Abel Practice

I am Zangeif user looking for match-up experience with Abel. I am coming from being primiarily a T.Hawk player but I made the switch to Geif so I need to re-learn matchups.

I am not looking to “style” on people or prove I am better than them or anything like that, I am just looking to understand the Abel matchup better and mabye get some insight on how I am doing as a player.

I play on XBox Live and my Gamertag is J0E LEWIS the “o” is a zero!

If you are interested I am available each day from 12pm-2/3pm to session.

I would really prefer endless sets, first to five.

Drop me a message on XBL or invite me to a session room. I am trying to get as much work in with him as I can. Im past the point where I can BS with Geif and get away with it! :wink:

Any participants would be greatly appreciated, thank you.