Abel Players Going to EVO2k10

So, who’s planning to go to EVO?

To spice this thread up, you can answer these questions:
-Will you be using Abel throughout, or will you counter-pick certain matchups?
-What pool are you in?
-What is your personal goal for EVO?
-Any other comments? (sticking with U2 all the way, i’m gon get dru’nk, WTB: dog collar, etc.)

Word is that Shiro will be attending. :rock:
I’ve also heard, through word of mouf, that Combofiend isn’t attending. =p

Ill be at EVO

I main Sagat but for EVO I would like to try something different. Ive been messing around with Abel for a while now and feel confident that I can do some good damage. I will be sticking with Abel throughout the whole time.

PS: I will be super baked…lets see how far i get…:smokin:

I’m going… will be playing Abel in 100% of my matches. I’m in Pool P and have no goal other than to show up and have a good time. Not going 2 and out would be desirable. Mostly I want to MM top players outside the tournament so I can get a taste for what real street fighter is like, and then playing IRL against guys I’ve only played online like Strider, Steinmania, IFC Zangief and the rest would be awesome too

Then after Evo I’m probably quitting SSF4 to play something else… I don’t like this game very much, and I have a huge backlog of single player games to beat

I’m leaving tonight for my first evo ever. Abel player looking for MM’s as well.

Do work son!

I’m going, leaving tomorrow morning. Ill be using abel 100%. Im in pool B. Ill be very happy if I go at least 2-2 lol. I’m sure I’ll have a good time regardless of how I perform.

I was going to go, but life got in the way. Sucks, but good luck to all that are going. I’m really looking forward to seeing Shiro play and hopefully Abel makes a dent at evo. Make sure to come back with with some new strategies and share it with the rest of us who couldn’t make it.

Source ?

The quote was attributed to Daigo. He was quoted as saying that “he believes Shiro is going also”

Leaving thursday night with juicebox. We will be rocking the abels! I’m in pool A with bustabust, I assume he will be using abel as well.

My friend Kientan is in your pool playing Chun. He’s cool as hell and if you say hi he might be able to introduce you to the other Australians there. If you can beat Humanbomb’s Ryu you’ve done very well.

We saw off the Australian contingent last night and I got a few matches in with him. He has a habit of crumbling once the pressure gets on, but holy shit does he have some footsies. Good luck.

im going to evo, pool A. i havent been playing much and i just found out like 2 hours before registration ended that i am going. not prepared but really there to have a good time. first major tourney ive entered hoping to do well but not playing and training will have me handicapped. planning to use abel all the way through and im getting there sometime thursday night now.

i’ll be going to evo and yes using abel throughout (i can’t play anyone else even if i wanted to)
i’m in pool b and of course i’d hope to make it out of pools but although my pool isn’t a pool of death per se…i don’t think its going to be a cakewalk for anyone to make it.

if you see me you’ll probably notice my hair and/or funny t-shirt i’m usually wearing so say what’s up because im too shy to engage people randomly :lovin:

Same here.

Oh well. We’re gonna see some strong Abel play this weekend, so I’m happy.

going full throttle with Abel but im garbage anyways so dont mind me.

I heard Shiro is in Pool J with iloveyoujoe and a guy called Buk, please could someone confirm this! If so this should be a great Evo for Abel fans :slight_smile:

lol i wanna see shiro picks U2 and troll everyone haha

at NSB the other day it was announced that tokido is going to evo too, damn sonnnnnnn… american goukis better take them notes out XD

LOL @ “a guy called Buk”

I swear if you haven’t done something in the past 6 months, on a stream, you’re nobody. Place Top 8 at Evo like 4-5 years in a row? Fuck that. Nobody. :rofl:


:rofl: damn …obviously i gotta crash now, tired as shit atm

good luck yall have fun… dont forget to share whatever findings and post up in the matchup thread

Oops, sorry Buk…newcomer here

So Rico, Mike Ross and Ed Ma in the same pool. Gonna be tough…not sure how all the other abel draws turned out. Any thoughts on Abel chances this year?