Abel Trial



Hi everyone.

I’m currently stuck on a combo on Abel’s Trial (a few days now) that requires me to CoD cancel into Super. I cannot get it to work. I broke down the movements and did 10/10 CoDs and 10/10 Supers, then put them together slowly, decreasing the gaps more and more. I’m at a point where I’m doing the QCF QCF QCF as fast as I can for both movements together, and I’m still not getting it.

Any help would be super great.

Follow up questions:
Is playing on an xbox controller with analog stick really that bad even though I can execute individual movements and other basic combos perfectly fine?
Would a fight pad really make that much of a difference?


Only 2X QCF
The game will pick up your COD motion as the first qcf for your Super!
It’s easier than you think!

Pad/Fight Pad/Stick
Nothing is superior to anything else, comfort and preference above all.
For your sake, you should try them and see if it would benefit you in any way.


Thanks splurgendii! You’re a lifesaver. I’d done some research into the input buffering but I thought it only applied to inputs during normals & jumps. I’ll look around for a pad, give this a go and let you know when I’ve conquered this noobie mountain. Much appreciated man.