Abel VS zangief plz help me



i’m from dominican republic

im new user of abel, i need help with vs zangief i can not do nothing


space LK wheel kick properly, dont do it when he has meter because he can ex green hand it for free. you can TT most of his wakeup game, you can also TT his ultra and super.

be patient and be careful.


ok ill try


I will give a tip, when Abel is getting up it can be very difficult with a good Gief. He can cross-up splash, then do big damage with SPD, or beat out your Tornado throw with lariat. If you see a pattern, punish it otherwise EX roll away if you can.

Then don’t get knocked down again!

Also use st.mp, great poke against Gief.


if he is trying to get in via standing hk…cr. mk -> CoD works nicely as well.


standing mid punch is very useful, it stuffs alot of things including green hand and lariat(on one step distance)


I don’t play abel, but doing everything in your power not to get knocked down, is a huge key in anyones match up with him. I mean its complete guess work to get out of the situation, if you guess wrong twice in a row, you’ve lost damn near half your health. usually if you catch him jumping you can dash away in the opposite direction, but sometimes they jump late or dont jump, then you dont know if they will spd/lariat/react to you. all of which require a completely different course of action from you and if you choose wrong your eating some big damage, if he guesses wrong? Who cares hes got boundless health.


ok thanks tomorro ill upload some video to you eyes what i do and what i dont do


If you time it correctly you can also ultra his lariat without getting knocked down (Try to hit it near the end) I sometimes try to bait it if I can they always seem to do it after a while and you can catch him from across the screen.


This is what I usually do, but I’m by no means an advanced player, I picked up the game just a couple of weeks ago.

Keep him at bay with well spaced wheel kicks. You can slowly chip away at him with them. Well spaced wheel kicks can also punish lariat. If he gets close, get away. Don’t get knocked down, poke him away with cr. lp and roll away. Use EX roll if you’re pressed in a corner. Make him come to you and punish his mistakes. Don’t ever think you’re able to handle him in melee range, he has the upper hand there.

Tornado Throw and EX Tornado Throw are also good options on wakeup, but get away from him after that.

Doing this, you should beat all poor zangiefs that only spam lariat. Good ones that know how to use green hand to close the distance are a bit harder. Learn to punish green hand when you block it (the window is fairly small but cr. mp/mk to CoD is probably the easiest).


From what i’ve learned, i’d say even a well spaced wheel kick can be punished … Even by a terrible Zangief.

And that’s coming from experience, haha.

I’ve been experimenting with the ST.MP, and that seems to do pretty well keeping most Zangief players at bay, for the time being.

What I like to do is if I do get a knockdown, I stay just out of green hand territory, and dash in for a TT.

That’s worked quite a few times for me, at least.

But like some previous posters have already mentioned; On Gief wakeups, a TT or EX TT is a good choice.

Basically, the best option at all times is to just stay the hell away from Gief, and hope that he makes some sort of mistake, or you get a chance to knock him down … From there, just mix him the fuck up!


This match-up is probably the only one that makes me want to shout my lungs out. Getting knocked down is the worst thing that could happen to you. As soon as I’m down the lariat spam begins. I find it really hard to even time the EX roll out of there at times. My advice is just keep your distance and that low wheel kick is definitely your best tool for the match-up.



Juicebox posted a pretty good write up on how he approaches the matchup in the “Worst Mismatch” Thread. Its grrrrrrreeaat!!!


Why would you EX TT on his wakeup? The normal version already beats everything except jumps and EX can be thrown.


lariat is why



Regular TT beats Lariat on wake-up, unless Gief jump cancels it, in which case EX TT will miss anyway. EX TT on Gief’s wake-up is a waste of meter; it’s not a good idea.


Sorry, temporary lapse in memory, haha.

Yeah, I take that back …

Don’t bother with EX TT’s.

A regular TT is more than enough.


Lariat spam is easy to deal with on Abel’s wakeup. Just block, then punish! Reversal ultra after you block the first two hits of PPP lariat, or any number of other punishes (cr.MK xx CoD from a distance after the first two rotations, eg).


The best strategy for this matchup is to just counter pick… seriously.

Against a GOOD gief, or at least one that knows what he’s doing, you’re fucked. There really is no safe way to deal damage against him, he can just walk forward pressing random normals and still beat you.

Such a stupid matchup


I never even thought reversal ultra would work. Been messing around in training and that’s actually an awesome wake-up>block tool! I’m trying to dissect this match-up as much as possible. So this really helped thanks! :wgrin: