Abel vs. Yun: Match-up thread

How’s it going fellow Abels? I’m here to talk with you guys about the Yun match. Right now I don’t have any specific too throw at you. I haven’t looked into his frame data, so I don’t know what will beat what yet.

From what I have played this is an extremely defense oriented match. Because he of his rush punch he is always a threat from on the other side of the screen. The way I’m attempting to deal with his punches is by staying on the other side of the screen, attempting to bait them out and punishing with a nj. roundhouse or going into step-kick. If you don’t time it right, then he will attempt the options of uppercut, cr. short, j. dive kick, or grab. I haven’t seen anyone to a command grab off of this, but I know it is a possibility.

Not having meter when he goes for a dive kick or punch really hurts Abel in these situations. You have to guess whether or not he will go for something you can get out of, like dive kick or grab. Many times you will have to block and wait for him to get finished with a block string before you can get out and reestablish space.

Observe the ways that he is attempting to get in and look to counter. If Yun does get in though, he will be looking to get you to stop blocking by using his mix-ups. It’s guessing game: plain and simple. You’ll feel his pressure. At this point, we need to stay cool and look for common set ups to overcome this character.

If you yourself get in, then look out for the normal defenses off of step-kick (i.e. grab, neutral jump, uppercut, and block). So far, most Yun’s have seemed pretty uppercut happy. Roll under or block, then punish. I don’t use Abel’s options selects, but I should.

Feel free to critique my statements. I’m currently playing Abel under the gamertag “WH4CK” on Xbox Live. Hope you’re all having fun with AE.

Interesting, I ran into you a few times in ranked tonight…

Anyways, I feel you on the Yun match-up. I’ve been trying to explore the match-up on the fly and this match feels like a combination of Ken and Cammy to me, so I tend to block low quite a bit and then neutral jump when I anticipate a 2nd dive kick and then tick into TT/Roll. I’ve been able to catch Yun quite a bit with U1 when he attempts to whiff parry or also when he does it on his block string and I’ve also been able to focus his dive kick…

I’m sure there are some Abel players that have the match-up down, if not it is just a matter of time.

Read your report,


I see Abels

yun can mk neutral jumps and follow up with super, ultra, up kicks, or shoulder…

Neutral jumping is scary as hell…

oh ya… and that into ultra… NOT CORNER DEPENDENT.

I’ve been playing around a bit, and I think a reversal tornado throw will punish a blocked dive kick, if it’s blocked high enough. Otherwise I think you can also do st.lp into bnb. I also confirmed that Abel’s super and ultra 1 will beat EX lunge punch, haven’t tried ultra 2. A lot of Yun’s I’ve played like to hang out in the distance, whiffing palms for free meter. If you time it right, an ex flip kick can beat palms, but if not timed properly palms will stuff it (maybe just EX palms though, not completely sure yet).

Don’t get rushed down. Play keep away and when you score a knockdown get in.

Op can close this thread now, no more discussion is neccessary just don’t get rushed down. Play keep away and when you score a knockdown get in…SIMPLE !

rinoH font of all knowledge, master of matchups, what are my options against Akuma, hang on let me guess, Don’t get rushed down. Play keep away and when you score a knockdown get in.

Cammy ? Don’t get rushed down. Play keep away and when you score a knockdown get in.

El Fuerte ? Don’t get rushed down. Play keep away and when you score a knockdown get in.

Rufus, Yang, Makoto ? Don’t get rushed down. Play keep away and when you score a knockdown get in.

This AE’s a doddle, hilarious post bro :slight_smile:

Even with hitting with Abel’s toes? From what I’ve seen Yun’s MK is more vertical, so so long as you nj with RH and SK at longer range, Yun shouldn’t be able to stuff it.

I’ve found that s.mp with Abel is pretty good at stuffing repeated dive kicks if you’ve got just a little breathing room. I realize this isn’t as practical when it comes to players who can really place that dive kick just right, but it’s something worth remembering.

EX TT after lunge punch seems pretty reliable so far.

If they’re repeating palms to gain meter, wheel kick and c.hk seem pretty effective with decent timing. Landing wheel kick toward the end of the animation has been pretty easy and usually gets them to stop feeling so safe from a distance.

Also, it seems like a pretty good idea to try and hold on to at least one stock to EX roll away from the corner since it seems REALLY easy for Yun to put you there.

But, I’ve only had AE for a very short time, so consider this stuff suspect until you try it yourselves.

ya, standing medium punch ^ what he said…

against players who have a brain and thus choose to so do a very short dive kick aimed at abel’s toes… either crouching jab, or my favorite crouching light kick LOL will stop it!!!

a 90% screen fierce lunge punch is completely safe… as if most of you didn’t already know…
Not even zangief can ULTRA yun after blocking that thing…

Personal judgement here… since if he does it super close obviously you can punish with other stuff…
For the most part after throwing out command grabs on block to stop his on going pressure… I found that standing fierce eats them since they tend to stat neutral jumping alot.

this character is lame… but we’ll figure this out guys! keep your hope for abel, we are figuring this out, one piece of info at a time!

Stay away from st.mp range while keeping an eye out for dive kicks. Punish whiffed mp’s with step kick and dive kicks with st.mp. This is the best range you can be in, you just have to try and stay here for as long as possible and score a knockdown. I would completely avoid using sweep, it’s too slow vs this fucker.

Honestly though, I would counter-pick in this match… I think Abel is one of Yun’s easiest match-ups.

All Abel has is damage here which doesn’t mean shit if you can’t hit Yun. Yun can completely avoid your sweet spot while making you guess like crazy. You’ll be able to beat shitty Yun’s, but playing against a competent one is pretty damn frustrating.

What I mean is that even though you might be better than the Yun, there’s a pretty high chance that you might still lose. I don’t think there has ever been a character that evens out player skill like Yun does. If you are competing, I would strongly recommend learning a counter-pick, as it’s pretty much a necessity now (if you ever want to place high anyways). Gief does good against the trifecta and Makoto (who blows up Abel now), so does Sagat.

I don’t know if this well known or not, but I just found it out: “the elbow” into ex.wheelkick is normally a very good punish with lots of damage (290).

Against Yun, the second hit of the ex wheelkick will whiff! With the ex wheelkick you get roughly 130 damage… standard light wheelkick will net you 230.

This happens vs. Yang as well… just something to keep in mind when throwing out the usual Abel shenanigans.

ex falling sky to catch some high dives kicks…the point is to make it known to the Yun player that you can do that, and that he can’t just dive kick at you for free all the time. st.Fierce also works in the same way…you’ll trade, but its in your favor. If you can get the Yun player to slow down and think about the dive kicks, working in some Abel offense becomes much easier.

Will EX Skyfall catch Yun out of his lunge punches?

No it will not

really? so you call out his post for being content-less with a content-less and substance lacking post yourself. nice job, you’re official king of the internet now…yay.anywho

i play my buddies yun for a good hour or so last night and these are the things i noticed

like its already been stated, you wanna try to keep him out, because once he gets in it becomes hell

far st. mk beats dive kicks a lot, of course he can time his dive kicks out to trade or beat this option clean but it does work pretty well and comes out quiet fast.

im not sure what target combo it is but its the one the can be used as a block string and ends in the double fist. if he only does the first two hits then tries to do st mp lp shoulder you can beat his st.mp with your st.mp

be careful when you roll through him, he can hit you with his f+ fp

it seems like on his wake up if you are close and do cr.lk and he does lk dp, the dp will wiff.

normal lunge punches are very punishable, i usually TT them.

all of yuns block strings seem perfect so trying to exTT them isnt a good idea

this match seems really really hard. every win i managed to pull off was very difficult. i hope some of this info helps. as i play him more and more hopefully so things come to light or else it might be wise to try and counter-pick that bastard.

a good yun will never use lk upkicks on his wakeup. so there goes the cr.lk on wake up thing. just sayin though.

against yun, you really cant roll much at all, with nerfed invi frames and all, you just hope you get your chances and capitalize with the biggest damage output possible. as for lunge punch, lp and mp are punishable but a well spaced hp lunge punch can be made safe iirc.

safe block strings + hella good command throw = get blown uppppppppppp lmao

i hope i get to see some nekojita action this weekend when im off to tokyo, and hope to see how he deals with yun.

so far i know that ex cod armor cancel ex TT can be used against low dive kicks (ex cod will absorb one hit but theyll be able to block the cod, but not if you cancelled it into ex TT)… but the problem is execution i guess.

oh snap, apparently i misunderstood what my friend(master gen player) said, he already has a team… if i still wanna join imma need to find a teammate by saturday…

Damn that sucks good luck on finding a new partner

Actually rinoH’s post genuinely cracked me up i thought it was genius, i wasn’t calling anyone out i was just playing but if you want to make more out of it knock yourself out :slight_smile: