abel vs shotos

How do i make them freak out and mash?

step kick and u2

By not creating dumb threads.

its prolly someone from the ken forum trying to troll us ;p

Can’t be serious…I refuse to believe it

if they mash i can punish them no matter where they are i just need them to get reckless

i think the best way to play good shotos is play patient. Just played a GOOD ryu the other day, who rarely dropped any combos. the guy was doing daigo combos left and right, and pressuring extremly well. what REALLY messed me up were his tetsu crossovers. while i was knocked down, he would jump at me and either do the tetsu crossover, or hit me from the front side. it became just a guessing game and I got extremly frustrated, which made me lose focus. the problem with these types of players is, they rarely miss their links, where I can get a ex TT in, but he’s on my friends list, so I plan to play him again. what’s scary is ryu wasnt even his main : x

step kick - block string wait for mash dp srk. if they do it once they’ll do it again. Soooooo, then Step Kick - cr. lp -block mash dp = punish.

Focus Attack dash back will prompt most Ryu/Ken/Gouki/Sagat (bad ones) plays to mash dp on wakeup which = punish.

I have a dream that someday, skill won’t be determined solely by doing “daigo combos.” That people will see that combos are a small aspect of this game. That peopel might see that in fact, it would more impressive if you played a GOOD Ryu who beat you without a single combo, but had his shit down cold. That it will be accepted that execution is a necessity, and perhaps a road block in any player/character’s learning curve, but not a measure of skill.

Sorry for venting. No offense, Namlas.

But to stay on topic, if you play a good shoto, he won’t “freak out and mash”, unless by “freak out and mash” you mean uppercut at certain times during your pressure strings / oki game.

If he’s not “freaking out and mashing” (reading you and uppercutting), then you’re job is easy. One less thing to worry about when putting on pressure. If he is, then baiting a dp, although giving you a free punish, is arguably more valuable because it’ll make said shoto less likely to try to reversal dp again.

If you really really really really want to bait out a dp, it shouldn’t be too hard with a strong pressure game.

Consistent Abel pressure is absolutely key against good shoto players. The projectiles and cross-up/mix-up games can slow it down and become aggravating enough to start making mistakes. Patience first, and then pressure. It’s the pressure of Abel’s mix-ups which draw out mistakes (“mashes”) from shoto players.

i see

Dude, although combos are not essentially a measure of skill, you might aswell throw them in there mightn’t you? If they’re wide open I mean.

Not sure what you mean… But by no means was I trying to make the argument that one should not combo or something. I was just already ticked off by people saying stupid shit on srk (again, no offense namlas. what you said wasn’t even stupid it just reminded me of how ticked off I was).

Actually, I think what pissed me off was seeing how many threads/posts there were about step kick > cl. st. f. It’s like, yeah, you have to learn that shit (YOU have to learn that shit. By practicing, not by posting "hard combo HALp PLZ). No, being able to do this “hard” combo doesn’t make you a good Abel player. I just often feel that some posts on this forum place too much emphasis on execution. Anyone can execute, with practice. Yes, consistent execution is something to be praised, but… Daigo isn’t such a good player because he can do towards fierce > cr. strong > cr. fierce xx doke fadc cr. strong > cr. fierce xx tatsu > uppercut.

So obviously, take your free damage. But free damage is exactly that… free damage.

Just wait for the 1st round to start and it happens on its own.

Good players won’t give you many opportunities to damage them, meaning that you have to capitalize hard on every single chance you get. This makes combos really important. If you can’t execute, how are you gonna win reliably against decent players?

Never said that execution isn’t necessary, in fact…
"…That it will be accepted that execution is a necessity…"

My point was that it’s not a testament of skill. Being able to create those opportunities against good players is more impressive than being able to take advantage of them, in my opinion.

Which is why I can perform “Daigo combos”, but I’m still free as fuck.

get that step kick combo dowm… every whiff dp = 365 damage!~!!!

make em whiff by knocking them down and empty jumping…
knock them down and double roll.