Abel normal throw (5f?)safejumps



Not sure if these are new but they are a little strict and probably not practical in anyway due to the nature of Abel’s mixup game involving rolls and such but hey, knowledge. Enjoy.

Well we already have safejumps off of those throws, just using different normals.

However thanks for uploading these two videos, it’s always nice to see people trying to find new things, plus it doesn’t hurt have a couple more setups!

Good job and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

yeah, note that in the video, the safe jump was tested vs adon… who has different wake up timing.

This is actually a myth, his wakeup time was fixed. Cammy and Sagat I know for sure have goofed up wakeup times, if only by like one frame.

When did they fix it? The wake up timing difference only exists for different knockdowns, there’s the face up knockdown or face down (Adon wakes up 1F faster faced down, Sagat 1F both faced up and down, Gen, Cammy, Blanka, Hakan, Dhalsim, Claw etc)… sure those info might be old but if you could point out to me when did they fix those wake up timing? I havent played the game for awhile to notice any difference.

Wow, I legitimately did not know there was a different wakeup time for faceup/down hard knock downs. I learned something. Disregard these videos then, I just knew they supposedly fixed something about Adon’s wakeup time in AE. Sorry.

ah, i think i kinda recalled they fixin summin about him too… too lazy to look for it at the moment though lol