Abel players of XBL!



If you play Abel on XBL and are looking for another fellow Abel player to spar with, share tips/strats with, are looking to up your game, or are struggling with Abel, just post your name/gt/location, im sure there are many skilled Abel players here willing to help. I’ll be updating the first post with all the info gathered here

UPDATE: I’m seeing that a couple of you want/need some help growing as a player w/ Abel, just post that you need help with him when you post your GT and i will update your gt stating that you need help so one of our experienced Abel’s can add you and show you the ropes

we also need some experienced Abel players in here to step up and help out our struggling friends, so if you think you are good enough to teach a couple of starting Abel’s, just type that when you post your GT, or post another reply stating that you are willing to help

  • Gustavo/ ii strider ll/ west valley UT

  • Jamrawk

  • Jibbajabba23/ Orlando FL

  • dirrtylopez / Arlington TX

  • TMNTemps

  • Nale Douville / Seattle WA

  • V0LV0X / CA (help)

  • Qrocakes / Corpus Christi TX

  • SoldierSoldidus / Sactown CA

  • Aint Gangsta / VA

  • Tsua

  • SenkouHakuZero / Newport News VA

  • kraiden3 (help)

  • o GrNd o ZeRo o / UK (help)

  • Hahadouken / Orlando FL

  • NSANITY10210 (zero’s, not o’s) / Pittsburg PA

  • corylegend / Santa Barbara CA

  • imskyhigh88 / Seattle WA

  • Stokers / UK

  • TimeKillr / Montreal Canada

  • Sykostrdel

  • KenzoKD / Fayetteville NC

  • Fulaani

  • Threi / Vaughan, ON. Canada

  • kraiden3

  • Clash Samurai / Atlanta GA


  • CeramicSugar / Seattle WA

  • Alchemic Zero / LA

  • Carnevowl / Rome Italy

  • Au Mno

  • Cowman715

  • Dogvis

  • THE x MaCHiN3 / OC CA

  • SolidSoul650x


  • Jablestein / Chicago

  • Old School pro / Hanover Park IL

  • erzhus / CA

  • MrEvil186 / San Jose,CA

  • Yankeelouche / Ontario California

  • OnlyOneCrown


i’ve been messing around with Abel a lot on XBL. Wouldn’t mind fighting other players online. My gamertag is the same as my shoryuken handle: Jamrawk


I’ve been thinking about picking Abel back up again. I’d also like to get some practice against him with Dictator, since I seem to be getting rocked constantly against Abels.

GT: Jibbajabba23
Loc: Orlando, FL


I would love to get some tips on my Abel game

Loc: Arlington, texas


I could play as well but mirror matches are lame as hell. I’d be using Ken.

gt TMNTemps


Nale Douville / seattle Washington

yes thats an L instead of a T i was drunk when i made my tag and it looked like a T to me


i could use ALL the help/ advice with abel that i can get anyone willing to help would be great!!!


Loc: Californica


Corpus Christi Texas


SoldierSoldidus (Screwed up on XBL >.>)

Sactown, CA


Aint Gangsta / Virginia


Alright, when i get back on im willing to help some of you out that are struggling with Abel by going over his basics all the way to his juicy, nasty advanced mix-up game, but any1 else here that would also like to help out our Abel beginners please speak up!! Lets keep the Abel army growing!!


Strider, maybe you should include how experienced the player is, and add that up there too so we have a list of the more advanced players out there.


I’m really starting to like Abel but I haven’t really gotten to spar with any good Abel players much. I main Fei Long but I like to switch to Abel every now and then! Add me to the list!!!


that’s a great idea, but the problem lies in that each person would have to judge themselves and say how good they “think” they are, so we would have a really opinion-based list of “experienced” players, while i think the best solution would be for players to say if they need help or not, or if they are willing to help some of our inexperienced players.

It would also be helpful to just say what exactly your looking for when entering your GT (ex. just to spar with good Abels, to share tips/tricks with others or just to get better etc.)


If we could get Busta Bust here and have him fight us all, he could say how “experienced” we are. Plus you might put like a ranking system or something. For instance.

Beginner (N00b)
Amateur (Mediocre)
Am-Pro (Decent)
Pro (Should be playing at Evo)


II Strider II is probably the best Abel player on XBL by far. i saw a video on Youtube of him Whoopin DSPs ass with Abel, hes literally an animal with Abel. i dont even think hes from earth the way he plays Abel.:tup:


hahahaha, thx, but im faaaaaaar from being the best Abel, i still have a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go, and that happened cause DSP is reaaally bad, not cause im good :rofl:


SenkouHakuZero , Newport News VA

I’m decent I guess although I play with another SRK member with the gamertag of FloatingNYSUS. Don’t know his screen name on here though.



i hate mirror matches but i am an old dog trying to get better with the new tricks.
Im not uber like you all… my ranking is currently around 1000ish.

i need to get on and ask questions more than I need to do other things like play mirror matches.




SF4 is my first 2df. Finding it a real struggle to actually improve my game… I seem to lack fundamentals as I’ve never really played against competent opponents until now. Therfore I get consistently beat down.

Would really enjoy having some new ppl to play against and maybe help/teach me.

GT Live: o GrNd o ZeRo o
Locale: UK