Abel Moveset and Attributes

Discuss the character’s entire moveset here, including normal moves, special moves, super moves, and all the other miscellaneous stuff like focus attacks, ex moves, jumps, and throws.

Also list attributes such as dizzy count, lifebar points, character size and special hitbox properties.

Once a full movelist including frame data has been provided for the character, this post will be edited to include all of it, with proper credit to the guy who copied all that stuff from the Japanese guide or whatever.

I’ll update this post as all the info comes in so no one has to scan thru xx amount of pages for info.

Currently working on going through all threads to update this post, so dont worry that the other threads are closed

Best normals:

C.fierce- One of his best normals. It hits for two hits, and knocks them in the air for a juggle on the second. The first hit can be cancelled into a rekka. The second hit can be comboed into his anti-air grab, or linked into one hit of rekka while they’re in the air. Sometimes his cr.fp doesnt launch point blank, seems to happen vs Ken, Ryu, and El Fuerte.

f+forward- Awesome poke because it can be normal dash cancelled. Try cancelling for pressure strings, mix up with throw/command grab/more pressure strings. If it hits, the dash cancel combos. (e.g. s.forward, dash, s.fierce)

c.forward- Decent poke, can be used an anti air. Can be comboed into rekka.

c.strong: Good poke, can be comboed into rekka.

j.fierce- Best air to air.

j.fwd- Best cross up and jump in.


  1. Wheel Kick (Terry Kick- qcf+k):

One of the safest specials in the game it seems. It hits high, and is safe if the correct strength is used. (e.g. use qcb+rh where you should have used qcb+fwd, and you can get punished). Ex version goes through fireballs.

Ex properties-

  1. Change or Direction (Rekkaken- qcf+p, f+p or k, f+p or k):

His foundation. This is how you will be doing most of your damage. Combos off most of his normals, and ex absorbs a hit i think. It can be SADC’ed into a c.fierce. Plus be careful on your rekka chains. If anyone blocks any of the strings they can super you right through it. Its kind of fucked up. Cause of that alone i think abel got lower on the tier list. This used mind game and now he cant even pressure with it. So all you have mainly is throw shanningans. (CFAY) never rekkas unless its to punish or sure its going to hit. Most good players will punish you after the block the first hit.

Ex properties- Ex rekka is good though since it’ll absorb a hit and keep going, good for when you anticipate a poke.

  1. Falling Sky (Anti-air grab- dp+p):

Better used in combos than anything else. Angle is awkward for anti air, and gets stuffed/trades a lot. Don’t depend on it too much.

Ex properties-

  1. Marseilles Roll (qcf+k):

Very useful move. Use this for positioning, escaping, roll then command grab etc. Note that you can be swept or thrown out of it.

Ex properties-

  1. Tornado Throw (hcf+p):

Ex properties-

Heartless (Super):

Super has a different invulnerability depending on which punch you use (listed below):

Jab - Hit invulnerability
Strong - Throw invulnerability
Fierce - Projective invulnerability
(Someone correct me if that’s wrong)

I must note, first, that this Special CAN catch somebody in the air. For example, Down + Fierce, Short Roll, Super - does work. So, anyway, one of the most unutilized uses of the super is to catch someone jumping in. Using the jab to make sure I wouldn’t get hit out of the super, I’ve been able to catch a lot of people jumping in. It’s hard to time, and if they have a far reaching attack it probably won’t work (they have to be close when the super goes off). In the case that they have something like Ken’s Jumping Forward or Roundhouse, you can most certainly catch them. Even in the case where the other player does an empty jump in, as long as their feet are at your waist they will not be able to land and block the Super.

There are a few Special scenarios where the Super may or may not work as well. I will list them below and hopefully people can add things to the list as they are discovered. There’s not much that I can think of off the top of my head that I know for sure. I’ve also added a list of scenarios I’d like to know the outcome of at the bottom.

Works against:
E. Honda’s Ultra (jab)
Dhalsim’s Ultra (fierce)
Rufus’ EX Messiah Kick followups (jab)

Does NOT work against:
Chun Li’s Ultra
Boxer’s Ultra
Ken’s Fierce Shoryuken

Rufus’ Dive Kick
Blanka Ball/Super/Ultra
E. Honda’s Headbutt/Super (works against the Ultra but you never know)
E. Honda’s Slaps
Claw’s Super
Boxer’s Super
Boxer’s Charge Punch
Sagat’s Tiger Knee
Akuma’s Demon Flip
Akuma’s Super/Ultra
Hurricane Kick
Dhalsim’s Teleport + Air Headbutt
Crimson Viper’s Thunder Knuckle
Crimson Viper’s Burning Kick
Dictator’s Psycho Crusher
Abel’s Rekka (punish)

Also, someone will have to confirm this but Bustabust and I are fairly certain we caught the CPU’s 1/4 screen pokes with Dhalsim with the Super.

There are definitely more scenarios (such as Zangief’s Ultra), I just don’t see much use in knowing the result.

Add your ideas!

Souless (Ultra):

General Info

-VS backdashes you can catch it with f+mk or dash after it and TT, Most reversal dash beat mix up, so do this when you suspect the opponent will do so.

-Don’t attempt mix ups vs teleport characters, you can bait it once you have ultra and punish though

-Always know how much meter your opponent has, so you dont get baited to ultra by fireball xx fadc

-close s.hp is great anti-cross up and canceled to lk roll crosses up or doesnt randomly

-Know all your options and pay attention to how you opponent reacts to a block f+mk

-EX Tornado throw functions as anti-air vs all deep jump ins and non-early angled jump ins with the right timing

-C.fp is your main AA of choice, in most match it will beat or trade getting the 2nd hit for a free xx lk roll to HP FS or Super, HP CoD to Ultra, straight to ultra, or reset

-Vs most you air-to-air wins, you can almost always dash when landing to cross up

  • Whiff s.mk to TT is good if you are a good distance away

  • When attemping to tick after a f+mk, use HP TT is you are going for it since f+mk get you in range

  • Most other tick I recommend lp TT for its range (3 c.lks to lp TT connects), while some things as simple as walking back can make the other versions whiff

  • Buffer any c.mp’s on whiff into a mp CoD

  • Vs armor moves you can c.mp xx TT for great damage (290 if using HP TT, mp or lp is recommended)

  • EX CoD inbetween any characters normal xx fireball if possible

  • When hitting light attacks, always end with a c.lp if you plan on adding on a f+mk at the end for more frame advantage

  • Try very hard to look for counter hit f+mk, lets you land c.fp or another f+mk xx dash


s.mk- Not his greatest but not useless and actually really good in some matches, used properly you do it while the opponent is high in their jump arc
c.mk- Good anti-air overall, cancel into roll
c.fp- Grand daddy of them all, allows for juggles when timed properly
close s.fp, Abel’s anti-cross up with great vertical range and can be canceled to roll (1st hit)
EX Tornado throw- Beats all meaty jump in (if they land in throw rabge of course) and most non angled jump ins
lp super- Gonna beat anything in the air
lp or EX FS- used early will grab alot of people because they are high up, if it trade you can Ultram though im sure if it was a heavy attack you will be in too much stun to recover and ultra

ex CoD xx EX FS- Flashy and cool, but not worth the effort imo

far s.mp
far s.fp
s.rh (vs cross up)

Best bet is to cancel into lk or mk rolls as depending on distance you will cross up or not when using s.fp or c.mk.
Far s.mp and fp will trade vs many attack and even beat some far jump ins (Ex far s.fp vs Sagat ar j.rh), I don’t have a complete use yet but s.mk is a better choice in some matches, in matches it loses to use s.mp/s.fp. Character specific and use for far jump ins only.
Seems the trick is, as long as the attack doesn’t directy hit abel’s head, it beat win or trade.
s.rh is used vs cross ups to move you out of the way quickly letting you land a lp TT as they land.

--------Mix-up/Resets/In yo face sucka options--------

Non-up close tactics from normal throw

  1. lk roll, hk roll, f+mk- punishes people who tried to grab
  2. mk roll, jump up and come down with rh or empty jump TT

Mix up from blocked CoD (mp and FP only): (note you are at -3)

A. Tornado throw- Beast people mashing throw since they are not getting reversal timing, as well as attempts to focus 2nd hit (Loses to mash jab, invincible reversals or ones that tleave he ground instantly)
B. EX Tornado Throw- Beats people mashing normals or attempts to focus 2nd hit (Loses to invincible reversals or one that leave ground instantly, throws)
c. Block- Beats anything other than a throw, allows for punish vs dps
D. 2nd mid (-4 on hit, -9 on block)- Beats blocking low, mashing normals, jump (loses to reversal throw iirc, invincible reversals, Focus, use when they expect throws), if hit do finish mid
a. Very rarely you can go for a finish low, but ggpo if that shit is blocked
E. 2nd low (-1 on hit, -5 on block)- Beats blocking high, not too bad on block cause distance (loses to most other shit lol, use when they expect a 2nd mid), if hit you can do finish mid
a. Best bet is to just not do anything if its blocked, other options are fadc if it was a counter hit to c.fp, or s.fp xx whatever if it wasn’t counter hit

Mix up up after normal throw

  1. lk roll, lk roll (crosses up) then:
  2. Hk roll (crosses up), lk roll (crosses up) then:
  3. Walk foward barely lk roll (crosses up or doesn’t up to you) then:

Mix up from c.hp

  1. xx lk roll, c.fp xx lk roll (in front) then:
  2. xx lk roll, c.fp xx mk roll (crosses up) then:
  3. xx lk roll, c.lp, dash (crosses up) then:
  4. xx lk roll, delayed c.lp (in front) then:
  5. xx lk roll, c.lp, dash (crosses up), lk roll (crosses up) then:*avoids reversal dp
  6. xx hk roll (crosses up), c.mp xx lk roll (in front) then:
  7. xx hk roll (crosses up), c.mp xx mk roll (crosses up) then:
  8. xx hk roll (in front), c.lp, dash (in front) then:

Mix up from Falling Sky

  1. Dash back lk roll (ambiguous/in front) then:
  2. Dasg back mk roll (ambiguous/crosses up) then:
  3. lk roll (crosses up, lk roll (crosses up) then:

Normal throw/falling sky/TT mix up and c.fp reset options

A. (Meaty is best) c.lk, s.fp link- Beats attempts to jump as well as mashing shit (Loses to reversals with invincibilty)

B. Tornado throw- Beats mashing throw of any type as well as normals, delayed will beat Rose’s reversal (Loses to reversal instantly off the ground or invincible, jumps)

C. EX Tornado throw- Delayed beat Cammy’s Cannon Spike as well as any normals (Loses to reversal instanty off the ground or invincible, jump, throw)

D. Block- Idk if you would say beats, but safe to anything not a throw, punish after block if possible.

E. (Meaty is best) f.mk- Beats jump attempts, delayed with counter hit mashers (Loses to invincible reversals, SPD)

F. (Meaty is best) c.fp- Usually dont if you think your opponent know he was crossed up or is trying to jump (Loses to invincible reversals)

G. (Meaty is best) s.rh overhead- Beats blocking low, jumping, allowiing vrious links to include c.lk xx super (loses to mash throw or jabs, reversals that are invincible)

H. f+lp+lk throw- Beats mashing (Loses to jump [but safe from attack], invincible reversals or one that leave the ground instantly, tech throws, SPD/TT)

Mix up from f.mk or FADC CoD

A. C.fp- Beats jump attempts, can get 2nd hit while they are jumping away for juggle (Beats jumping, loses to invincible reversals and mashing lp or throw)

B. Tornado throw- Beats mashing normals, throws (Loses to Invincible reversals or reversals that leave the ground instantly, jump up)

C. EX Tornado throw- Not something to use imo, it beats the same things as Non EX, except will lose to throws and everything else non ex loses to.

D. s.fp- Beats normal throws, jumping, mashing normals, allows for combos if they cant duck it (Loses to invincible reversals)

E. c.lk, c.lp, s.mp/s.fp- Hit confirm on various, beats mashing and throw attemps (Loses to invincible reversals, jump)

F. s.rh overhead- Beats blocking low, jumping, allowiing vrious links to include c.lk xx super (loses to mash throw or jabs, reversals that are invincible)

G. Roll- Beats reversalsand laggy normals, allows punsih in some cases like a whiffed dp, headbutt, psycho crusher, etc (Loses to throw, mash jabs)

H. f+lp+lk throw- Beats mashing (Loses to jump [but safe from attack], invincible reversals or one that leave the ground instantly, tech throws, SPD/TT)

--------Character Specifics--------


c.mp xx grab (I use mp grab) or c.mp xx ex cod (into fadc) vs armor
ex tt or c.lk to s.mp vs walking lp
s.rh overhead stuffs normal headbutts
c.mp buffer mp cod vs reg rush punches
cross up after knock downs are free, headbutt goes wrong way (immeadiatedly dash then jump, mistime and you can get hit)
EX TT works vs meaty jumps
Anytime Rog dash punches on your wake up just EX TT, free damage


far s.mp, nj.rh beats lariet
block lariert 2 times ultra or dash back punish
s.mk early vs jump is great
s.fp vs far jump ins is really good
TT vs 360 spammers
EX TT as AA works well but not recommended
lk wheel kick is very good in this match
f+mk and s.lk good pokes
punish glove with s.fp into whatever or TT
s.fp trades or wins vs giefs far jump ins

Play this match pretty cautiously, try to rush you’ll just die


j.fp beats all wall jump shit
roll after d+mk in the corner
Ultra will catch nj.fp (must do as soon as he jumps up)
Don’t attempt mix up vs good seth, teleports away
c.lk, c.lp, s.fp combos up close
c.mk beats nj.fp/jump back j.fp
Block ultra up close, reversal Ultra
Ultra sonic booms (ggpo lol)
Punish ultra on reaction with RH Roll (roll thru the Ultra, not ater blocking) to your combo of choice
Punish s.fp with reversal ultra
s.fp vs j.fp around max distance is cleanly takes a chunk of seth or trade is your favor (c.mk works also)
EX CoD xx FADC back, Ultra vs j.hp


No real answer for rush down except HP TK, super unsafe if she has no meter
If you expect a ex siesmo, just delay a TT to grab it
You can EX TT between c.mk/c.mp xx TK on block
You can TT after a blocked mp tk close (use lp) to get a knockdown, but if Viper jumps up she can combo dat ass
You dont have to deal with any flame kick BS, quick get up and roll or focus


reversal change of direction hit fp headbutt (must be lp or mp, EX?)
you can crouch then AA EX TT vs buttslpash above you
2nd hit of c.fp will beat downward splash, but timing is strict, wont work vs lk version
f+mk then roll, punish headbutt with ultra
Reversal Ultra will hit block FP headbutt (mp?)
Tornado throw beats Oicho


Best answer for electricty is c.lk or EX TT
BB is free Ultra
Punish blocked BBs with dash, f+mk xx dash if you have no ultra (must block standing)
Rainobow Roll is garbage for attacking, Start focus when its about to hit then unleash the full lvl 3, vs EX I usually focus then dash
If you anti air the Rainbow roll on accident with the lv 3 focus, you can dash ultra or HP FS
Vs attempts to chip with ultra ftw, just ex roll, lp roll on reversal work point blank. Super can catch it on the way down.
s.mp/s.lp will beat BB
Tick throws beat anyone mashing electricty (which shouldn’t be a issue vs good players)
Punish blanka’s Ultra on block. Just wait for the animation on blanka’s ultra to finish and while he’s spinning backwards in the air, dash forward and you can do c.fp ultra or anti-air, whichever would work.
Remember to block the Ultra low, high, then low again


Bait EX SBK, reversal ultra
Dont fadc lp fireballs if she walks behind it,she can s.mp
s.lp, c.lp, s.lp, s.lp, f+mk combos infinitely from point blank
After a fadc CoD, c.lp x3, s.lp, f+mk links while standing Chun up, repeat as much as you can.
When she has no meter she has to deal with mix ups
Punish instant overhead j.rh with Ultra


j.fp all non ex headstomps
nj.rh on bison’s wake up beats EX headstomp, roll on his wake up and it whiffs
c.fp all headstomp follow ups or skull diver
s.lk is your friend
s.rh cannot be spammed, s.lk after one blocked, if they keep spamming, block one then lk roll to TT
j.mk and j.lp beats or trade with s.rh, usually beating if it is not max range
Vs his fullscreen headstomp fake with devil’s reverse you can dash twice then ultra, closer and you can just Ultra or c.fp
After blocking a ultra, don’t reversal Ultra, it will whiff, wait a bit 1st


c.lp vs hurricane, then dash under
Ultra fireballs fullscreen on reaction


s.mp beats his qcb+k, hell s.mp beats most of dan’s shit
Block qcb+lk standing, less frame advantage for Dan


FADC all jump back fireballs or roll under
Ultra can catch neutral jump fireballs
If they are mashing teleport you can bait and ultra
You don’t want to get knocked down in this match cause his vortex, best option is EX roll out
Resets aren’t recommended unless you try to bait out a teleport when you have ultra
s.rh loop is a pain, pay attention for patterns with it and block up close, EX TT after blocked s.rh or go for a armor cancel
Ultra fireballs on reaction, red fireballs are too free
Tornado throw beats both Raging Demons


Focus attack beats Ultra clean when released, not recommened to try to ultra it
Ultra fireballs on reaction


Punish cannon spike with dash f+mk, link s.fp
Don’t c.fp hooligan, you’get grabbed


His j.mk can beat all your anti-air except s.mk


IAT when you are standing give you a free s.fp xx lk roll or hp fs
Ultra his ultra on reaction when close
Meaty TT can grab him out of his ultra (i’ve done it plenty not intending too, not really recommended lol)
Ultra yoga fire on reaction
Point blank you can just normal throw his ultra if you have no meter, or EX TT if you do


Block 1st hit of c.rh then:*Note that reversal ultra will be beat by 2nd hit
A. lp TT
B. Focus (hit, dash forward TT)
C. Roll
D. EX CoD to FADC combo of your choice

If you focus booms, dash back
Once you get in, stay on dat ass
Mix-up work, but when he has 2 bars he probably
will FK XX FADC back
Rolling vs boom is not a good idea since his recovery is so good
Jumping vs boom at is asking for a air throw :frowning:


EX fireball is such a free ultra its funny
Ultra fireballs
wheel kicks beat counter
Some Gouken when under pressure mash counter, so mix up TTs
If he charges a fireball and you are is rolling crossup range, go for it
EX CoD is good in this match vs fbs, no guessing needed
Gouken is a big boy can’t duck s.fp up close


Bait Messiah kick, roll under and ultra or FP CoD inot FADC or finish CoD
Vs blocked Messiah kick, roll under follow ups and punish
Punish c.fp with Ultra
c.fp is good if you expect another dive after a blocked one, since you won’t have to stand if he combos a c.lk (you can FS if you are ballsy for the knockdown, but it could cost you alot of life if you guess wrong)


I don’t know :frowning:

A few of Abel’s crucially important normals are:

1.) :d: + :hp: – 2 hit attack, the second hit launches the opponent into the air at which time you can grab him with your skyfall throw or, if you time it correctly, you can hit your opponent with your ultra attack as they land.

2.) :r: + :mk: – This is an excellent attack for applying pressure on your opponent. You can cancel out of this attack with a dash (without the need for a FADC) and quickly close the gap between you and your opponent, therefor, setting you up for many options.

3.) Jump In + :mk: – This kick can be used as a cross-up, making it an important normal to know.

4.) :d: + :mp: – This is a decent attack for quickly canceling into many of Abel’s special attacks.

5.) close :hk: – This attack works as an overhead, and must be blocked while standing.

— Thats about all i can think of off the top of my head, i haven’t had as much experience with SF4 as many others on this forum, so if i got anything wrong please correct me. Thanks. —

and btw, here is a link to event hubs’ list of frame data for abel. i believe someone else posted abel’s frame data he in the abel forum too. =)


:d:+:mk: needs to be in there too. Links (cancels?) easily into rekka and has more range than :d:+:mp: though a little less damage.

:lk: should be added too. good for pokes

Wtf this isn’t powerdunk.com, why you calling it “terry kick” lol

hoiru kick! best used against gief and on opponent’s wake up at the corner (i just love it when they jump and got psychic hit by a meaty :hk: foil kick :D), it also can get past fireballs without being EX but its kinda tricky. ( i dont know how but ive pulled it by accident a few times)… and it also has lower body invulnerability.

the cr.HP sometimes just doesnt hit twice. also there’s the cr.hp>lk roll>skyfall combo for more meter, or cr.hp>lk roll>cr.hp(1st hit)>lk roll>ex command grab combo (ive seen ranix pulled this off a couple of times)

:d:+:hk:= can be cancelled into foil kick

oh and also:

how come you didnt put the very important command throw? :hcb:+:p: (or :r::df::d::db:+:p:) … with jab having the most range but slower recovery, and throw invulnerable while EX version is attack invul.

ex rekka has armor.

ex rolling has invisibility frames.

ex skyfall too has invisibility frames.

Hollow man ftw!

You know what he means… smartass… :rofl:

Anyway, yeah, add the Tornado Throw (hcb+p) to this special list. The anti airgrab is called skyfall, and im not sure what a “terry” kick is. Who is terry? :rofl: secret character??? :bgrin: lol

lol damn wrong spelling my bad, on my defense its 5am when i wrote that haha.

the thought of an invisible abel scares me. XD

On that note, sean kick does not have invulnerability to chun-li’s C. Roundhouse. Yeah weird, i know.

that is weird.

Cleaned up 1st post a bit.

It angers me how hard Falling Sky is to use outside of combos. Even the EX version isn’t reliable…which is irritating. I wish Abel had a reliable AA, especially since people just start jumping frantically when they realize you can’t do much about it.

word. I was playing a good chun who lept around all day and there’s just so little you can do. IMO just buffing ex falling sky (maybe make it a viable anti-air, at the expense of meter) would be a well-balanced abel tweak

i thought cr.hp is good enough to AA (but of course u gotta learn the timing and all)… heck ive even seen someone AA with crhp to ultra. hehe. of course its not as easy as the shotos… plus rolls can get you out if they jump… we just have other solutions…

Ive done the AA c.HP -> Ultra a few times, but sticking the ultra is a bit tough due to the totally different timing it brings in and some characters moving on a different arc if you catch them in the air.

I find cr.HP works as very early AA against shotos using their HK or MK jump-ins, and against most of the standard jump ins from other characters, but Gief and Boxer are very hard to catch with it. Better stick to cr.MK for any character where a jump-in is going to cost you big if you eat it.

To add to the Super properties, it works on the following:
Jab Super (Hit Invulnerability)**
Blanka ball/Blanka super/ Blanka Ultra (Only after startup)
Hurricane Kick
Honda’s Headbutt
Honda’s Super
Honda’s Slaps
Sagat’s Tiger Knee
Any of Viper’s moves :slight_smile:
Dictator’s Psycho Crusher
Claw’s Ultra
Strong Super (Throw Invulnerability)**
Claw’s super
Zangief’s Ultra/Super

I really wanna try it against El Fuerte and Akuma’s Ultras. I will find out soon.

It all just depends on timing. Once the throw inulvernability is gone, of course any throwing moves is going to get you. But once you have it on, they won’t. It’s really simple >_>

There’s really no need to divide it into groups, just remember hit/throw/fireball.

It’s for people who don’t remember, I’m making it easier for people to read and the timing isn’t that easy :rolleyes:. And it’s common sense that when the invulnerability is gone they can get you. I’m talking about if your opponent was to use a move and you saw the chance to use your super to counter it. Example: Zangief ultra -> “Omg i have a super, i can counter it.”

is it just me or is the timing on the console version for c.fp ultra quite abit more strict?