Abel noobie looking for combos

Hey so far i’ve mained Blanka, Akuma, and most recently Dudley, I was only ever really decent with Dudley lol. Well anyway I decided to pick up Abel…

I’m quite literally picked him up about an hour ago, and I discovered a combo that appears to be really inconsistant, i’m not sure why it only works a percentage of the time. Basically the combo is, Jumping MK–>MP cancelled into Direction change (not sure of the name sorry). However alot of the time it will not cancel, for some reason which is weird considering I could consistently pull off a near identical combo as Dudley. I can do it the majority of the time if I don’t jump in first.

So I figured I’d ask if there are any more feasible combos that won’t fail half the time.
I really am brand new to using Abel, so I only know the extreme basics, such as his anti air, specials/ultra. With pretty much no helpful combos besides the one mentioned.

Visit the FaQ. close thread.

U2 counters almost any special move


The faq someone suggested wasn’t much help (thanks anyway), but this really helps ALOT THANKS Dustlooper!

Just a quick question, does xx mean I need to cancel into a special?