Abel vs. Blanka

What the hell do I do?

I’m tired of blanka getting safely away from me after I block one of his roll attacks. Basicly, all he can do is that. As long as I block them, I take the chip damage while he gets safely away. If I try to punch him while flying at me, we both take damage, but I take the most. I really need some help here.

I’m playing Abel in G2C.

  • after block you can CoD if he’s close to the corner.

  • Mid Punch stuffs it, if you have good timing.

  • but THE punish for straight roll after block is Ultra.

I still hate this match-up, his normals and jump ins are pretty annoying. beating his Shock is not consistent for me.

Yea, I’ve managed to do a Ultra on him after a roll, but it seems a bit random on the timing. Probably just me though.

You can punish horizontal balls outside of corners too with a HP CoD but you can’t do it as a reversal because you have to advance a few frames.


  • but THE punish for straight roll after block is Ultra.

This also works after you get hit too. Just do a reversal Ultra and you win =D

No you cant. The only non-ultra punishes for a blocked horizontal ball are (crouch or standing block) dash forward st.lk or (standing block) dash forward f+mk. Obviously the f+mk option is better, but the timing is a lot stricter (feels much like a 1 framer to me).

The hp CoD I believe is back-dashable after Blanka recovers, which also means he can ultra since his ultra has 0 frame activation

You could’ve just asked this in the matchup thread, but w/e.

Dash into fwd.mk after you blocked it high… learn it, love it.

I’m not saying CoD is the preferred method for punishing Blanka rolls but it does work. The timing is weird and I can’t do it consistently. After blocking a horizontal blanka ball standing, a HP CoD reversal doesn’t have enough reach but it does if you move forwards a few frames, maybe about 5 frames.
Testing this in training mode, I sometimes do it too early and hit Blanka mid-air, before he lands, making me whiff the second part of CoD.

…and thats why its not so reliable. dash fmk can lead to combos and will keep you close putting the blanka under pressure…

Hey uhhhh, I have problems with this matchup too. Is there anyway to punish blocked electricity?

lol why people keep asking ways to punish things? sometimes you just got to block shit.

anyway, depending on the spacing and what kind of electricity (wont work against ex elec i think), use ex COD. but i dont usually punish a blocked elec, a whiffed elec yes not blocked. since shit depends on whether the blanka keeps mashing P or stop.

Well, not every question is about BEATING moves they’re about PUNISHING, which should mean that it is blocked. I 100% agree, sometimes you just gotta block shit, but does that mean you can’t make them pay for screwing up (or essentially rewarding yourself for proper timing on the block)?

Anyways, blanka jumping around sucks, but you just need to learn to deal with it. I’m going to be testing out s.mp and s.hp ranges on his jump ins. They stop other people so I don’t see why they wouldn’t work on him. I know far sweep will hurt electricity but I haven’t tested s.lk yet. I’ve had mixed results with TT. Sometimes I get the throw, and sometimes I get hit with electricity. It’s probably just my timing, but I was wondering which strength TT is best to beat electricity on their wake up?

Also, for the person asking about ultra timing after a blocked/hit blanka ball, you have to do it pretty quickly. Like as soon as he bounces off of you, you should be in motion for ultra. If you wait too long, he will block it every time (unless he’s an idiot and just stands around). I’m pretty sure this works on EX straight ball as well, just can’t remember off the top of my head. Note: EX straight ball, not upball. I’ve never tried to ultra a blocked upball but it doesn’t seem like it would work.

One last thing, I remember a shiro video where he blocked blanka’s ultra and he was able to focus->crumble ridiculously fast right after the block. I only tried it once and screwed it up but it’s a possible way to get awesome damage off of a blocked ultra. If I recall correctly, to do a straight ultra after blocking blanka’s ultra you have to time it pretty amazingly or else he will just go under blanka (actually now that I think about it I think he will go under him all the time…not sure though)

after a blocked ultra either quickly lvl2 fa crumple ultra, or cr.hp ultra(easier if you’re already crouch blocking the ultra). im too lazy(+got other shit to do) to breakdown the timing, learn it in training room plz :slight_smile:

Jab/EX Falling sky will grab a hopping Blanka.

If they’re getting tricksy with their hop shenanigans, putting a falling sky out might give them something to think about.

So how does Blankas ultra work again? How do I block?

Also, the f+mk link is hard as fucking hell jesus.

I have a question regarding what to do after blocking blanka’s ultra that rolls away from you? All the punishing stuff mentioned above is assuming that the ultra is coming from the front and rolling towards you, so after blocking you’ll get to cr.hp ultra and all the other stuff. What if its the kind of ultra they do on your wakeup where its tricky to block properly and if they do it a lil bit late you have to block the other way and blanka will end up rolling away from you. Have someone come up with whats the best thing to do after that? If its punishable, by what?

I thought people figured out this was supposed to be a really bad match for Blanka?

This is a great question. I don’t have a solid answer to it, but I can relay information I’ve read. In the Blanka forum (I think), they were talking about his ultra back in December before console was even out. From what I understand, Blanka’s ultra has a hit box of like a 1/2 circle to the front. This means that in this situation where he’s rolling away from you, his back side should be free to a punish.

HOWEVER! I THINK I once tried an ultra and it got zapped, but I can’t for the life of me remember if it was in the front or the back when I tried it. I think in theory you should be able to super it, because doesn’t mp super have hit invul or something like that? I know the different strengths have different properties. But then again he’s rolling away from you so you would have to either hope he holds down the buttons so blanka does the whole charge in place thing or if he passes you and lands in a corner.

I don’t think wheel kick works because the hit box is a bit on top too so it might electricute you. I guess if my super theory works then you can just dash->dash->super or something.

If this is true then this is the best thing ever. Thanks a lot for that information.

There’s a thread (like I mentioned above) where blanka players discuss his ultra and because it’s before console came out, it’s awesome because they go in depth with it. To give you a cliff notes version, you have to block up and then block either up/down while he’s on the ground. However, if you are point blank, you have to block low first (i.e. on his animation and startup). He can’t do damage on start up (only on his way down or maybe even only when he is rolling towards you), but he does the whole hit stun thing that makes it seem unblockable.

IIRC, you can’t ultra it from the front so your best bet is to just block it. I’m pretty sure you can roll through it, and I’m also sure you can jump over it if timed properly. Be careful though because they can hop->ultra you which will throw you off because they will seem far away and then bam they’re point blank and you’re about to be hit stunned during the ultra. Remember, block low then high then whatever.

Blanka’s ambiguous Ultra: I think you will get hit if you try to ultra him as he’s in the ball regardless whether you hit his front or back

I don’t know if there is a punish if he rolls away from you? f.dash and HK wheelkick maybe?

I think by the time abel recovers from the blockstun of the ultra, i doubt there’s enough time to dash in super (btw its lp super that has hit invul, basically its the only super i ever use lol) especially since blanka rolls away fast and recovers kinda fast too… I dont like talkin theory too much, can somebody test for this? I think its very important for this matchup…

edit: i cant seem to get blanka’s ultra to cross me up on wake up LMAO failz