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Breathless... SUPER Abel Match Theory Thread

pretty easy matchup for abel imo, one thing that can be really annoying is when you block blanka’s certain normal xx lightning combo and he pushes you to a distance where c.lk whiffs and c.hk moves you forward into the lightning. it can cause blanka’s pressure to be really safe against abel since abel’s c.mk is obviously not good against electricity. If you find this happening to you, try rolling through him or back dashing to sweep, if he gets out of electricity too fast for that to work just be patient and get ready to hit him with a c.lk on reaction to a ground approach, a s.hp on reaction to jump in or just block.

punish blocked horizontal balls/ blocked ex upball with U1, U1 also beats Shout of Earth if you do it immediately after he activates (i believe this is still true at least, haven’t tested it in a long time but I’ve had some clutch wins with this)

I like to start this match (typically first round only, when playing online) with a quick focus backdash: focus catches slide/jump-in for a big punish, backdash avoids light ball whiff into throw / immediate hop forward throw, if he does hard ball you get hit but it’s pretty negligible.

If you’re one of those Abels that likes to poke with CoD, don’t do it against blanka, his focus attack is good so typically people will use that enough that you don’t wanna get hit with it.

On a knockdown I like to whiff a cross up j.mk to break his charge and bait electricity and hit him with a meaty c.lk, c.lk, c.lp, s.lk combo (s.lk -> step-kick is the most boss frame trap ever so if he’s not gonna reversal just step right back in after the combo and keep that pressure going)

None of this is really groundbreaking stuff, but it’s a solid foundation. :slight_smile:


Only thing Abel needs to know about IMO is what to do after Blanka does b.throw, dash, jump.


What is so horrible for Blanka in this match-up? Tell me please, i don’t have xp vs Abel.


It’s a pretty bad match depending on who gets knocked down first. As a player who has mained Abel for 3 years, I know how annoying this can be for me sometimes. Blanka is a tricky character and against certain grapplers he can be tough to deal with. When fighting Abel, if you are using his Roll attack, make sure it hits, otherwise you will eat one of Abel’s Ultras (1 and 2 will catch him) If you knock him down, then you have an okay chance against him, due to Blanka’s unpredictable fighting style. Make sure you are mixing it up well too, which means include throws as well, but you gotta watch out for Abel’s TT (Tornado Throw), since it beats every other throw in the game. If you have anymore questions, let me know.


Planning to revamp the match up threads but before any of that happens I’d like to share something that I found out just yesturday…

Many of you might know, but it was certainly news to me yesturday; Abel can escape Blanka’s Ultra from point blank the cost of not meter and no chip damage

In Blanka’s face when he does ultra; you block the initial low attack and then reversal :hk: roll away to safety! That’s right, the overhead portion of the ultra comes out too slow to reach Abel in time and it doesn’t matter if blanka holds the buttons down or not…

As for punishes: Noting consistent yet…

Say goodbye to the days of getting chipped out by wake-up ultra from Blanka :slight_smile:


I thought after you blocked that initial low, you can FS (or maybe st.hp? not sure about this one but i think ive seen the FS done before)

although i guess if the blanka did the ultra earlier, unless you have meter, you have no choice but take the chip


Yes you’re right
Abel can Ex falling sky

This is what the discovery is
In this early situation in which you may not have any meter, it is an option for Abel to simply run away with :hk: roll after blocking the initial low…

It costs no meter, Abel escapes for free and takes no chip damage at all :slight_smile:


is there anyway to punish his ultra after u escaped? or u ex rolled even before he started to touch u with his ultra


Yes, only if you ultra after he releases PPP but since he can release anytime, its risky and if he doesn’t release/go forward you’ll run into his ultra.


yeah i always try ex roll then ultra but i always fail lol


thats why you only ex roll when you know you cant take the chip, if you can, its best to block and punish… but against ambiguous ultra setup, you might get ex wheel kick and die lol

if im playin blanka id go for meaty crossup ultra 1 since i think its rather safe on block rollin away from the opponent

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U1 after blocked Blanka ball for the win lol



pshhh years later… lolol i might play again casually on pc. its been a long time since i went on the forums


Played a 11,000 Bp Blanka last night… >_< ouchies lol


Punish ball on hit with ultra 1