Abel Option Select Thread



Ok, so some of you may have seen some option selects I post, but I don’t think many of you understand them. So I will be recording these OS’s and some Abel tricks you most likely haven’t seen and will be posting them to educate you and will be walking you through them step by step. This is in a effort to level U.S. Abel-tech up, as I think I’ve only seen one other Abel actually use OS’s in a match :wasted: Details on how to perform the OS will be listed in the video description

I have a really deep and extensive knowledge of the game and Abel, so if you have any questions or would like a matchup/os explained in a video, just msg me and I’ll see what I can do.

Excuse the terrible quality in the vids, I’ll upgrade to a capture device soon.



First vid in series, shows a broken OS I came up with against shotos. I posted it in the forums not too long ago, don’t think anyone understood it or even uses it. Trust me, this is something you DEFINITELY want to learn.

Next vid I want to go through some OS’s vs Chun


yeah, it’ll be great to have one central resource for option selects rather than bits and pieces scattered around the forum.


HAV and I did understand it and commented on it. I explained why it’s decent, but it’s the lazy way out of what you should really be doing. The real OS that you’re doing there is nothing more then a late tech, which is hardly something you can take credit for. Not to mention, Shiro was using the late tech tactic against Daigo in [media=youtube]W5GYHbVsrvE[/media].

The EX FS part isn’t an OS; you’re just buffering the EX FS, and then reacting to whether they neutral jumped or not. If you’re going to buffer something and react, instead of wasting meter on an EX FS, you’re better off using cl.HP xx LK Roll, like I explained (and demonstrated) in the first post I made about this.

If it wasn’t 5AM on the night before I leave for SB:r, I’d write up a sick post with the real Abel OSs, so how about this. When I get back, I’ll make an “In The Lab” video for Option-Select showing every single OS I know for Abel, from the extremely useful to the extremely impractical ones.


That would be very nice of you to do that, I would definately like to see a video like that I need something to do on the weekend.


No, that’s just your prefered way. I prefer to get a guarranteed knockdown and mixup off this, not a gimmicky reset that’s rediculously easy to get out off with a shoto. Shotos can actually mash in a way that guarantees a srk on which ever side you end up in. If I punish a neutral jump with abel, it has to be with something that leaves a mark and let’s them know that they can’t hold up after step kick, and what better way than this? Also, if you even tried to pay attention or even read the description, you’ll know I say to buffer the fs motion, and to press punches on reaction. That’s not the os this video is describing, its the back-throw and the fact that you have enough time on whiff to punish with whatever you want.

Its personal preference, I sometimes punish with cl.hp, most times with fs, and it works for me. Honestly your post just came out as arrogant. Nothing constructive, just trying to out do me, which is fine, I don’t care, you want your spotlight, have it. I actually take time off my busy schedule to record an OS many people were having trouble with and one that is extremely useful vs shotos, and I get arrogant remarks like this. That’s fine, I’m not gaining anything from making these videos, just wasting time, I’m doing this to educate people on something every Abel should be able to perform, if not at least try to perform. Maybe you don’t appreciate it but others probably will.


As someone who just browses random sub-character forums lemme tell you your video and option select were pretty interesting *thumbsup


Cheers for this strider your the man! Option selects is the next big thing for me to add into my game and this will help alot.


Good shit Strider, I’ve been using the F+MK late back throw OS.

also I agree with you. Close hp into roll is no meter, but it also is only 80 damage and a reset. EX FS is 160 damage into one of the best knockdowns Abel can get. I’d rather set up my oki than make do with a reset any day of the week. One bar for that is nothing.


thanks Strider, really good video keep them coming

@hunter, didn’t really think your post was necessary, seemed a tad pedantic, If you are going to do an abel vid maybe you should get some input from strider, it wouldn’t hurt.


Thing is, both Ryan and Strider are good players - I’m pretty sure the cl.hp vs. ex FS is just a difference of opinion, with each option lending themselves better to different play styles. Let’s keep the beef levels down.

Strider - good shit, I remember reading about the back throw OS back when it first came up and it’s definitely good. The Abel forums have been a little quiet lately - it’s good to see a strong player taking the time to work their shit.
Ryan - you’ve done so much good shit for Abel. I’m sure there are plenty of people (including myself) who would look forward to the OS video you mentioned above.

I can tell this thread is either going to be amazing, or a drama fest. Let’s hope it’s the former.


It’s actually harder to get a consistent reversal SRK in the situation. But it doesn’t even matter. Getting a knockdown as opposed to getting a reset doesn’t mean anything in terms of the opponent’s ability to reversal. It’s all about the strength of the resulting mixup, and the mixup off the ambiguous roll mixup is significantly harder to defend then the mixup off an EX FS. EX FS doesn’t leave you point blank the way a normal FS does.

I know what you mean, and I know we’re talking specifically about Option Selects, but since you said “what better way than this,” I feel the need to say that if you really predict your opponent is going to hold up after the step kick, you’re better off just late crouch teching (to protect against throws and reversals), and then reacting to the neutral jump with c.HP.

You’re asking if I payed attention to what you wrote?

You’re taking my responses the wrong way. It’s nothing personal against you, it’s just that I disagree with he EX FS portion of this tactic. So of course I’m not offering anything constructive to your tactic. Instead, I’m offering an alternative to people for the same situation with an explanation as to why I think it’s better.

Believe me, I appreciate the fact that you’re trying to educate people and spread knowledge. I respect that a lot, and the community would be 100x better if there were more people that did it. However, that doesn’t mean that anything everyone tries to teach is the best thing. And in my opinion, the EX FS here isn’t the best thing you could do in the situation.


I have my reasons on why I go with ex fs. Ex fs gives you the same mixup you would have after a TT, which is huge. It does good damage, and if it trades while they are coming down then U1 is free after that. Also, doing a reversal dp after that reset is simple, you just wiggle the stick from one bottom corner to the next and mash on punch, it will auto-correct no matter what side your on. I play abel pretty lame, I try to take as little risks as I can unless I have the opponent conditioned to my liking. Trust me, I love abusing resets, I really do, but if I have the oportunity to land a hard knockdown that is unscaled, I’ll do it.

Hard knockdowns are way above resets imo, you completely control the pase of the match after one, while resets are a lot riskier. We just have different play styles with Abel, resets work for you and hard knockdowns work for me.

How about this, st.hp is better in your opinion and ex fs is better in my opinion. Both have their uses, it just depends how you like to play abel.


I say both of you just post your videos. If nothing else, I appreciate them both.


Good discussion going on here. Not sure who I agree with.

Strider makes good points about the importance of the knockdown, and how easy it is to just be counter SRK’d (or any move with invincibility/quickstartup) on the reset. I completely agree with this. Although the late tech itself is nothing new, as was pointed out, I believe it makes sense to take the guaranteed over the maybe damage. But the FS itself isn’t an optionselect. Its just a buffered input that requires you to press the buttons when you see the jump. I do wonder though, there are some characters that have awkward hit boxes on their neutral jump attacks. Can you try that same option select vs Adon’s nj.mk/nj.hk? If Adon hits you with nj.mk you can just mark off about 300 damage or more because can combo into Air Jaguar, cr.mk, Rising Jaguar as well as ultra if he has it. I don’t think either method will beat it. I believe chun, adon, seth and a couple other have those quick striking attacks on neutral jump.

Strider can you post up a video to see if your pseudo OS will work vs those characters and if Hunters cl.HP will work as well?


If done early enough, ex fs and st.hp will win, if not they trade. But with a traded ex fs you get a free U1 if done fast enough, so you actually end up winning in damage. If you don’t have ultra stocked up then I suggest to go with st.hp.

I’ll make a video showing how to deal with those tricky jumps and how to get guaranteed ultra off those. I really want to make a video showing some os’s vs chun, that will be my next one. I can also include matches vs shizza to demonstrate these os’s in action.


Thanks, I ask because as I was watching the video you put up, I couldn’t help but think that Adon would destroy that because hit attack hits one the way up, I don’t know how your FS would even come close to trading as you’re still in throw animation as he’s going up. I’m at work now so I can’t try it myself but I’d love to see it. I look forward to the videos vs. shizza. He’s a poking fool…lol


Oh you mean getting hit on their way up? Then yeah, nothing you can do about that besides not do this os and just keep them down with normals.

Adon is a stupid matchup, very frustrating.

I’ll record some games vs shizza and onlinetony for some chun and seth matchup tricks and os’s, and just a general flow of how the matchups should look.


Nice vid Strider. Wouldn’t the OS lose to c.lk after blocked step kick?

I think its a great idea to put all the option select stuff into one thread.


yes, any delayed back throw OS loses to mashed crouch tech.
it isn’t outright beat by mash jab since you will block, but that will still end your offense too.