Abel RAGE thread



Everyone has off days, even those of us who have been playing Abel for an extended period of time.
And when one of those days come, you feel like like crap…

Then there are those TO HELL WITH THIS moments, where you’re so angry that you just wanna hurt someone.

Yes, I get these from time to time.

So, LET IT OUT i say…:tup:

For those just starting out with Abel and can’t get his** DAMN 1 Frame LINK COMBO DOWN** to others who can’t stand his WAKE UP GAME,

His anti-airs, his wake up, his walk speed, his hit boxes, his wake up game, shitty wake up or his wake up game…

Go ahead and EXPRESS yourself!


i think we could use this thread lol!
I sometimes want to let out my frustration and often can’t find a proper outlet…

plus this subform could use some more life!


ugh this again? Seriously?


ive used abel about 18000 times now… wake up game is ok, anti air is ok… its just that when people go so random and just winning so easy. thats why i respect high level vega and abel players.




Abel is the only reason Im playing this shitty game. Its hard because you can’t really think intelligently against online scrubs (which is who Im playing all the time now), but its worth it for me. I finally found a character that I truly enjoy in this game.

Real shit, Abel can be a drag at points, but once you make a godlike read and go to town on that ass, it makes everything so much more enjoyable and worth it.


[]Losing to the players who act like their character is walking on hot coals…all that damn jumping around and random shit…then getting a “you suck” message.
]tick throw into TT, dash lk roll…FUCK I’M ON THE WRONG SIDE
[]blocked blanka ball…U1 his bitch ass…fuck ex FS!


only shit i get bothered by online that makes me RAAGEGEEGEEEE is when i lose against some asshole that gets away something that a person would literally ONLY do because it is online and/or because you are unknown to each other. Like at least in theory and just how the game works, there are some things that people JUST can not get away with assuming it is offline, but online…they just don’t care…and the matches become a mud wrestling match…its horrible…HORRIBLE. worst part is that it is easier to get away with shit like that against abel because of his lack 3 frame mashables…yeah there is grab, but TaZ it.

lol but tbh if abel had 3 frame normal; he would be pretty ridiculously broken~~~


Seriously!!! Ken can instant j.fierce me in the face! Seriously!!!


Has anyone ever noticed how FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE it is to hit that step kick link on Honda? Half the time it whiffs and KNOW I’m hitting that shit right and the other half he blocks or mashes through it. Thats one of the most frustrating things about Abel to me next to jump back tatsu Kens and shit like that.


characters who can just walk forward and pressure u no probs and again randomness


How about I’m getting pee’d on by a few characters that i have no idea how to fight against and the match up thread is garbage. Hows that? Yeah i’m mad.New match up thread plz.


Yeah only works if the step kick hits at max range and Honda can always go for no risk headbutt after a step kick.


I hate it when I go for save damage (Falling sky after elbow), my opponent survives with like 50-100 hp and beats me with it after I lost my momentum. I always think afterwards
"Should have gone with a mixup like cr.hp x lk roll, cr.lp, dash under, cr.hp" :stuck_out_tongue: . Thing is at my skillenvironment (2000bp PC), the mixups are generally always working, I like cr.hp x lk roll, cr.hp x mk roll, TT a lot too.
But the above is my favorite, after cr.lp, dash under, cr hp its even possible to repeat it :smiley: or cancel into mk roll for TT :P. So much fun.


there is risk, step kick jump back ultra works


LOL…I hear that!

I also hate FADC DP’s! As if it wasn’t a powerful enough move. Just when you think you’ve baited him into it…BAM! FADC and you’re being thrown across the screen.

Oh, and hello everyone :slight_smile:


Hey look HFZ, it’s me two years ago! :rofl:

Ok Mr.520
The Abel Guide will eventually grow to have more information covering every match up…
I’m constructing the entire thing alone and so it will take a while before it’s complete…

In the mean time if you have any particular questions or just have a match up that you’d like to discuss, you’re free to start a discussion in an appropriate thread…
The Abel rage thread is meant to vent about the character, don’t use it to vent towards people on this subform who are responsible for producing the knowledge that you so desperately want…

I learned that the hard way :frowning:


And while I’m on this subject…
WHy the fuck don’t Strider or HAV post in this fucking subforum anymore?


not sure if hav still plays this game, as for strider, proly dont have the time / nothing interesting to post about lol

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My bad i was mad that day after getting stomped.

While i’m here–I’ve seen Ken uppercut me out of the high COD before the third hit after the first two connected.