Abel rocks

he;s the best

Most people would come in here and say, “Really!? Is this worthy of a thread!? Really!?” According to rigzag, yes. Yes it is. But I shall participate in your thread hailing Abel. I do find Abel to be a fun character to play. Although I am DEFINITELY not a pro [nor near the level], I like the risks he has such as his rolling move. I roll all the time using Abel, just to gamble whether or not I’ll get punished for it. Sometimes after a knockdown I’ll roll across an opponent and then roll across them again, putting me at the spot where I first started. In this small waste of time, it says to me, “See that? I knocked your ass down, rolled over you twice and got up before you did!” It’s like an unwritten taunt. But if they punish me somehow, then I gather my thoughts and push through. Given I was not expecting my gameplan to have such a speed bump in the way, I must persevere…

and roll over them again to let them realize that “This is kinda fun.”



can we get this thread stickied?

LOL. i’d rep if i could eltwopee.

hey I just realized you’re in the bay area. Go sharks/raiders/giants/49’rs!

yes he is