Abel Vs Guile = Broke :(



Ok, so I keep losing to some annoying Abel against a player I know I’m more skilled than.

I’m sick and tired of outplaying the guy yet still losing because of the stupid amount of times he’s able to connect with an ultra, or force me into block and then start some shitty throw loop. Myflash kick is so shit I can’t do much in terms of reversal.
So basically if I make a single mistake, a lot of the time its nearly round over.
Which is more than can be said for when my guile knocks him down. Given he has SO many opportunites to come backas its hard to land constant damage.

I feel really cheated.

I’m happy to admit when I am being outplayed, but this feels like blatant abuse of the game, even if I’m winning by 75% health, I’m still end up losing the round.
NOBODY is that much better than me.
This NEVER happens in any game. Even when I caught him with the ultra on several times the hitbox went funny so it did not connect. I’m telling you this is one fucked up matchup.

The level of skill/Risk I have to invest to take off 50% of their health does not come anywhere near to what they have show to take the same off me.

I like playing guile, and I don’t see why I should switch because this feels like a problem with the game because when he lands damage its usually over and over, or in the form of an ultra.

So are there any solid strats against Abel, because atm its feeling very broken and I’m not sure its possible to consistently beat a solid ABEL, it just feels like you’re at such a constant disadvantage.

If you’re aggressive, you’re predictable and really open to receiving an ultra.
If you’re offensive, you get crossed up and thrown to shit.
Flash kicks are not working as reversals, so I’m either a sitting duck, or just waiting to get juggled then ultra’s.

Any news of the capcom patch, I feel the game needs a few tweaks and guile needs a boost more than anyone.

Then I can start beating scrubs who are just abusing the game.


I can see why you have so much reg rep. Here, let me help


patience is the key… lol at this match being broken… its bad for who ever is in control of the match… a good keep away guile can make abel feel real stupid… but once he knocks you down you’re in a world of hurt…

btw are you getting hit by abels ultra throwing sonic booms? cause from the right distances that shit should never happen homeboy… you might want to tighten you spacing game and use all of guiles good pokes not just two or three… and if that fucker jumps at you air throw his ass man… keep the distance and you should win


dont rely on flash kicks to beat his jump ins. d. fierce is your best anti air if they are trying to cross you up.

if you meet air to air try to throw him to keep him grounded. use your target combo often and tick throw to mix it up.

don’t block low if they like to use wheel kick to get in or if you can time it right an ex flash kick beats it. and lastly mix up the strengths of your sonic booms and when they try and roll through punish with a sweep or throw.

i do admit its an uphill battle for guile as i don’t have a lot of trouble vs most…but when you’re patient it really pays off.


Ok keep it coming.

I disagreee about the distance game and it seems to go agaisnt the opposite the guide that is on here. Of course I have no idea who is writing it, and you have no idea how good the abel’s you are playing vs the one I am playing. So I take everything here with a pinch of salt, but it does not feel nice, its feels closer to being broken than a game.

I don’t seem to have problems vs others, but Abel seems to be at an alarming advantage.
ALmost all the energy the opponent schips off me feels as if it came from a situation I would normaly be ok from, and so would not lose that health.

So when I do, it feels quite dirty.

Don’t suppose there are any vids or a good guile vs a top abel?


That’s because I made one thread moaning about vega cross up in ST, and I don’t care given I would have wiped the floor most of the scrubs sticking the boot in anyway (and yeah I’ll prove that on ggpo). Most people here don’t need much of an excuse to be negative anyway. Luckily I care more about the game than some pointless e-penis meter.


I’m starting to feel this one too. First off, that Ultra’s damage is out of control. Guile’s Ultra does as much damage as Abel’s…BEFORE Abel slams you into the ground. Second, once Guile’s down it might be over; it’s crossup MK>HP, HP>CoD if you don’t block, and Tornado if you do. A good Abel can take Guile apart, and a barely competent one can still get d.HP>Ultra if he’s lucky.

Two small things: Abel can be thrown right out of his Marseilles Roll, and you can FK after the first blocked hit of CoD…offline. Good luck doing it online.



As you can see here, you’re not alone.


Sobat roll, SB…

Bazooka knee, buffering SB…

SB, FADC, any combo or follow up…

This matchup is not a problem, just sit back with SB’s and let him fuck up. When he does, you have to do more than a sweep or throw.

That is all, good day.


Clearly someone is.

This is less a request for assistance and more a crying session. There is a match-up thread for specific strategies versus particular characters and although Abel is a very tough match for Guile, he is very beatable at every level - you need to work hard.

If scrubs are beating you, it seems obvious that you’re more scrubby than they are.


Use standing fierce a lot, you can punish wheel kick on block with standing fierce too.

Air throw is good against abel, he has a pretty unique jump arc so you have to get used to it.

When abel knocks you down trying mixing in focus backdash after you block the initial cross up, this will get you out of some of his crap. Do not do this every time because he can beat it if he expects it.


try harder paduwan


Damn straight, I of course have lost a number of matches to good Abel players but I find that the more often you experience this matchup the better you become. As the saying goes " knowledge is power".

Once you understand a specific matchup, I can reasonably expect that you would increase your win/loss ratio.


Its still broke and now I know because the second he picks another character I win.

That is too much of a co-incidence. So if you’re having a tough time with Abel, don’t feel too badly, the matchup is heavily in favour of a good Abel and you have to work a crapload harder than your opponent does.

Hopefully with a much needed patch from capcom this matchup won’t feel for so cheap. At the end of the day, Guile is under powered now, so suck it up and when the patch comes along, you should get a nice boost for doing nothing and hanging on in there…

Unlike a few others who’s game will probably go backwards where it belongs.


Actually, Guile is one of Abel’s hardest matchups. If you’re really that much better than him, you should be destroying him.


I don’t think it’s broke, maybe he’s just better with Abel? With that logic, if someone plays me with their main and I can’t beat them, then switch to another character that I can beat, the original match up is broken? In that case, every match is broken.

You are going to have to work hard in practically every match up as Guile, he does low damage and has minimal combo ability.

It sounds like you aren’t familiar with the match up and/or he’s better than you. I have a hard time with Abel but I certainly don’t think the match up is broken.

Also, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Capcom to ‘fix’ Guile. Maybe you should move up the tier list or counter pick with Gief.


It’s tough for you, Guile.

Try your very hardest to not get knocked down. If you do, you have to deal with the crossup, and you really only have two options: block or Focus~backdash.

If you block, you can be tornado’d unless you immediately jump. Of course if you jump then you’ll get hit by anything else he throws out.

If you focus backdash, I’d say that good abel players can forward MK ~ dash against that on reaction as your backdash is pretty slow.

Oh, and if you get the bright idea to focus the crossup and let the focus attack come out then that’ll lose to attacks AND tornado. Also there’s a chance you’ll be facing the wrong way depending on the timing of abel’s jump.

If you lose a mindgame you’ll get knocked down again.

To win, you must have good defense before getting knocked down and EXCELLENT defense if you do get knocked down.


I have no problems against a similarly skilled Abel. This matchup isn’t broken, in my opinion.

Does his ultra do more damage? Yes. Don’t get hit by it.

The one thing I’ve noticed is that very few people have the patience to actually learn to play Guile well. His moves are odd. His timing is bizarre. His combos are limited. He is an underpowered character. As such, he’s gonna be harder to master and you’re gonna have to work harder for your wins.

The secret to winning with Guile is to play smarter and be tricky. Convince the opponent to take chances and punish accordingly.

I’ll be severely disappointed if Capcom does anything to “fix” Guile. When played properly, his ability to punish is second-to-none. “Fixing” Guile would mean making him easier to play which undermines his entire existence if you ask me.


I personally don’t think the matchup is broken. I don’t even believe in the term “broken,” which is just something nerds invented to complain harder.

It IS hard though, I don’t care how well you play Guile. Watch those videos; are you gonna tell me that Fuson and Yoshio don’t know what they’re doing? I’ve beat a lot of crap Abels too. Doesn’t mean anything. No less an authority than Juice Box Abel breaks down how he’s going to beat your ass and how there’s little to nothing you can do about it.

Everything you said is true, to a point. Although I feel Guile’s ability to punish is second to many…unless you’re talking about the game from your avatar.


Yup, I always keep throw in the back of my head cause some Abels looove to roll around. Also I rarely get Ultra’d by Abel, just don’t throw SBs when in range. You can counter his ultra with your own. About CoD, I FK CoD all day long online, on PS3 and xbox. Doesn’t even have to be the perfect connection just make sure you use the light kick version.