’t as reliable as cr.HP. Some like throwing out a cr.MK, but I feel that it tends to trade more than anything else. Sometimes, FS (623P, your mid-air grab) can be used as an AA, but it’s hardly reliable. I guess your rekka (wheel kick) can be used, but it isn’t exactly amazing.

  3. Abel has a decent approach game, but he does have some issues getting close to certain characters. Quicker shotos (Akuma in particular, mattering on how good) and certain throw based characters (Gief in particular) can absolutely screw Abel up. Projectiles typically aren’t a huge deal since you can roll through them, but you do need to practice rolling through projectiles and punishing (roll, cr.HP, Souless is a basically example). EX rekka and EX CoD can go through a fireball as well.

  4. FADCs, for some people, have a decently steep learning curve. But, that’s really just practice, practice, practice. Get used to F+mk xx dash, st.hp xx CoD and cr.mp xx CoD, cr.mk xx CoD, st.hp xx CoD. Whenever you hit a CoD with 2 super bars, always consider FADCing into cr.hp xx HP FS.

Hope that helped a little bit.


You only have to press forward once after f.mk, not hard at all :slight_smile:


Thanks Dust! This will definitely help.

Guess I best start trying this out in the training room ^^


But a lot of newer Abel players complain about it, so it must have some learning curve. =p


Just to clarify things.

Rekka = CoD, not his wheelkick.


Your checklist:

___ Learn how to block
___ Learn how to crouch tech
___ Learn how to block crossup
___ Learn how to use backdash
___ Learn how to anti-air

Abel requires you to have good defense and to actually understand some game mechanics. That’s why he’s considered difficult for new players.


Personally I don’t think it’s my defense I need to work on, since that seems to be the only thing I can seem to do lol. Once my opponent is open however, I’m not entirely sure what to do to add pressure or to punish.
Obviously my defense isn’t perfect right now, but I definitely need to work on my punishes or pressure game.


WOW, I was just thinking about making a topic asking was I the only one who thought Abel was dumb easy to pick up and own with…

Abel doesn’t get tricky until you start throwing in his f.MK IMO. Right now that’s the only thing missing from my game. Previously it wasn’t, but online it feels sluggish, and feels more like I’m asking to get reversed, so I leave it out. He as the fastest dash, and the best cross up in the game, so f.MK is not needed as much as people would like you to believe. f.MK is used to setup his TT mostly. I found it more safe to FD and TT because 99% of OP’s will try to grab or poke. EX TT beats all, easily. I also use his TT like Zangief uses his throws on jump in’s. When you add his super easy to combo U1, or ridiculously unfair U2 into the mix… Abel is near unbeatable if you already understand basic fundamentals.


I’ll have to disagree. f+mk is a pain in the ass to deal with because it allows him to stay up close. An Abel player who doesn’t use that is much much easier to zone out.


f.mk is not needed much?



lol candace p, you’re silly


I win 70 some odd percent of my matches with Abel… Unless you gonna convince me that I’d be at 80+ percent had I used f.MK more… My answer is no… It’s like adding apple sauce to a cake recipe. Why over complicate things?

IMO TT should be landed about 4 - 6 times per round.

Every match I land at least 2 off forward dash, 3 off jump ins/blocks, 2 off roll… Why do I need to throw in f.MK against DP/ultra reversal happy OP’s, when it’s usefulness is pretty limited? I’m not saying don’t use it. I’m saying that it makes you less safe if you depend on it.


lol the irony that you basically said ?dont depend on fmk because less safe bla bla" and trying to promote TT instead? which has more risks and no use in footsies at all.

anyway props for winning and all but you’ll know whatsup when you deal with opponents better than what youre facing right now(no offense but from the way you described your ways of landing your TTs, your opponents seemed rather shitty).

youre already wrong in the previous post, with your mindset that f.mk is mainly used for setting up TT only… so yeah, thats already not true, anything that follows that mindset is already on the wrong path.

goddamn if i was trolled lmao

i just dont think its healthy for people spreding stuff like f.mk is not needed much.



My point as it relates to the OP is that Abel is very simple until you add f.MK and all of the do’s and don’ts that come along with it.


Rico Suave. One of the best Abel’s around. Uses f.MK god like… Rarely uses it in this match. Why? Because it’s not safe, yet it took nothing away from his game. He was still competitive and could have won. It’s more than one way to skin a cat…


ah so he didnt use f.mk because its not safe, yet he did a bunch of others way more unsafe stuff in those rounds.

im not sayin that f.mk is the only way to go or anything, but callin the move not needed much is similar to saying ryu doesnt need his cr.mk.

and you said that while promoting a much more risky move, some players might see that as special moves > normal moves too, a lot of new abel players have that problem that when they think, they rarely consider abels normals and ask any abel players who have been playing for quite awhile and they all will say how important is is to apply his normals like st.lk(godlike), f.mk and all that.

more on the video, well its a rufus matchup and that rufus was mostly up on his face rushin down, obviously theres not much use for f.mk(as a poke) in such cases but rico also missed a few good punish opportunities because he didnt use f.mk.


^LOL You just hate being WRONG I see… The few times he did use f.MK he got burned bad. Luckily it was just a combo. Online his OP would have been mashing ultra as he tried to TT. If you know it’s coming it’s easy to punish. Thus proving my point that it’s unsafe, and there are lots of things you can do to get in close, get off TT, and stay safe. The absence of that move makes me more dangerous, so I see no reason to believe I am wrong for saying it’s not needed. Sorry…


hey no need to apologize lol

it really depends on the quality of online play too though i assume whenever people mentioned online as a reason/excuse for doing some stuff its mostly online=lag/random scrubs. unfortunately i dont think most of the strategies/advice here are for “online” play, but offline or good, lagless, quality opponent online play.

“Online his OP would have been mashing ultra as he tried to TT.” ------ what? oh and did you just counter your own point? lol

“If you know it’s coming it’s easy to punish.” ------ this can be applied to ANYTHING that is not safe, like, TT, rolling etc. so yeah there goes your point.

you just dont bring up good enough reasons to support why you think f.mk is not needed, but a few flawed arguments(like its unsafe and some top player didnt use it in certain matchups and got punished etc etc) and your win rate(“online” nonetheless)…

anyway, aight whatever man, i can only wish you good luck then.


WAIT! Stop the presses… LMAO, I just happened to notice your link in your sig. LOL I checked it out and the first thing I noticed (besides the terrible quality, and shitty TV)

You used f.MK like 4 times through 3 rounds against Cody… How many times did you land it or use it to setup anything? Once, and that was after a whiffed ultra! And guess what? That’s about the same amount of times I use it per match. WOW. Just like I thought… You people spend way too much time watching pro’s, listening to idiots, and making n00bs believe they should be doing shit just because it sounds good on paper…The only thing I can learn from you is what not to do. Further more, you wouldn’t have even been close without your desperate wake up rage ultras! LOL My Abel is light years better than yours, and you telling me how to play? What a joke…