Abel Trials



I don’t know if this is appropriate for a new forum topic but maybe getting newer players through the trials shouldn’t interrupt all the deep combo discussions in the other topic. I don’t know, if it belongs there, move it in I suppose :slight_smile:

My question is Trial 12, I believe. It’s

cr. lk -> cr. lp -> st. lp -> cr. mp -> qcf. p -> f. p -> f. p

qcf. p -> f.p -> f.p is that special move I forgot the name to, so I’m just going to refer to it as X

For some reason, I can’t nail cr. mp -> X

I’ve seen videos of it, AND I can do it solo. cr. mp -> X consistently without a problem, and I can do st. lp -> cr. mp without a problem, but putting the two together DOESN’T WORK. I don’t know if I screw up my timing but like I said, broken into two parts makes no issue for me. The rest of the string poses no problem for me whatsoever.

My friend said he had a similar problem where if he does two links then a special move (meaning having at least 3 links/combo, with a special move last) he had trouble getting it working, but he’s been playing since sf1 and adjusted after half an hour or so.

Any tips on what exactly am I not doing right?


Oh you mean combo cr.MP into change of direction (CoD), ok I dont know what button are you using for CoD but I suggest you to do this:

cr.MP (hold MP) then qcf (release MP), it should come out naturally. (This tech is called “negative edge” btw)


negative edge. interesting

so basically I’m trying to get that punch registered as both moves?

Thanks, I’ll try it now :slight_smile:


Pretty much. When you release the button, the game counts as if you would have pressed it instead, its pretty useful for certain combos that involve using the same button twice in a row, like Rufus s.HP xx HP galactic tornado.


I don’t think it’s an input problem.

You need to link the st.LP into the cr.MP - if the CoD doesn’t come out, it’s because you chained (not linked) st.LP into cr.MP

Practice doing st.LP, wait a little, then cr.MP xx CoD and you should be good.


Trial no. 15 is some pain in the sack.