Abel Unblockable Setups



Right video is finally done please find my full notes on the setups in the video below i thought we could use this thread to list all Abel Unblockables and i will update the first post.

FS Unblockable

Works on:

E Ryu

Note 1: First thing to mention is on the characters that Cr hp, hk roll, lp FS works on you can set this up from pretty much half screen as long as you slam them right into the corner.

Note 2: The unblockable will still work if you cross them up in the corner with a mixup and do cr jab, st mp/st hp, COD, fadc, cr hp, FS. Cr lk to start pushes them too far away and sadly prevents the unblockable from working.

Note 3: All focus backdashes can be covered with varying degree of timing. Note the video shows that simply doing a step kick with normal combo timing will cover Ibuki’s backdash perfectly. Others have to be manually delayed to get a full combo off the punish.

Note 4: This is a fake crossup on Cammy and is normally good for a one off free mixup on her.

Note 5: All regular backdashes can be covered with a simple OS sweep but doubt many people will try a raw backdash.

Note 6: Crouching does not get you out of this setup.

TT Unblockable

Works on:

E Ryu
El Furte

Notes: FS notes 3,4,5,6 apply to this setup.

Thoughts: Personally i think this makes Abels corner game that much more deadly. If you cross up and go for a cr jab you can confirm into an unblockable or tick into a TT and still get an unblockable.

Any questions or if you are struggling to set this up give me a shout and i will try and help out hope you guys enjoy smashing people with this i know i have!


We’ve been waiting for you Bunsav!
May I have the honor of adding this information to the Abel Guide?


Go for it dude sorry it took so long to get this together hah.


Good stuff man!


Getting some unblockable setups from a friend… will share later


Ohhhh good shit man i have some more I’m working on at the moment mainly mid screen ones but it’s tricky trying to find normals to time them with.


I think I used it a lot without knowing that it’s unblockable, I knew that the shoryuken will whiff, always wondered why my opponent didnt block lol


The FS backdash one you prob have used midscreen but it is NOT unblockable midscreen, only in the corner then it becomes unblockable. It’s also important you backdash on the first available frame which can be a bit tricky.


So its been awhile since I last skyped with a Japanese friend of mine, so we talked just now and he sent me 4 videos (might upload em to youtube later but I’ll ask him first maybe)… I’d recommend yall to test everything again just to be sure. I would do them myself but I dont have my PS3 setup yet and kind of busy with other things. Anyway, the info that I got:

vs Cammy unblockable (no vid for this one, there are vids for the rest)
cr.hp > ex fs > dash > walk back a little > j.mk

(didnt get to talk about this much, so you guys can test this and see what are cammy’s options)

vs Cody (from backthrow)
cr.mp > j.mk (safe jump)
walk a little > cr.mp > j.mk (unblockable)
cr.mp > walk a little > j.mk (unblockable - same thing as the above really lol)

Mix up the safe jump and unblockable, should be troublesome for the cody player.

After the safe jump above, if you do cr.hp,
it will beat people mashing cr.jabs (counter hit), beat backdash/focus backdash, can even beat EX ruffian but loses to EX Zonk (obviously)

Do note though that albeit being an unblockable, it is escapable via the usual means (whiff low attacks, dash forward)

vs Sakura (from backthrow)
walk a little(a step?) > cr.mp > j.mk (unblockable)


escapable by whiffing low moves, and cr.hp beats it lol


mix that up with

(from backthrow)
walk a little (a step?) > cr.mp > dash > cr.lp (can link into close st.mp for full combo, not sure about close st.hp)

The cr.lp is meaty I think and if she reversal ex uppercut, abel be able to block in time.

Have fun testing!
These setups are not broken at all imo because its not inescapable or anything plus the (walk a little) part of them might make it hard to be consistent but hey, practice makes perfect haha


Testing the Cammy one now only took maybe 3 goes to get it so its not that hard to setup. Definitely unblockable and you cannot reversal DP it. Loses to delayed DP and backdash, if they focus backdash you land very close to her allowing for an easy punish.

Edit: Tested Sakura and Cody one also now very nice and easy to setup even with the slight walk forwards. Thank him for us HFX some nice setups here going to try them on the rest of the cast as i think it may work on them to.

Edit 2: Same setup works on ibuki (cr mp, slight walk, j mk)


I was able to block the Cammy unblockable by holding back for a frame or two and then blocking as a cross-up.

If you mistime the unblockable slightly you can get an ambiguous J. MK that will stuff dp.


Found something at youtube in keomas chanel, glad that noone already posted that :slight_smile: :




Meant ironically? If so, dont blame people who try to add something to the community, I didnt knew it, so what:


Hah that seth unblockable is awsome. Had not seen that before keep them coming we can get a nice list going of all his unblockables.


No its genuine
I thought the picture was funny, my mistake :frowning:


Ah ok no problem, I myself respect the work you are doing in this forum, always helpful


That tt unblockable is hard to get consistently. Nice Seth unblockable. Too bad he can delay dp it. Hate that match up.


a consisten unblockable setup?

where da fun in dat


Yeah TT one takes a little bit of practice. Upside being it’s very ambiguous anyway i think you will surprise yourself how often you hit it with a bit of practice. The FS one is guaranteed though you need to go out of your way to miss that one hah.